Powerlifting Meet

Squat: 430, 470, 470

Bench: 325, 350, 370

DL: 485, 515, 540

Total: 1380 (75 lb pr from last year)

1st place and actually had 4 other lifters in my class.

Emilio: 1290 @ 220 w/wraps

Porter: was actually cool to be around today

George: 1190? @ 198 (1st meet)

Emma: 750? idk something good for a girl in her first meet

Andy: 1460? @ 220

Madcow: 1000 @ 181 (though 6 months ago would have totalled 600 so i thought pretty good)

FSC: couldn’t get into meet

My 3rd deadlift: 8:55 PM

Some guy at 181, drug tested – with knee wraps: 1615.

Beat him on bench though.  Small consolation


29 thoughts on “Powerlifting Meet

    • It’s a 45 lb PR on sumo
      a 30 lb post army pr
      and a 10 lb pr all time including when i held some pathetic 198 juniors record in some fed.


      he actually lifted last year and i talked to him quite a bit both years so have some knowledge of how he trains, etc. i really should have posted about him b4 as he is my true Enemy, but I was hoping that he wouldn’t show up or wouldn’t cut 20+ lbs again to make 181.

      of course he is actually a good/friendly guy, with a higher paying job, 6 years younger, and beautiful wife.

      and soon to be on plwatch.com


      • “and a 10 lb pr all time”

        So are you sold on sumopulls now?

        “he is my true Enemy”

        Nah, the wraps added some 150 pounds to his squat and about 100 to the DL. All in all you lifted about the same. He probably guces too, and the wife is a hired escort.

        • dude wtf that is exactly the same shit that i have been thinking for the past yr, down to the escort wife. weird that he got the same one 2 years in a row. you only left out that he is probably a satan worshipper too.

          and yay sumo

          • Jose Castillo only reason he didn’t break the powerlifting watch record was that it was at 83kg not 82.5
            Jaime Lewis’s record got broken too.
            And his latest articles about powerlifting not being a fun run are the stupidest things he’s ever written. Nothing like having statistics showing the avg top 20 totals in each weight class going up, then saying that powerlifters are getting weaker. what a dumbass

          • I just read that nonsense today. Took me three readings to figure out what Jay-Lo was trying to say because I couldn’t believe he’d write something that stupid. Very disappoint.

            Maybe he’s just deranged because his record got broken?

  1. Andy had a nice total.

    What’s with you squatting less then you did in training? Huh? Was that 470 a depth call, or a true miss?

    At least your other lifts jumped up there. Now your DL’s 12 pounds higher than mine… You just gotta figure out what’s up with that squat…

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