Program Hopping

Not enough going on in my own life so I stalk Andy and talk about his youtube videos behind his back.  What a pal.

I really can’t criticize him for this.  He’s strong enough to give this kind of general advice.  It’s sound advice – if a little rambling – but he is trying to drive.

1. He says “mediocricy” at 2:25

2. I don’t understand how 340x5x5 with 10+ minutes between sets is “brutal” for a 525 lb squatter.

That’s all I got.  I kinda wish the videos were really horrible for better blog material.  Or that he specifically mocked me so I could get fired up.

Weight: 189.8 (+1.4)

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx4, 135bbx3, 225bbx2, 275bbx2, 315b, 355, 385, 415, 425, 435, 445; 325x6x3, 325x3x4

BTN Press: 45×8, 95×3, 115×3, 135×2, 145, 155, 160; 125x6x3

did these not facing a mirror today.  that’s probably better.

Sumo Deadlift: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 395 off 3″ deficit

Gym was hot and humid, was a bit of a challenge to get this all done in 2 hours.


7 thoughts on “Program Hopping

  1. amusing video of andy. he seems like a nice guy, but I want to see him lift. if I want to be around a bearded guy who talks alot, I prefer my brother.

    get your shit straight, andy. more gym videos!

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