…but you’re steppin on the Rodney Dangerfield.

Kinda have a new friend at the gym:the big girl, Holly, who appeared in the background of one of my videos.  She’s like 5’8, 220, and is an athletic trainer at the local university.  She sorta knows how to lift, she does power cleans (85 lbs), presses (50), benches (95), squats (85).  Her form is passable, but considering her age (23?) and size, she’s not lifting very much weight.  I suspect she’s a lesbian based solely on her appearance.  The combination of her being qualified to understand how awesome I am; being in the weight class that I used to dominate when I was single; and being generally courteous has led to a relationship similar to that between me and bodybuilder John, i.e. upon first sighting at the gym we both take off our headphones and make conversation for 30-60 seconds, then resume our workouts.

Future State Champ was there for the first time in a while.  Nothing new, he just reported that they sent back his check and that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to enter another powerlifting meet.  He was front squatting 195-205 for a lot of reps.  Looked pretty good.

Some grey haired guy who looks like someone’s dad who used to play soccer asked me about the bands I used on my deadlifts.  He was squatting 135 and 185 halfway down and looking like an idiot.  I hate when people are interested in my workout but don’t even bother to do an actual valid workout of their own and consequently look/are as weak as shit.

Max, the friendly high schooler also approached me.  He wanted to know what I was doing (Floor press), and imparted the following information while I grunted, before leaving me the fuck alone:

  • Floor press looks like a real beast.
  • My back hurts
  • That’s why I haven’t been to the gym in a few days
  • It was my lower back, now it’s more my upper back
  • I hurt my upper back in the gym.  But hurt my lower back at home.
  • Not really sure how.
  • All right, see you later, I’m taking off.

Weight: 193.0 (unchanged)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×2, 315, 335, 355, 365; 270x10x3

Total Volume: 8100

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295, 315, 330; 310x3x3

TV: 2790

Sumo+Light band: 8 sets, all PRs, up to 330 off 1.5″ deficit

Chinups: 4×5

Neck Harness: 45×20

Time: 2 hours


8 thoughts on “…but you’re steppin on the Rodney Dangerfield.

  1. I know you’ve explained this total volume stuff before but I still don’t get it. What is the purpose of keeping track? Why are your singles not included? Are you going for a specific volume number every workout?

  2. the purpose of keeping track is to do more. i just want to beat the number for the last time and make a new record. singles for the pr dont count bc they dont. listen mane i’m 210 lbs behind Damien P and 180 behind Wolverine i’ve got to catch up.

  3. I don’t know who damien p is but wolverine is fkn toast. Total volume is interesting. I am following GZCL method (loosely) and added up my “TSV” Basically I counted any reps and sets 65% or more of my top set. So for front squats my TFSV was 6285. But for bench it was 8950. Bench is the one lift that I continue to improve without stalling, and I would assume this is because of volume. My squat always sucks, (back squat was real bad and i was having trouble recovering from it so I switched to fronts) and I assume the lack of progress is due to less volume. I’m going to keep track of my total volume as well and make sure it increases every session. I don’t know that I will ever compete in a powerlifting meet (mainly because I’m not a power lifter) but I do see the value of testing 1RM to gauge overall progress.

  4. damien pezzuti, find out more on lift.net.

    the one caveat about total volume is that if i wanted to get a higher volume i could do 135x10x10 which would be 13500 but that clearly would not help me towards my goals, so i set rules like the volume has to be done in 30 reps or less, and in 2 hours or less.

    • Interesting. I am not within the 30 reps or less parameters in my above example. Maybe I should be more strict about what reps to count, say anything over 80% of top set. I never work out for more than 1 hour 15 minutes, hence I don’t do squats and deads on same day. Also, I have a strict time limit of 90 seconds (or less on warm ups) between sets.
      On Damien P – I don’t know man. Guy looks insane. It is cool to know that someone is following the same method as you and getting crazy results though I guess. Also, I think it’s insane it says on there he has a meet in five weeks but he’s not sure whether he’ll lift at 181 or 165. WTF?
      For me I would like to squat BW x 2, deadlift BW x 2.5, Bench BW x 1.5, Press BW. BW is 190 right now. Not anything worth mentioning on lift.net, but still strong. I would certainly be the strongest person in my (home) gym at those numbers. I am much closer to achieving my goals on the pressing movements than other movements.

      • if your goal is increasing your 1rms, you probably should train with lower reps and more rest.
        Damien P – i don’t know exactly how he trains. I messaged him on twitter and asked if i could email him some questions. he said sure, i sent him the questions, a week later, he emailed back and said he lost the email could i send them again. i did but never heard back from him.
        I was curious bc he posted one regimen on lift.net. Then he posts WODs for his gym. And he used to tweet all his lifts which didn’t always seem to match up with either of those protocols. Like “hit new squat 1rm in second workout of day”, so i was trying to see what exactly he was doing.
        I think he is making these lifts at about 175 lbs. So he could cut weight and make 165 and probably not lose too much or he could just go 181.

  5. I bet my sister who weighs less but is shorter could do her numbers. She’s overhead pressed the bare bar for like 3 reps or something. Also could deadlift 95lbs but complained it was hard, then stopped lifting weights, did some back extensions, and never lifted weights again. She weighs like 190something at 5’4. So basically my sister can be an athletic trainer then? I’m pretty sure she could hit said numbers in like a week of training. srs.

    It’s weird seeing girls lift. You look at records and watch girls lift on youtube and expect them to be like 60-70% as strong as you but then in real life they’re almost invariably like 10-30% as strong as you. I see so many girls squatting 95lbs and I just want to be like “put the 45s on and do something, damnit.” But then I don’t.

    Actually I take that back. There’s like one girl at my gym who’s reasonably strong and can deadlift like 250 or something. Her boyfriend is a Crossfitter, only other guy who does ATG squats at my gym. I did see one other girl benching 115 awhile back, though. Maybe it was even a warmup set. Maybe she’s an even better bencher than me. That’d be wonderful.

    • 1. that girl wasn’t a personal trainer or a strength coach. She’s like an ankle taper type of trainer. She did play college sports, tho. Basketball? Football i forget which.
      2. girls don’t lift heavy weights bc it will make them manly.
      3. But, there’s a handful of girls at my gym who squat 95 for reps with form that ranges from fair to great. they all look amazing. kind of hard to convince them “hey you need to use a lot more weight. don’t you want 24 inch thighs?”

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