Woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  Would normally have gone right to the gym but decided to wait.  I.E. didn’t want to vomit or pass out squatting 60%.

So went during prime time.  People getting comfortable now that all the lifters doing the meet are resting up:  Guy doing curls in the half-rack.  Another guy in the power rack doing what I thought was camber-bar shrugs, but what he later told me were rack deadlifts – and hurt his back (he’s the guy with 3 previous hernias, don’t think weightlifting is for him).  The football players that I yelled at twice before (for goofing around in squat rack and for leaving weights on the bar) were using the platform and doing military press.  With no collars.  They got done before I could give them hard looks but a couple of people told me that it was scary.

Look, don’t be a pussy.  Yell at Correct high schoolers.  They’re used to it.  And what are they gonna do about it?  Complain to the 40 year old woman at the front desk that some guy told them to stop being unsafe/clean up after themselves?

They also left a puddle of water on the platform from a leaky drink bottle.  And I just wiped it up with a paper towel.  So I guess that makes me a hypocrite.  What am I, the fucking police?  I gotta pick and choose my battles.  I’ve already yelled at these jackasses twice.  Next time you do it.

Weight: 188.2 (-1.0) Barely ate yesterday.

MRS: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3

LBS: 225×3, 300x5x1

Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245x2x1

was supposed to do 285x2x1 yesterday and nothing today, so just split the difference.

everything felt good, which it should being that it was like 60%

Time: 30 minutes? then sat around in the gym for another hour and half. (joking, jackman)


11 thoughts on “Better

    • haha i’ve seen a lot of shit but never that.

      And as my old coach said: Always put all your weights facing inward.

      Me: Why, because if your buddy puts them inward on one side and you put them outward on the other, the bar won’t balance evenly? Or because the collars won’t fit right otherwise? Or…

      Old coach: No, none of that shit makes a difference. That’s just how you do it. Otherwise people think you’re an idiot.

      (and yes, i know olympic lifters have their own deal and at PL meets the last plate(s) are turned out)

      • I used to go to a gym with metal plaets (dat clankity-clank) and hated facing them inwards…if anything it just makes it harder to take them off.

      • I didn’t know plates facing inward was an actual thing. I always thought it was just preference. I have seen people putting weights on in reverse though but it’s mostly just been on machines, never really with the free weights.

        Also lol’d at the tags. I hope I’m not in the same group as the high schoolers, although I do pretty much everything without collars so I guess I’m still an asshole.

        • My gym has rubber-covered plates (not bumpers) that look the same on both sides. They also have handles. Makes them very easy to carry around. I thought the plates inward thing was a Lyle McDonald invention.

          I’ve also put plates on backwards. Or not exactly backwards, but if I’m working in with somebody who lifts less than I do I’ll just put whatever they’re using on the bar, then slap on the extra weight when it’s my turn.

          People at my gym curl and press in the power rack and skip rope on the platform. But that’s OK, since it’s a public Globo gym and not an elite lifter training facility where such conduct is frowned upon.

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