The Great White Hype

…is one of my favorite movies, and certainly my favorite boxing movie.  Let’s discuss it in the comments so we don’t have any spoilers.  It’s not on netflix instant, so if you haven’t seen it, (not responsible for you illegally downloading anything, at least use Peerblock.

Flip Six is an awesome card game.

Weight: 190.2 (-0.2)

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx5, 135bbx4, 225bbx3, 315bbx2, 365, 405, 425, 440, 450; 330x10x3

A hot blond cougar in a pink tight spandex-y tank top and gray stretch pants through which you could see her vulva was exercising sans weights out on the astroturf area.  I almost dumped a squat when she started doing the “robot” with her arms while she was doing backwards lunges.

This is a trend at my gym.  Not doing the robot, but doing gawky weird dance moves combined with exercises.  It started with the head cougar who does a lot of imaginary skiing and squat thrusts with tiny little bunnyhops.  Now it has spread among the MILF community.  They look like fools.  Hot fools tho.

I admit to sometimes copying other people (deadlifting off of the floor mats – stolen from Andy).  Other times, even allowing for vanity, paranoia, and coincidence, I’ve been copied myself.  A prime example is during the months that I did front squats, I saw dozens of other people doing them.  Now that I’ve stopped, I see maybe one person a month.  (And no, Fatman, it’s not because I only paid attention back then; I still pay attention to what everyone else is doing)

BTN Press: 45×6, 95×3, 115×3, 130×2, 140, 150, 155, 160; 125x7x3

Sumo+Light Band: 7 sets, all PRs, up to 330 off 2″ deficit

Had to get this heavy because this nerd who looks like he could be the enemy’s brother did 325 (conventional, off a 4″ deficit, but no bands).  Rounded his back like a mother.  This is not a subtle dig at any of my blog readers who are no good at deadlifts, but this guy, like his maybe brother, is another one with a lot of accoutrements (nylon belt, iphone workout, chalk) who’s been lifting consistently for years and years and still sucks at it.  Squats 135 all the time, front squats 115.  Benches 185 for a few reps (sorry Cxlic).  We don’t speak to one another because he stole my collars off my bench a few months ago, and I stole them back from the decline bench he put them on without saying anything.

Neck Curls (towel on face, 45 on towel) x 20

Time: 2 hrs.


8 thoughts on “The Great White Hype

  1. great white hype spoiler alert

    anyone else think the white guy was gonna win the first time they saw it?

    ironic that now the situation is reversed with Klitchko

    i loved seeing Jeff Goldblum get owned.

    and one of my favorite parts is the very end, right before the credits. when all the bad guys get to do a special dance at the party. of course Goldblum and “terry conklin” are not at the party.

  2. So I found out CelicaXX isn’t the only one who does pointless weird shit at the gym.

    These two kids of this group of like 4 kids (well even though I’m 23 I’ma call 19 year old kids) started training apparently with this one college football player who’s actually strong (hang power cleans 245 for 3 with good form.) So they respectively did a bunch of sets of 5? with 135 and 105 on bench….with chains. Somehow, before Mopewod, before the words “tryhard phaggot” were even in my vocabulary, I knew if I bought chains to my gym, I would officially be one. I tried it out when they were warming up with 95lbs. Didn’t really notice any difference. Resistance band does the job much better, and doesn’t make noise and make you look like a tryhard phaggot. So I like this, though. One extreme to the other they pretty much did.

    But I’m happy for them. Maybe it’ll make them stronger and more jacked than their random bodybuilding shit and their Animal Pak preworkout or whatever. Probably not, though. Oddly this group of kids I used to just hate for no reason until I actually talked to them and found out they were OK.

    I told some Crossfitter guy who just happened to just come in to bench I was 173lbs and he’s like “Well you look pretty small to me.” DYEL Russian powerlifter mode here I come.

  3. 1. not impressed with a 245 lb hang power clean triple for a college football player. ask wo but i’m pretty sure that’s like a 5.0 40. i.e. Faster than I can run but poor for someone who does it all the time. how much does he weigh? am impressed that he had good form tho – have never seen that in 20 years.

    2. bands are cheaper and less of a pain in the ass. chains’re about the same as bands if set up properly imo. I bet these guys weren’t using little chains to hang the big chains from and just draping the big chains over the bar so that at the bottom position like 2 inches of chain were on the ground. Also, would you say they were 5/8 inch chain or 3/8. 3/8 is a lot cheaper – and available at lowes – and is too fucking light and pointless unless you bench 27 lbs. and bands are still tryhard.

    • No they actually used little chains on the bar and big chains on the ground. Big chains were big chains.

      College football player probably weighs at least 245 but is also like 6’3 or 4 or something. But yeah, he pulls the bar close, catches them all at parallel or a bit below, etc.

  4. “Somehow, before Mopewod, before the words “tryhard phaggot” were even in my vocabulary, I knew if I bought chains to my gym, I would officially be one.”

    Good call.

    Yesterday I saw a guy doing chained bench. He was using 145 barbell weight and all the chains in the gym, rattling and clattering like the ghost of tryhards past from that Dickens story. If your max bench is 145 (okay, maybe 225 IRL), why do you think you need advanced powerlifting techniques to improve it?

    I’ve tried chained bench before, felt nice but I didn’t see much point to it. The Slingshot achieves the same thing, is cheaper and easier to carry around, and doesn’t make noise. Tryhard factor is about the same.

    • agree about tryhard factor but slingshot not the same thing as bands and chains, bands and chains make the movement harder at the top, whereas slingshot = easier at the bottom. i guess you could argue their similarity, but slingshot/bench shirt/board press have more of an ego boost, as well as a boost to confidence of handling larger weights.

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