Rumors Confirmed

Emilio did hear Porter ranting and raving that Wolverine cheated in the meet.  He’s going to try and figure out if Porter filed an official complaint.

PJ did move to New Jersey suddenly.

this is funny. it’s not been updated for a year, and i think I linked to it before, and pat did fail a drug test, and both he and broz did hurt themselves…but…this is still awesome:

I don’t stretch, or foam roll, or do anything outside of the gym.  Andy says I should hold myself to a higher standard.

Weight: 189.4 (-1)

no maxing today bc yesterday was day off

Manta Ray Squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315; 290×2,3,4, 290x7x3

Bench Press: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295×2; 285x5x3, 285x3x4, 285×3

At this point, Emilio came up to me and complained that Jimmy had him doing 4x7x60% on deadlifts and his hands were torn up.  As I was commiserating, I looked at my hands, and there was a bloody rip where my left middle finger meets my palm.  The immediate cause of this is uncertain since all I had done was bench and squat.  The root cause was clear though, about a week ago I had been playing with my calluses and peeled one off.  I thought it was almost healed (I’d been putting Neosporin on it).  But anyway, now I have blood on my hand and still have to deadlift.  Do I put more chalk on it?  I didn’t.  I cleaned my blood off the bar w/out anyone noticing but Emilio.  Worried that I would get tetanus or something.

Sumo+Light Band: 6 sets, all PRs, up to 310 off 2.5″ deficit.  Could have done more but stopped bc hand hurt.

Neck Harness: 35×10, 54×18


4 thoughts on “Rumors Confirmed

  1. So I like to do a day of high rep squats at the end of my workout once per week on top of my normal leg day, yesterday some guy was using the rack while struggling to quarter squat 225. I just wanted to get home so I used the smith machine to squat. Gotta say I got a pretty sick quad pump and they’re feeling pretty sore today. Might move all squats to the smith machine and start doing calf raises. What would broz say? (good link).

    Have these vids changed your opinion of Andy? Although I can’t hate the positivity I find him kinda obnoxious.

    • Smith machine squats >>> regular squats when it comes to quad pump. Maybe it’s because I can’t hit parallel in the Smith machine (if I try, my knees swell up to the size of grapefruits). There’s a reason why bodybuilders use the Smith, that’s for sure.

    • nah, not really. I’m mostly amused/indifferent. Because his real-life persona is more important and he’s really friendly/good to talk to/understanding/funny. I like him. You’d like him. Everyone does. It might change if he started making fun of me directly “There’s this guy at the gym, we’ll call him ‘Johnny Christmas’. He did squats every day for six months and set a 5 lb PR. What a loser.” But then again, maybe not, since I was first to make fun of him.

      And I use some of it as bulletin-board material (fatman helped with this yesterday). Or mope fuel if I’m feeling jealous of his instagram fun.

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