Sports Training Science Center

Last time I was at this place, just getting back into low bar squatting hit 440, I think. Looked hard.  “Ugly”  said Old Coach.  “Also high.”  Video proved him right.  Hey you want to try my scientific Bulgarian program it’s how I’ve become such a success since I left here. Good thing I stopped doing your program and now have come back in shame. 

Today not like I’m gonna convert him yet but I squatted 455 and it was legit.  Will post vid later maybe Monday.  That fucking stiff Pasanella 60 lb bar with sharp knurling can suck my dick but I used it anyway.  I need as much practice with this thing as possible as I feel it played a part of my failure in my last meet.  Not blaming a bar for my being a pussy I’m just saying if I can credit a deadlift bar for putting 30 lbs on my deadlift I can credit this piece of shit for intimidating me.

Weight: who knows, eating my parents food which would give Celica an orgasm it’s just carbs and veggies and fruits, tiny servings of lean meat, supplemented with my mom making a lot of desserts since we are visiting.

Low Bar Squat: 59×6,4 (did 2 sets with bar bc switched racks bc for some reason the flooring in one rack was like those interlocking multicolored foam squares you find in a nursery, but not big enough to fit the rack might as well squat on those Valsa-sliders that Ben Bruno likes) 59bbx4, 150bbx3, 240bbx2, 290bbx1, 330bbx1, 370bx1, 400, 425, 445, 455; 340x10x3

BTN Press: 45×6, 85×4, 105×3, 120×3, 135, 145, 150, 155; 125x9x3

No excuses esp since I took these off a rack rather than doing a half-assed hang clean, a push press then dropping them on my brain stem first.

Sumo+monster bands.  I prefer the floor mat situation at my gym.  Only 2″ and 4″ deficit were available.  Which is ironic bc Old Coach has record plates down to, not kidding, 1/100 of a pound.  Not recording warmup sets:

265 off 4″, 350 off 2″, 410 off floor

Time: 2:30.  Approximate, everything just takes forever because of having to find things in unfamiliar gym, and not wanting to leave and go home and get nagged by wife and parents and then not work out for 2 days.


12 thoughts on “Sports Training Science Center

  1. My gym has one bar that I think is a squat bar. It’s really awkward to squat with. Kinda makes you wonder what’s the point of this thing if it makes squatting harder.

    Also you didn’t fail at the meet, but we’ve been over this before.

    • Fail, fail, fails here, fails, there, fails everywhere! Fails aren’t objective, they are subjective, thus, a fail for you might not be a fail for me, might be an uber-fail for RC. Fails, fails, fails.

      (Dunno if I said “Fail” enough…)

    • i think that bar is designed for 800+ squatters. I can see why they would not want a bar bent into a U shape and jouncing on their backs.

      and i have a certain mental outlook that i prefer to use because it motivates me. like there’s a real you. And there’s the you that mercilessly mocks me on internet forums for being a tryhard bulgarian acolyte and wasting my life.

      There’s wo, who from all available evidence, would seem to be focused on olympic lifting. And there’s the wo who might any day, just to humiliate me, deadlift 550+. Sumo.

      There’s Andy, who’s a decent 220 lb lifter who trains Westside and is a nice guy. But also my new Enemy who I’ve built up in my head, for the purpose of serving as an immediate goal. A showoff, with training philosophy opposted to mine like Capitalism vs. Communism, a guy who slacks off while I am busting my ass. Who probably worships Satan and tithes to the Taliban. Who needs to be out-totalled – in absolute poundage – not formula.

      until then i’m just a failure

        • *shrug* Makes sense to me. When I’m talking or posting about it, training can never go well enough for me – there’s always something that could have been better, otherwise I’ll feel like I’m not trying hard enough. And maybe I’m a little afraid that, if I think things are going that well, I’ll slack off a bit.

          I lie to myself about how my training is going, and you lie to yourself about how other people think about you/your training, just to get that competition/antagonism going.

          • I just read that entire 141 page isla vista killer manifesto between the time i wrote the first comment and the second. So I became self-conscious of writing about a delusional worldview then ending with “i’m a failure”
            But you make me sound reasonable. 🙂 thx

      • “And there’s the you that mercilessly mocks me on internet forums for being a tryhard bulgarian acolyte and wasting my life.”

        Whoa, seems like I’m an even bigger asshole than I think I am 🙂

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