it is memorial day weekend…

…something that I did not realize.  I thought it was next week.  Suddenly my wife is yelling at me to pack, and everything is irregular.  At my parents, without my old workout sheet, but I can kinda remember the important bits, so we’ll have that part of the blog.  Tomorrow I’ll be going to the sports training place.  Bringing my camera so I should have some videos of my high squats.  Rex may go too, if my old boss says it’s cool.  But he sometimes has like whole sports teams come in on the weekends so it may be too busy.

oh wait, here are some of Emilio’s box squats with chains. 

I’ve discussed these vids with my old coach and Emilio.  The chain lengths are fucked up.  The chains 3×3/8s only weigh 21 lbs each in their entirety. The gym owner paid for them, though as long as he leaves them in a locker.  The one point of contention that I don’t know the answer to is: if he squats more or less high bar in OL shoes (as shown) should he do his box squats like this or should he do them the Westside way by sitting back onto the box?

He’s really going crazy with the full Westside thing.  I mean he doesn’t know Westside from Sheiko, but Jimmy gives him his routines now (they are westside+strongman stuff).  In the past two weeks, he’s started doing: walking with weighted backpack, board press (bought the velcro thing to hold the boards), various banded exercises, chain squats, foam bench press, GH raise.  Most of which I’ve helped him with (because he listens so it is rewarding) He now works out 4x a week for 2.5 hours and may be doing 30 min of sled or backpack walking on the other days.  He was doing reverse band bench today but I kind of washed my hands of that bc he was using only mini bands which probably provided 7 lbs of assistance.

I really look forward to seeing what he does at his next meet.  My old coach predicted “he’ll probably squat 760 — in multiply”  (Because he knows Jimmy and all his lifters are equipped)  I didn’t share this last comment with Emilio

fun times driving 3.5 hour drive only took 6 hours today.  baby dropped her talking maraca between the car seat and the door, and the motion of the car kept setting it off.  It was set to spanish so listened to “Uno Dos Tres…Diez” several million times.


Weight: 190.2 (-2)

Manta Ray Squat: wanted 405 but up to 390 which was a grinder.  Then 310x10x3

Bench: up to 365, pretty good, then 295 for 30 reps in sets of 4 and 5

Sumo Deadlift: just 3 sets up to 355 off 4″ deficit.

Cougar (never talked about her on the blog but stare at her a lot) in gray stretch pants with some kind of black contour lines like a topographical map of her buttocks and crotch; pretty awesome.  Also a word to female readers – which unless that Texas girl is still reading, I don’t have any – even if you have small breasts you probably will want to wear a “sports brassiere” to the gym.  Unless you want me ogling and trying to wink at you

Workout took 2:15 even though it doesn’t seem like much.  Probably 10 minutes helping Emilio, 10 minutes trying to see cougar’s nipples, 10 minutes just didn’t want to go home because I know I will be missing training on sunday and monday which is an outrage.


10 thoughts on “it is memorial day weekend…

  1. So that football player guy hang cleaned 295 today and back squatted 405 high bar (would pass in a PL meet for sure, but not super crazy OL lifter depth.)

  2. The Book of Judges – where God delivers swift punishment on idolaters and sexual deviants. Biggest losers in the book of Judges – Samson, concubines, Cannan, and the Phillistines. Biggest winners – a vengeful and spiteful God!!
    It’s a fun book with many clever twists and turns, but alas, my heart has turned to stone and I am unable to let Jesus shower his love down on my face
    However, I better understand your “kill them all and let god sort them out” tattoo.

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