spent a good amount of time looking at Andy and Emma’s instagrams.  What, that’s what it’s for.  If they didn’t want me to look at it they wouldn’t have put it online.  They post pictures of the delicacies they eat, pics of them cuddling/doing fun activities, lifting pics/vids, and selfies of themselves flexing.  The worst part is the tags.

#beard bro #u mirin? #trap city #hardcore #killin it #welcome to the gun show #sweet new tattoo  #sexy squat butt

Weight 190.8 (+1.2)

LBS: 45×6, 45bx5, 135bx4, 185bx3, 235×3, 285, 335, 385, 405, 415; 285x6x3, 285x3x4

TSV: 8550

used the mini band.  soon will use the monster band again.  glutton for punishment.

Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×3, 295×2; 250×3, 255×3, 260×3, 265×3, 270×3, 275×3,3, 280×3,3, 285×3

TBV: 8085

John the bodybuilder left right when i was gonna need him. 

Only other guy in gym was this Indian fellow, we’ll call him “Medhi” because I’m not racist at all.  He is a really friendly type of guy; he’s introduced himself in the past, asked about my training, etc.  The other day I spotted him as he “benched” 185×1 (@5’8, 155 lbs, 23 yo?)  He went down to the point where his upper arms were parallel and came back up.  “That’s a PR!” he told me proudly.  He spends 2/3 of his workout doing things like backwards kettlebell lunges and skipping in place.  Didn’t ask him for a spot and just went right to volume.

Sumo+Light band: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 280 off 3″ deficit

had some time before my 2 hour quota and hamstring still a little tender so did:

RDL: 135, 155×5

Cable Row: 1 set

Time: 2 hours


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