Languages, Five Guys, and Beef Protein

Ate at Five Guys today.  It was my first time.  It was awesome.

More about beef: I exchanged my whey protein for some Carnivor.  Fruit punch.  Made a shake.  Tasted fine.  No upset tummy.  It was 3.7 cents per gram of protein compared to 2.8.  So not bad.  I might try Walmart whey again (2.4 cents) just to see if it is the whey or the bad batch or the concentrate or what.  The only problem with Walmart whey is that my wife buys it (as opposed to me going to the supplement store).  So she tends to notice how much I’m going through and make grumpy comments about it.

Wo asked me when my next meet is.  I probably won’t do one until the fall, after I move and get settled in.

Didn’t train today.  I know it was only three days after my last rest day.  It’s okay.  One rest day per calendar week.

Go to and start scoring points.  I will be your friend if you tell me your username.  Get busy jackman.  Also, is fun.  I don’t like actually speaking to people in languages, but I like knowing the words and reading and writing.  You can go on Pirate’s Bay and download 100 books for any language you want.


12 thoughts on “Languages, Five Guys, and Beef Protein

  1. Carnivor? Now you have to wear a roman gladiator outfit or some shit like Kai Greene for your next meet. That stuff is cheaper than I thought. Maybe I’ll have to try it when I get back on that TeinWolf. Where are you moving?

    • enda august.

      i love the marketing spiel for carnivor. i used to read these musclemags and catalogs like they were the bible when i was 15. now once in a while for laughs

      did you know that kai greene’s elite sports nutrition team told him that he should eat more beef. So he was eating up to 9 pounds a day, but it was inconvenient, and caused him gastric beefings. So the top scientists at musclemeds developed CARNIVOR ™ just for him. And now, because of a miracle of marketing and science, it…is…being…released for YOU TOO. Carnivor. Kai yourself! ™ (c)

      • That was really nice of the people at Carnivor to let the everyman consume powdered beef. The only one of those magazine’s I ever owned was an all Arnold edition of MuscleMag I got back in high school. I think I briefly tried following his workouts but his were 2 a days if I remember correctly and I was only doing one a day. That’s probably why I’m still a girly man. The most valuable thing I got from that experience was a sweet foldout poster of Arnold that I hung up in my home gym and a lifetime of body dysmorphia. Now I follow a REAL program like 5/3/1 that seems to be getting me no where. I’m hoping my shit results are a combination of cutting back calories and egolifting by using my real max to calculate percentages instead of the “Wendler Max” which is 90% of that…guess I’ll go Kai myself (awesome btw)

        WHERE are you moving or are you purposefully avoiding answering that?

  2. mississippi. purposely avoiding.

    was your musclemag cover black and white? we may have owned the same issue tho i think they came out with an arnold issue every year and my high school day were when you were a toddler.

    i collected them from 92-94 or so. i think my mom even got me a subscription for a present.

    i picked up another issue in 97 or so and witnessed kovac-ism at its worst.

    before fats gets in here and starts talking about latent tendencies and moon faces and other depressing topics, i will say that there was a big difference between early 90s musclemag and late 90s muscle-tech-mag.

    and it’s not just nostalgia and “things were better back in my day, son”

    I mean they always had the pics of the peripheral (non-Weider contract) IFBB pros/NPC champs “Blitzing their Delts”

    but they had good articles by Greg Zulak and Bill Starr, good gossip, John Grimek had a column, Bob Kennedy seemed like an earnest huckster, idk, it was similar to T-mag now but more bodybuilding and less sports-performance claptrap

    then greg zulak started writing sex advice columns, and every article mentioned Cell-Tech and Kovacs and it just went down the crapper.

    • My first muscle magazine was a 1999 issue of Flex. I had just started lifting weights and followed a Ronnie Coleman 6-day bodypart split (each bodypart gets worked twice per week). Over the next 2 years I might have bought another muscle magazine or two, but it was that Flex that really got me into working out.

  3. pretty sure I’m hsilman or hsilman1 on duolingo.

    my wife and I were doing spanish. went a few weeks then completely dropped it. argh.

  4. This is the issue I had right here:
    None of you fuckers better bid on this, it’s mine! Time to drop this Wendler bullshit and get jacked. Not very jazzed about the lack of poster though. My old lifting partner and I have been arguing about who lost the original poster for the past 7 or 8 years.

    I don’t have too much knowledge of these magazines since the only time I’ve ever looked at them (aside from the ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER SPECIAL FUCKING COLLECTOR’S ISSUE!!!!) is when I’m at the grocery store waiting for someone to finish shopping. After about 30 seconds I put it down to peruse King Mag or Black Men Magazine instead. (Black Men Magazine is all pics of big booty girls despite the title).

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