Just Training

Tomorrow is an off day from the gym so I’ll post a funny story.

Weight: 190.2 (+1.2)

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bx5, 135bx4, 205bx3, 275×2, 325, 365, 405, 420; 290x10x3

TSV: 8700

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295×2, 335; 240,245,250,255,260×3, 265x3x3, 270×3, 275×3

once again no viable spotter

TBV: 7770

Sumo Deadlift: 4 sets all PRs, up to 365 off a 3.5″ deficit

Time: 2 hours, probably made longer by the fact that I was trying out my new $9 tripod and little camera like a big douchebag.  Gym was pretty empty.  I was self-conscious.  Lot of spandex women jumping around but they’re not gonna fuck me anyway so who cares.


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