System Upgrades

Madcow (I’m still gonna call him this) has switched his program to 5/3/1.  He’s doing some slightly modified version where he squats 3x a week and does front squats.  It seems pretty reasonable.

Meanwhile, Emilio switched from…well I’m not sure what he was doing, it was originally 5/3/1, but between the meet in January and the latest meet, devolved into something awful.  As did his total, which fell 5 lbs during the same time period, despite his switch from knee sleeves to 3m wraps. 

He recently ordered a bench shirt, and I spotted him the other day as he missed 350 badly with it.  After which Porter said it was too loose and he sent it back to get it modified.

He got in touch with Jimmy the meet director (who also owns a gym, coaches a lot of lifters and is a decent strongman competitor and 198 lb multiply lifter).  Today I took a look at Jimmy’s program, which is basically Westside but includes a lot of strongman assistance work.  I think it will work well if he follows it.

Ironically, I recommended to Emilio that he go full Westside back in January.  But I sent him too much material and overwhelmed him (every article Louie Simmons has ever written, my westside seminar handbook, and links to 2 articles, one on how to adjust Westside for raw lifters and one critical of the whole thing).  So whatever, now he has a nice personalized training template made by Jimmy.  Didn’t ask if he paid for it.

Porter (to Emilio): Yeah, lunges are great!

Me: (channeling Broz): Lunges?  You mean knee-destroyers?

Porter: After my wife started doing 100 lunges in the woods behind our house every day her squat SHOT up to 300 lbs.

She must have stopped doing them, since she only hit 230 in the meet.

Weight: 191.2 (-0.8)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×2, 275, 315, 340, 360, 370; 275x6x3, 275x3x4

Volume: 8250

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295×2, 335, 355

Slingshot: 365, 395, 415

MGB: 260×3, 260x3x5, 260x3x4

TV: 7800

Sumo Deadlift: 4 sets, but one wasn’t a PR cause I forgot my sheet and had to call my wife and she read one of the numbers off the dry-erase board in the kitchen wrong.  So best was 340 off 4″ deficit

Time: 2 hrs


10 thoughts on “System Upgrades

  1. Imagine. One day. A program named “CelicaXX Training Template.” CelicaXX will be king of programming, with never going over 80% and doing a zillion million reps of 3 and 5. To be fair, I think what I’m doing now is actually fairly similar to the beginner Sheiko programs. Like not #29 but like this:

    My appetite’s increased. I don’t know if this means I’m gonna get jacked from my programming greatness or if I’m just stressed out and getting fat again. Oh well, I’m not going to Florida and I hate myself so nobody will love me anyway, so I guess me being ripped is fairly irrelevant. I guess gaining 5lbs and then cutting it again like Sisyphus but the weight being my own adipose tissue in an eternal cutting battle is fine. It’s fine.

    Lunges are OK. I think the caveat with lunges is doing them with your toe on the ground is fairly pointless as it becomes basically a two leg exercise and it puts weird tension on the quad. I think it’s better to have your back foot flat on the ground so most of the force is from the forward leg, not just walking around funny like how lunges normally are done. Also stepups are probably better than lunges as you can get greater ROM. Obviously the pistol squat if you can do it makes all other single leg exercises irrelevant.

    • Pistol squat, IMO, barely uses the posterior chain, which is one of the great benefits to lunges and other unilateral leg exercises. When I pistol, it’s all quads.

      • I dunno man it’s been a while since I’ve done them but I kind of remember getting sore glutes from doing pistols.

        Step ups definitely lend themselves better to more weight though.

  2. Soon I wish to be master of the super mega arched back and super mega wide grip kawaii JPN bench press. Also video has anime game music appropriate for powerlifting comp.

  3. “She must have stopped doing them, since she only hit 230 in the meet.”


    Seriously though, my knees do feel kind of funny sometimes doing lunges. Reverse lunges though seem pretty good though.

    • i just don’t see the point. it’s like the upright row. who cares. who needs to do these?
      otoh i like behind the neck press pretty good and that’s supposedly naughty too.

      i have zero urge to do any unilateral movement i could give a fuck what ben bruno says. of course his target audience is not me.

      • I like old benny but he does get pretty whacky with some of his shit. Like one leg trap bar rdl…. just why???

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