Cannibal Genius

1. The other day at the Mexican restaurant I ordered a large margarita which looked and tasted like a slushie.  My (7 yr old) son wanted a sip badly, but I told him no.

2. He’s been wanting me to play Minecraft with him badly and I tried it once a month ago, but didn’t get it.  I played again with him twice this weekend and now finally grasp the rudiments of the game.  So instead of Minecraft being 60% of his conversation topics with me, it is now 100%.  Actually 114% since he continues talking about it even after I’ve left the room.

I should have just given him a blender, margarita mix, and a bottle of tequila for his birthday as it probably will be less harmful to his long-term development.

Trying Cannibal Genius, Chaos & Pain’s nootropic.  It was a phenomenal waste of money, with zero discernable effect either pre-workout or any other time of the day, even taking 2x the recommended dose.

Weight 192.0 (-1.0)

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bx5, 45bbx4, 135bx3, 225bx2, 275, 315, 355, 395, 410, 425; 300x3x3, 300×4, 300×5, 300x3x4

b = mini band

bb = monster band

TV: 9000

BTN Press: 45×6, 95×3, 115×3, 135×2, 150, 160, 165; 120x6x3

TV: 2160

Sumo+avg band: 7 sets, all PRs, up to 285 off 2″ deficit

1 arm cable row: 1 set

Time: 2 hours

I noticed that when I reach behind my back with my left hand (like if someone was putting me in a chicken wing) I can easily touch my right shoulder blade.  But i have much less ROM on the other side.  So, even though this has no impact on any of my lifting, it bothers me, and I’ve been doing a stretch I made up myself where I hang a band from a chinup bar, and use it to pull my arm higher, by using the other arm to pull down the band and make me choke up higher on it.  Dunno if this makes sense to anyone.  Might post it on mopeility.


19 thoughts on “Cannibal Genius

    • i tried to get my wife to try it. the placebo effect is strong in that one.

      i am trying to improve his performance. he only plays creative and knows so many random facts about the game. He’s like a guy who knows every OL weightlifting medal winner but can’t do a clean.

      so i shamed him into playing survival with me.

  1. Thats lame, the descriptions make cannibal genius sound they the best shit ever. X2 what celica said tho.

    • While nootropics “work” let’s be real, taking a scoop of shit in water everyday isn’t turning you in to Oppenheimer. The best/most effective nootropic is the caffeine in a cup of black coffee

      • I will say that I think ginko biloba helped my memory quite a bit. Could very well be placebo though.

      • do they work? do they? cause I can fucking feel caffeine. so i agree with you that caffeine is infinity x better. but not that any nootropic does a goshdarn thing. hey was this comment well-written? cause i’m on CG right now. compare to my other insightful comments. still too lazy to move my fingers to the shift keys.

        • Depends on what he’s advertising that they are good for. A few nootropics have been shown to improve recall and focus, but if he’s marketing them as a preworkout stimulant, then I don’t what to tell you. IIRC, stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and 1-3d have the best/most significant results which is like a duh moment.

          So there ya go.

        • I wouldn’t buy nootropics mixed by Jamie Lewis in his kitchen. Better off either buying Chinese powder of said drugs and a microgram scale, or buying the Russian/Eastern Euro pills if you want actual reliable shit. That’s one reason I don’t see a point in “bodybuilding” supplements, they’re all mixes of basically cherbs and minerals and whatever. You can just take individual pills for a lot cheaper.

          Anyway, noopept isn’t a stimulant. Take phenylpiracetam. It’s so good it’s on the WADA banned list.

          • yeah, i usually just buy bulk bags of powder on amazon but wanted to give a kitchen-sink thing a try.
            i knew it wasn’t really a stimulant but thought it might be good pre-workout based on some of the hype
            i dunno about phenylpiracetem. i kinda wanna try it but don’t want to take anything on the WADA list. I mean I could just go to the local supp store and buy whatever super prohormone/legal steroid too. i guess it’s not for me.
            giving up on the rhodiola too, btw.

          • You’re allowed to take phenylpiracetam and other stimulants. They’re only prohibited in competition. As long as you’re off them 30 days before competition you’re good. So if you ever wanna compete in the IPF or whatever, yeah.

            Personally I only want to try piracetam and if I don’t notice anything positive from that, I won’t try any of the harder racetams before trying piracetam first. I’m kinda concerned as piracetam I think does alter your brain permanently.

            I think the main point about piracetam and other nootropics is they’re only good for two things. If you have a specific neurological problem (like I do) and you’re using them to treat it (as often is done in former Soviet countries) or you’re trying to use it to increase your visual spatial processing ability, I could see piracetam/etc being useful for Olympic lifting or gymnastics in that manner as it could make skill acquisition faster by allowing your brain to think better in the visual spatial realm. The Bulgarians at the Olympics actually had a bunch of lifters oddly get busted for furosemide, but not because of intentional doping/masking. It was actually a medicine called orocetam which is piracetam bound to orotic acid to make it more bioavailable.

            But obviously like, for doing a back squat or deadlift, visual spatial cognition isn’t that much of a requirement and you’ve already done the skill for years and it’s nothing new. So it’ll probably help you about zero.

            Could always try learning Olympic lifts on them?

          • i dunno i might try it
            or sunifiram
            jamies pills did more for me than rhodiola tbh. rhodiola was straight placeb. when i take above the recommended dose of jamie’s pills at least i have a hard time going to sleep.

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