Wish I had a dollar…

  • for every person I barely know at the gym who asks, “So, ya ready for the meet?”
  • for every old person or high school kid I don’t know at all who asks, “Are you doing that competition thing?”
  • for every time another powerlifter asks me “what are your openers?”
  • for every time anyone, powerlifter or not, asks me “Are you tapering before the meet or are you gonna like, max out the day before?”
  • for every time I wondered if my singlet still fits but was too lazy to get it out of the box in the basement and go check.

Answers (cause someone’s gonna ask in the comments)

  • No, but I will be next Saturday ha.
  • Yes.
  • I don’t know.  (what I tell them, but probably 430/325/485 , 2nds: 470/350/515 thirds: 505/375/535+ we’ll see how it goes, men)
  • yes gonna taper but not as much as you nerds.  brb going to the gym to obsessively do reps with the bar, lat pulldowns and push the prowler just to feel like you’re doing something.
  • probably still fits, haven’t checked yet.

Weight: 190.8 (+0.6)

MRS: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 275, 315, 340, 355, 365

LBS: 225×2, 315, 365, 405, 435, 455, 475, 480; 415,420,425,430×1

ugh, 475 was easy, should have just tried 495.  I took a video, i’m going too deep.  Then i took 480, went too deep and got buried.  every set i feel I am cutting high, then I go to the tape and see that it is well below parallel.  one more chance tomorrow.

DB Bench: 35×35, 45×45, 55×30,25, 65×20

BTN Press: 45×6, 95×3, 115×2, 135, 145, 150; 110x3x3

Sumo+monster band: 9 sets, all PRs, up to 405 off a 1/2″ deficit

Time: 2:30


14 thoughts on “Wish I had a dollar…

  1. Mr. Christmas. I have Chinese cooking advice that may be of interest. Ever want noodles, but don’t want the evil carb monsters noodles contain? Good news, they grow on logs and tree stumps. Enoki mushrooms to the rescue.
    See? They’re like a dollar for 100g or whatever at my Asian market, so more expensive than noodles, but if you can’t have carbz because your pancreas is broken or something, but still want noodles, they’re good for that.

  2. Your sense of depth is probably screwed up from all the Manta Squats (and other high-bar variants) you’ve been doing… Nice 475, though. 88 pounds more than I hit for three singles today…

  3. “Are you tapering before the meet or are you gonna like, max out the day before?”

    I totally expected the answer to be “maxing out the day before”. Broz is dissapoint.

        • that’s a good part of it. also, um, i might get my name on a website.

          and last year they interviewed me for the paper but didn’t make any mention of how much I lifted. then right after me they interviewed some random 50 yr old guy who said that he used to powerlift but there was too much steroids in the sport now. On front page of paper big enlarged pic of my squat face. Couldn’t see barbell, though, could have been making funny face with 50 kg. Will not speak to newspaper this year.

          • sucky newspaper. I bet the journalist was a sensation hunting vampire. make a bet with them this year: if the journalist can lift even half your total, they get the interview. if they can not, you get to interview their brains with the blunt end of a barbell.

          • you’re hardcore, swede.
            Haha, the only thing that makes me even slightly want to dealt with that again is that my grandmother who is almost 90 was very pleased with the article/picture and put it in her scrapbook. So that kind of wins out over my urge to bludgeon the reporter and/or just talk shit about Porter.

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