Oh What the F

So pretty excited to be back home and working out in my own gym.  Eager to look at my squat videos from Sat and post my 455 online.  Oh, except all my squats were high.  I swear I replayed each squat after I did it and they were fine, a lot even looked too low.  Except when replaying in high-def on my 22″ desktop monitor, everything was high as shit.  Like maybe passing in a shitty fed if I know the judges.  Sigh.  Not gonna post so you can all hue me.

Tomorrow I have to confine my workout to like 90 minutes and try to squat 460.  So I won’t have time to video myself.  Rest assured that if I do squat 460, no matter what I tell you, it was high.

Fudge, son of a b, SHAME, $@#%

Weight: 194.6 i blame celica he said carbs would keep me trim

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 315, 335; 315x10x3

These were to depth.  Maybe not.  I’ve probably just invented a new way to squat where you bounce your ass off your calves but still don’t hit parallel. FML

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 105×6, 155×4, 205×3, 255×2, 305×2; 280x6x5

Sumo+Lite Band: 6 sets, all PRs, up to 320 off 2.5″ deficit

Chinups: 5,6,6

Went at prime-time, no really hot girls, no remarkable goofballs.  I mean, the usual college crossfit phonies.  Emma was there she did 145x5x5 on squat and 85?x5x5 on bench, then kicked the shit out of the heavy bag.  Here, I’ll talk some shit: the more paleo meals she posts on her instagram the fatter she looks.  She came over and talked to me but I just exchanged pleasantries.  Pretty focused today.


6 thoughts on “Oh What the F

  1. “I’ve probably just invented a new way to squat where you bounce your ass off your calves but still don’t hit parallel.”

    True story, there’s a guy in my gym who actually does this. I saw him squat a couple times when I was benching (the benches command a sideways view of the power rack). His hams touched his calves on every rep, but he was a good 4-5 inches “high” (looking at hip crease to top of the knee, like in PL). Stayed pretty upright too. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.

    • The only way I know to do this is have a huge amount of forward knee travel. Which means your torso stays almost completely upright. Basically, YouTube Ilya Ilin front squatting. Coach isn’t one for knees forward, though, so I think he’s fine.

      • Yeah, this dude was pushing his knees all the way forward. And demonstrating awesome ankle flexibility. Huge quads, too, and I never saw him use more than 275.

  2. A while ago I found myself adding poundage to my squat but I wasn’t getting low enough. It’s quite hard when working out alone to really gauge the depth. I ended up having to “re-learn” how to ge nice and low. I’ve got a line on my rack now which I use to indicate when I should be low enough, one less thing to think about when you’re at the bottom of a squat!!

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