My neighbor has a splinter in his eye!

Here, let’s talk about my friends at my gym.  I know you like it, Swede.  I know all you others like it too – except for Fatman who’s too mature for this, and Celica, who, despite having a disorder which supposedly prevents him from empathizing with others – has quite a bit of compassion and empathy for others.  I guess there’s a difference between having Aspergers and being a narcissistic sociopathic worm like me.

lone star squats

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Here’s Andy and George doing 5×5. George is always tipped to one side. All of his meet pics looked like this too. 295x5x5 is great for him (srs, his max is 360) so he can lean how he likes – not criticizing – just pointing this out.  Andy’s doing 370x5x5 in his new wraps.  I still think that’s low for a 525 lb raw squatter but again, more of a personal opinion, not a criticism; I don’t squat 525.

Here’s what Andy eats.  Emma posts their paleo meals:


#paleo #eatclean

Here’s a physique transformation:

andy before and after

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(all hash tags from original posts)

Weight: 192.2 (+3.4) guess frozen pizza and rum is not paleo

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx6, 135bbx4, 225bbx3, 315bbx2, 365bx1; 335x10x3

BTN Press: 45×7, 95×4, 115×3, 135×2; 125x8x3

Sumo+strong band: 8 sets all PRs, up to 180 off 1.5″ deficit

Managed not to handle the bands and not tip over or drop a weight on my foot today

#hurrayforme #tryhard #wannabeDaveTate

Guy that me and Emilio showed how to deadlift 6-9 months ago, today deadlifting 165 for reps, is 21 yrs old, and about 200 lbs.  I tried not to make eye contact with him except to say hello.

Emilio brought in chains (for box squats) but they were the 3/8″ variety and his leaders were too short so there was only like a foot on the ground at the bottom, and the 3×3/8″ chains on each side weighed 21 lbs.  I tried telling him that this was not enough from the chains, but he’ll work something out.  I should have a youtube video of him later.

1 Arm machine Row: 3 sets

Time: 2 hrs


35 thoughts on “My neighbor has a splinter in his eye!

  1. WTF, that’s the same guy (you), only in the second pic his feet are out wider.

    Also I don’t get what’s narcissistic about you posting photos of (allegedly) other people squatting. Aware me pls bro.

    • Actually, I know the answer to this question. Gillette/etc has made shaving a luxury now with their overpriced Mach 5 or whatever razors now. So people that don’t know better literally cannot afford to shave very often. Thus why so many people have stubble/etc nowadays. Most people I know also use the same cartridge for months and it feels terrible.

      However the solution to this is become a tryhard at razors like CelicaXX and buy an old double edge razor and learn to shave with it and try a bunch of different razor blades in it until you find one you like .Then your razor blade bill will be like $10 per year for shaving most days of the week. Unless you become tryhard with razors and buy like 10 $40 Merkur razors a month and like 8 things of handcrafted shave soap and boar brushes.

      I just use a cheap Chinese razor and barbasol. It’s fine. Not ballin’ enough to be part of the double edge community. But it’s a nice community. Two people have sent me free razors just for existing. But it’s a community of ballin’, also. Eventually you spend thousands on finding the perfect razor and shave soap and aftershave combo that nobody else gives a shit about, and you use aftershaves that have been around since like 1905 that girls don’t like because it reminds them of their grandfather.

      but srs though, find a nice good and cheap double edge razor and shave everyday (or at least 5 days a week or so.) It’ll change your life.

  2. it’s lovely, by the way, that you can paraphrase the bible and still talk shit about people (in a loving way, of course). well done!

    while I’m being funny, let me introduce you to a variation of jesus’ golden rule (i.e. matthew 7:12 iirc): to it do others before they can do it to you. unfortunately, I cannot write with thee’s and thou’s without sounding like a total idiot.

    • thee and thou, whence, hence, thy thine etc. are just relics from old english. people they sound holy and fancy because they appeared in the earliest vernacular bibles.

      but anyway, Paul writes that it is better to tear apart your credit card with your teeth than to gnaw your neighbor’s wife. I think it’s in Galatians.

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