Powerlifting Meet Part Two

Planning on lifting 6x a week and continuing pretty much the same program but will need to do some serious rethought of the squattings.  OTOH, what I did over the last month or so before the meet seemed to work pretty well, I just didn’t do that for long enough.  Plan to take Tuesdays off and so next time I’ll lift will be Wednesday.  In the meantime I’ll talk about the meet for a few days until you are all thoroughly sick of my anecdotes and overanalysis.

Squat: I don’t understand the deal with the monolift.  If you’ve never used a monolift, yes, you might want to walk the weight out instead.  I use a monolift about 1-2 x a year.  It’s not hard.  You just get under it and lift it and don’t walk back.  If you put your feet in the wrong place because you’re stupid, you can still shuffle around to your heart’s content before you get the “Squat” command.  I find it much harder to get used to the thick and inflexible squat bar.

My last warmup was with 405.  Then they suddenly announced “We’re not taking a 5 minute break after this flight like with all the others, so Coachmas, you’re fourth to squat”  So I had about 3-4 minutes of rest before I was on the platform under 430.  It was really easy.  So easy that when I took 470, I didn’t set up properly.  And got stuck in the hole by it.  This demoralized me, but I retook 470, this time with good concentration, but also a deal of apprehension.  Got it, but the spotter grabbed the bar, then let it go, because I’d (for some insane reason) opened my left hand.  Got two red lights though I made the lift.  Asked judges why.  They said because the spotter touched the weight.  Spotter told head judge that he hadn’t provided help (trust me, he hadn’t, it just flustered me).  Judge passed the lift.

So way to get a 5 lb PR from last year basically on an appeal.  So every hour I spent training – only counting the last six months – put 0.013 pounds on my squat.  Awesome use of my time.

Had a big home advantage because I live 4 minutes from the gym.  Went home 3 times.  Probably the only guy in history to do the dishes during a powerlifting meet, and one of a select few to change a diaper.  Always got nervous and came back after an hour or so, even though I’d exchanged phone numbers with George’s wife so she could call me if they decided to do something crazy.  Still better than being stuck there for 12 hours like most other people.  Flights had 15-20 people in them, there were four flights and each flight took at least an hour.  So I squatted at noon, benched at 4:30, and finished deadlifting at 8:55 PM.

Because 80+ lifters and each had at least one spectator on average, and the lay out of the gym, even when I was there, I was sitting in the warmup area and not watching lifting.  Out of 80x3x3 = 720 lifts, I watched less than ten other lifts besides my own.  Oh wait, I did watch one round of benches in the 1st flight.  Because 90 year old guys benching 75 lbs is inspiring.  Because 114 lb female lifters in backless bench shirt and workboots are hot. And sometimes you can see camel toe when they lie on the bench.


23 thoughts on “Powerlifting Meet Part Two

  1. “Awesome use of my time.”

    But you enjoy the 6x3hrs per week on Broz and maxing out every day. It’s the journey, blah blah.

    And anyway the squatting didn’t go nearly as bad as you’re trying to make it sound. Pretty close to what you hit in the gym before the meet (470 vs. 480). Same for bench (370/370). You maxed out every day and hit those (almost) exact weights in competition. Also improved last year’s total by 75 pounds. Another 50 pounds or so by 2015 and you’ll be well into the 1400s.

  2. Confronted the dude who took my keys from the gym the other week. He was very apologetic and even offered to bring me some chocolate granola protein bar things he and his wife make. Seemed like a nice enough guy aside from being the type of person that tries to actually make things that taste good with protein powders like you see on bodybuilding.com. Good jorb on the meet. Does this move you up from your theoretical 18th place ranking?

        • actually they just must not have updated their website. the rankings fatso linked me to had a 1575 total at #1. If I had to guess, 1305 -> 1380 would probably bump me to 12th or something but just on that slightly less ridiculous list. USPF isn’t even my fed. My fed is whatever is close to my house.

          • US lifters have won IPF worlds several times in the 2000s most recently in 2008. That said, there is just a dearth of interest in even going to the IPF worlds. Pretty sure there are guys with competitive totals that are just like “fuck it, I’m not going to New Delhi”
            Not saying if those guys went/tried, we’d dominate the sport (3 silvers and a bronze in 2005 Miami), but compare to weightlifting where thousands of US lifters over the last 50 years have badly wanted Olympic gold.

          • Then there was the guy who won the IPF Juniors bench or something and who was featured on 70sBig.

            Also single-ply powerlifting with strict judging seems to be unpopular in the US. People either lift raw, or go the other extreme and use quintuple-ply gear.

          • that’s absolutely correct about the raw or quintuple ply. and the best of either group could – if they wanted – be competitive at the world level.
            it’s like we’re the best at 100 m dash and 400m but no one in the country runs the 200 any more.

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