Making Weight

Weigh ins were from 9-11 this morning, and I wanted to be on weight by then so as not to rely on Porter convincing Jimmy the meet director to bend the rules for me.  Wife thought I should take my son to school this morning (as opposed to her taking him), and I planned to protest this ruling, but she was throwing up all morning, so after waking up at 186.4, and down to 185.2 after soaking in the tub for 20 minutes or so, I drove him in.

Came back home weighed 184.8 and soaked for 20 minutes more, down to 183.8.  Then 22 minutes more put me at 181.6 so time to go and weigh in.  Feeling a little cranky and hot and sweaty but not too too bad.

When I got to the gym @950, Porter was bustling around and told me that Jimmy was upstairs in one of the offices, but weigh-ins wouldn’t start for another 10 minutes.  There was a guy with a mohawk sitting in a chair by the front desk.  Porter walked away, hopefully out of earshot.

Me [muttering]: Why the fuck do I care if Jimmy is upstairs if weigh-ins don’t start for another 10 minutes (I actually misread the email and weigh-ins were from 10-11)

Mohawk: Are you competing too?

Me: Yeah. (now turning my ire towards this grinning fool who can’t see that I’m clearly in a foul mood)

Mohawk: Did you cut weight?

Me: Uh.

Mohawk: A lot of weight?

Me: Mmn-h

Mohawk: How much?

Front Desk Lady: There’s a bunch of people up there waiting with Jimmy; you can just go up.  He’s probably already weighing people.

Me (to FDL): Thanks

Me (to Mohawk): 6.  10.  I dunno… [walks away]

To expedite things they are starting an hour early tomorrow.  Also everyone had to send in their openers, so the (4) flights are already arranged.  And they made it so that you’re in the same flight for each lift, regardless of if you have a big squat but a weak bench or whatever.

I’m like the weakest guy in the 4th flight (at least based on openers) which is good and bad.

Good: Feel like in major league/pro/men’s division.

Bad: Can’t leave early.  Hard not to be intimidated by 350 lb guy squatting 900 even though he’s not competing against me.  Need to be alert during warmups or all bars will be loaded to 495 when I need to do 135.  Will look (even more) like midget version of larger lifters.

After weighing in, drank my dextrose/water mess and squatted up to 250×1, 275×1, (Which was not hard despite my weakened condition. And that I was in wind pants and running shoes.) then benched 150x3x1. 

Got a bunch of McDonalds but only took a few bites of it at home before experiencing massive intestinal dysentery/typhoid like conditions.  Put food in fridge.  Laid down for most of the day, taking well over the LD-50 of both pepto-bismol and Immodium, which should prove interesting tomorrow as well as June 13, 2015, which i predict is the next time I’ll be able to take a crap.

Ate a couple of meals and feeling better now and going to bed soon.


5 thoughts on “Making Weight

  1. immodium is magical, I concur.

    Also, do you basically cut 5 pounds by soaking in lukewarm water for an hour? Interesting.

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