Powerlifting Meet – Part 4

Deadlift: I did a lot of sets of warmup for the deadlift.  Like 9, increasing the weight 40-70 lbs and decreasing the deficit with each set.  I did this because when I hit maxes in the gym, I’d done a lot of warmup sets beforehand.  And when I did that disappointing 495, I’d only taken maybe 5-6 warmup sets.

My last warmup set was with 445 from 0.5″ inch.  I was going to open with 485, but then after talking to Andy, I chickened out and tried to drop my opener to 475.  At the beginning of the day, they’d announced that you couldn’t change your opener once your flight had started, so I tried to do it near the end of the 3rd flight. 

“I’m not doing that!!  We announced several times that no deadlift openers would be changed after the start of the deadlifts.  I’m too busy right now, and you should have listened to the announcements.”  – Jimmy’s wife, with the microphone on.

I guess that’s what happens when you go home three times.  Miss announcements.  My wife said she didn’t hear me getting chastised.  Also, 485 was easy anyway.

515 was a little harder, and I thought about doing 565 for a world record/change to professional status, but I decided against it.  540 was pretty hard, but now I’m left with second guesses.  And I’m moving so I’ll probably never lift in this fed again anyhow.

I noticed a strong correlation between performance in the meet and cutting weight.  Not saying that there’s a causation.  Just that the people who did the best who I spoke to (several dozen people) seemed to either have actually cut weight or been very close to the upper limit of a higher weight class.  Wolverine cut down from 193.  Last year, he may have cut down from 200 the day before.

There was a guy who weighed 418 there last year.  Not sure what he weighed this year but he did not look any smaller.  Last year he went 605-335-600 in knee wraps.

So I didn’t watch much lifting.  And I only missed about 3 flights out of 12 by going home.  I lifted in 3 others, and I was warming up in 3 others.  So what did I do for the remaining 3+ hours?  I sat in a chair by myself and stared into space.  I brought a book but it was too hard to concentrate to read it.  George’s wife went up on the balcony and took a picture of me sitting and staring.  I noticed her and waved to her and she took another picture.  Hopefully these will be good pics for the blog.

Then the deadlift warmups were right where my chair was, so I had to move.  That’s when I realized the deal.  There were a bunch of guys with their chairs in little groups.  But I was sitting in a lone chair -> lonely.  So I just moved over and started talking to random people (also Wolverine bc I wanted to ask him questions).  I was pretty bored.

I was going to tell you all about what I learned from Wolverine but he posts his training log here, so you can read it yourself.

I think he’s maybe 5’10.  Certainly quite tall for a good 181 lber, at least compared to what I’ve seen.

From his blog in 2013:

Mon – heavy bench
Tues – rep bench variations
Thurs – heavy squat/dead
Fri – rep squat/dead

He says that it has changed a little, idk see for yourself.

He warmed up for his attempts with a lot of unusual practices, like leg presses, and various bands and kettlebell things.

According to PJ (who used to train at the same gym as him), he eats pretty clean and leads a semi-monastic lifestyle, though there are references to him drinking with friends on his blog.

Wolverine and I both agree that PJ is “a character”.

When talking about his training, he said this gem: “Everybody is interested but no one has ever tried it.”

My new training plan is gonna be 6x a week so that I have a day to get things done in my life and also to avoid that one day when I have to train in the evening and then go back the next morning.  Trying to keep the sessions under 2 hours.

pretty much will be doing the same thing for bench as I’ve been doing. 

For deadlift, instead of doing: no band – monster – no band – light – no band – avg, I’ll be doing no band – monster – light – avg. Otherwise the same.

For squat I think I’m going to try doing manta ray to max & volume on one day, then low bar squat for max and volume the next day.  Alternating exercises, but not too many/too crazy seemed to work well for bench and deadlift.  May add in a third day.  Box squats? Partials?  But I like doing low bar EOD, think it is absolutely necessary not to take a long break from my bread and butter.

It will be good not to have a meet for a while and not be under pressure to squat x and do y reps with z by a certain date.  I think that the Bulgarians did a lot of meets though.  Whatever.

Hamstring very sore still and for the past two weeks I’d been taking ibuprofen from 200-800 mg before training.  I think it’s a good idea to get away from that.  Also to reset my squat weights.

Weight: 189.4

Manta Ray Squats: 45×6, 135×3, 185×2, 225; 245×2, 255,265,275,280,285,290,295×1, 245x7x3

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295; 310×3,4

Sumo+monster: 3 sets from high deficits with light weights (but at least PRs)

Chinups: 3,4,5,5

Good Mornings: 45×5,6, 65×6

^these were hard bc of hamstring, but the stretch felt good.

Time: 1:50


20 thoughts on “Powerlifting Meet – Part 4

  1. good post (even better than usual, despite a lack of hate and contempt for your fellow humans).

    by moving, will you get into another fed then,

    if you have thought this over, please ignore: quitting the ibuprofen is probably a good idea. have you considered using paracetamol instead, if it’s only for pain? aspirin is usually no-no.

    • i just never found paracetamol as effective
      in the army the medics would give us ibuprofen – they called the 800mg tabs “Ranger candy”
      but yes, I have read that it is not good for you pre-workout, I was just so sore that I could not reach parallel in squat without it.
      and i also don’t want to go through life swallowing handfuls of ibuprofen daily either.
      I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

      yes when I move I will lift at whatever fed has the closest meets

      • I’m thinking like this: ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory whereas paracetamol is not, but both of them suppress pain pretty good. if your main goal is to get rid of pain, use paracetamol. I am sure there are other opinions on this matter, but why treat an inflammatory state if there is none? at least none that you know of that bothers you. if you feel that you want to use ibuprofen, using a cream (local application) might be beneficial since you avoid systemic effects.

        as long you stay away from routine use of aspirin, which is an irreversible inhibitor of certain enzymes related to blood coagulation, I’m happy. 🙂

  2. I admit to having looked up the guy’s training log the same day you posted the meet results. 🙂

    Four days per week, of which two heavy and two rep days. I have found that this works well for me too. I wonder if he squats and deadlifts on the same day, or if he alternates the two.

  3. Good to see you back to training. I like your squat plan; hopefully it’ll work out. I think it corrects the main difference between your squat plan and your other exercises in that you would go so long without doing your competition movement.

    I don’t think the established Bulgarian lifters did that many comps, just the important international ones.

  4. So since I just passed my physical agility thing for the FD and the next step (panel interview) isn’t for another 3-4 months, I’m thinking about being your guinea pig for a beginner/intermediate-ish lifter doing the Bulgarian thing. Probably just 5 days a week since I’d have to drive 45 minutes to get to the gym on the weekend.

          • I dunno. I thought I remembered reading somewhere to try it for six weeks or something. But maybe not. I’ll maybe try it up until the interview, then if I get through that start working on cardio hard again. If not, then I’ll have another year before I have to worry about it.

          • My understanding is that you see great results in the first few weeks/month, then fatigue catches up to you and you start going through “the dark times” and then, if you manage to work past that, you start seeing results again. That’s with a hardcore Broz routine. Coach’s isn’t quite as brutal, I’d say.

          • even full broz starts out slowly. in fact my program may be almost as brutal, because it is condensed into 2 hrs whereas his guys might be in the gym for 5. oh wait they lift twice a day. ok nevermind

            will you be doing the same exercises as me?

            how long will u be training for.

          • If I try it I’ll probablu do squats mon-fri, deads on friday, then alternate bench and ohp. And probably pullups or chinups every day. Also might throw in some kb swings.

          • i would do deads every day but lightly and for speed like 8-10 sets of 1-2 gradually using more and more but never really getting hard. the rest sounds good. you won’t need the swings tho. consider doing a couple sets of chin/pullups one day and then a couple sets of rows the next

          • Ah yeah good call with the rows. Oh also I might go up to a triple instead of a single. I think broz recommended that for beginners on a youtube comment on one of his vids.

          • that’s fine, especially if you are not used to going to singles. but you may find that triples at, say 80% are actually more intense than singles at like 90%.

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