PL Meet Pics


Where and how I spent 90% of that day.  No I didn’t go to Northeastern.


Deadlifting.  Forgot to take the beanie off before one attempt.


Cherbing for Andy and Emma. 


10 thoughts on “PL Meet Pics

  1. Such beards.

    Why you shave head when you seem to have all your hair still able to grow? To cut weight?

    Also you wear Adidas sweatpants. I wear Adidas sweatpants.

    How much did this meet cost? I found out for my state I might be able to get a record with knee wraps with a 900 total, simply because nobody’s competed with kneewraps in my division. I’d have a story about fighting a brave battle in a powerlifting meet to my grandkids. I could even go back to back and get a knee wraps record in 165 tested, then in untested get a 181 without knee wraps record next meet.

    Truly a state champ could be me.

    • no, hair weight is negligible. i shave head because i don’t like my look with long hair; unkempt and aging is what I see when i look in the mirror. also in the warmer months my head gets hot. ask pedro

      i like those warmup pants the best. always wear your best to the competition. lucky underwear and all.

      meet cost 85 with no federation membership fee which is a ripoff.

      dont be a future state champ. he came to a bad end

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