got whatever sickness Rex and Karena had.  Fortunately they both recovered quickly.

typing this on my laptop from bed. 

maybe i’ll miss the meet and my enemies will caper and dance; and Porter will say “cause of overtraining” and people on the internet will say that I’m a fraud and make snide jokes; and Fatman or whoever made the joke about me being like Paul Carter will be right but at least he’s good for it; and some guy will win 181 raw with 285/165/330 (actually don’t care about that bit); and the same old guys will be asking how i did and when i tell them i didn’t lift will nod knowingly and think “way to waste your life for nothing”

or maybe i’ll be slightly better at the meet (least i’ll make weight, ginger ale diet and sweating profusely already, better than ECA) and so have to decide between going and barely getting my openers (cue porter) or staying home and my son still wanting to go to the meet so I show up like a spectating tool “you look fine..” “yeah, I coulda, but…”  and see above

well this mope was kinda cathartic.  looking back it is mostly worrying what other people think (and the majority either online or tools anyway) which actually, what else do you have in life but what people think of you.  jeez whoever said that was an idiot.


24 thoughts on “awesome

    • You got any recommendations for cognitive enhancing supps? I used to take ginko biloba and I think it helped my memory but I dunno. I’ve been perusing the nootropics subreddit a little trying to find something good.

  1. feeling a bit better. got up, ate chicken. not much appetite. kind of overextended self after boasting to wife about how good i felt and now lying back down. but family game is super mario wiiu so thatś something to look forward to…
    thanks fats for confidence. and i guess even celica for chiding me for not taking powdered rhino horn like i should have.

  2. *boring celicaxx brosci*
    If you get over the sickness quick, you might actually coincidentally peak at the meet. I remember when I ran my first run through Sheiko, I got sick. I think it’s like a supercompensation blah blah thing, since you’ve put yourself through basically a few months of overtraining. So now that you’ve taken a break the body is trying to fix stuff up since you removed the stressor trying to taper. I guess the question now is whether or not Broz’s theorized model of you coming out stronger after beating yourself to shit actually works to bring the body to a higher state of adaptation. The problem I see with Broz training, and maybe I can see why you’d see the idea as attractive, is it’s like the military. Some people survive the giant stress of that and come out as a better person, and some people are fucked up by it. You don’t know which camp you’re in until you do it, unfortunately, it’s way too hard to predict those sorts of things. But in very much seriousness, though, go to the meet and find out and see if the shit works for you or not, unless you’re having like hemorrhagic fever or something. But just right now this is the theory I’ve come up with in regards to Broz/Abadjiev/Bulgarian type training and how it “works.”

    So maybe everything will go all well. Definitely attend the meet and bring your son. I wish my dad taught me/let me be around lifting more as a kid.

  3. Celica, I’ve added some turmeric to my next supplement order. Any thoughts (apart from that I’m wasting my money, it’s only like $5 and I’ve already wasted thousands of $$$ on placebos like protein powder)?

    • I dunno, I’d just add it to food. It costs like $1.50 at the Indian market for a like a 4oz bag of turmeric powder. I used to use it and drink it straight. I think it works sorta as an anti-inflammatory but eh.

    • Also, yeah, supplements like herbs and things like that are way more fun. Because they’re generally cheap and last a decent amount of time. In my case I feel way more effects taking an herbal stimulant/adaptogen like Rhodiola, ginseng, whatever, compared to a protein shake. It’s pretty cool spending only about $30-40 every 3 months on supplements. I mean, if taken at “recommended” dosages, I’d run out of a bottle of Body Fortress Whey Protein or whatever like what, every week or two? Then each bottle of protein costs as much as like literally half a year worth of Siberian Ginseng tablets. no thx.

      • Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. You can get curcumin isolate, but it’s like $20 a bottle. Since it’s all placebo anyway, I’ll save $15. Cheap.

        I also cook with turmeric whenever I make Indian food, but that’s not been very often lately. Wife complains that the house stinks of curry.

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