Failing on Purpose

Here are some facts about my meet that you should know to help you understand this story.  The meet organizer, Jimmy – probably in coordination with Porter – decided to hold it Saturday, April 19.  If they got a lot of entries (last year I think there were 50?) then they could break it into two days: lightweights and women on Sat, bigger guys on Sun.

They started to get a ton of entries.  This was when someone pointed out that this was Easter weekend.  Jimmy did an informal poll and realized that no-one wanted to lift on Easter.  So he capped the meet at 70 lifters.  About 3 months ago, Porter had already started warning/pestering people that the meet was filling up.

Today I saw Future State Champ.  His old “trainer” Jose has disappeared from the gym.  Now FSC trains with this new guy, but FSC is the dominant one in this relationship.  I always say hi to FSC, but finally introduced myself to the new guy so I could find out his name and not look like I was ignoring him.  Then had this awkward interaction:

Me [to FSC]: So you still with that girl? (cute spandex blond he lifted with b4 Jose)

FSC: Yeah, man.

Me: Oh, that’s cool; you’re still together; you guys just don’t work out together.  So now you work out with Dirk instead, huh?

(FSC and Dirk look at each other)

Me: No… I mean that’s cool.

then this:

Me: So you, uh, getting ready for the meet?

FSC: Yup, just sent my entry form in the other day.

Me: Did you hear anything back from them?

FSC: No…should I have?

Me: Wait – you mailed it in?

FSC: Yeah.

Me: When?

FSC: Like Monday.  It said if they didn’t get it by the 11th, there’d be a $25 late fee.

Me: You didn’t hear that the meet filled up like two months ago?

FSC: Oh man.  Really?

Kind of like wanting to stay on unemployment so showing up to a job interview dressed in cutoffs and flipflops.

Weight: 190.2 (+2)

MRS: 45×5, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 315, 345, 365

LBS: 225×2, 315, 365, 405, 435, 445; 405×2

Right hamstring kind of achy when squatting.  A bit alarming.  Very tight and will try stretching throughout day.

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295×2, 325, 345, 360, 370

Slingshot Bench: 385, 405, 390×2

last slingshot b4 meet

Med Grip Bench: 345×2

Sumo Deadlift: 8 sets, all PRs, up to 445 from 1.5″

last day of regular deadlifts, tomorrow i’ll pull with monster bands and that’s it till the meet.

Time: 2:30, wife at home now actually sick.  Boy is better but stayed home from school.  Baby probably watched babyish DVDs in her playyard for like 10 hours today while wife laid on the couch.  I’m a great family man.


11 thoughts on “Failing on Purpose

    • you should either work out to lift giant weights or to get chicks.

      Both = Dream of every moper. Neither = actual moper. at least do one.

      at least work out with the spandex girl. i could stare at her. now dirk stares at me. hmmm

      • I, too, know the Law of Staring. Only dudes you can lift more than/better than will watch you lift. Even girls who lift do not acknowledge your prowess, even if they acknowledge your person, and girls who don’t lift ignore you completely. (The exception to this, I’ve found, is when I’m back squatting with enough weight to make the bar all whippy. For some reason females are comfortable commenting on the bar bending, but not on the actual weight on the bar, or the activity you’re engaged in…)

        • those are all great points. well done wo

          with a few minor exceptions. Old men (and mo) comment on the bar bending instead of chicks (at least at my gym). Chicks hate me and say nothing except hello. Emma is okay but mostly marvels about how much i train rather than the results. And I sometimes gaze in amusement at the folly of nerds. Though you are technically right I wouldn’t watch a guy squat 265 correctly @ 165. More like 405 4 inches deep, or the olympic lifter guy here front squatting 115. that’s fascinating stuff.

          • What kind of bars are you guys using that whip and bend at 300-400 pounds? The shitty bars at my gym show little bend and zero whip at under 500, and there’s one that I think is a squat bar that doesn’t budge even in the low 600s (not that I can lift that much, but I’ve done rack pulls with it). Is it because Oly bars are supposed to whip?

          • Men’s Olympic bars are supposed to start whipping at about 350 lbs, in the front rack position. It takes even less than that when you’re back squatting, thanks to the much narrower fulcrum point of one’s neck. Cheaper bars and squat bars don’t whip; squat bars because, if you’re trying to squat 700 lbs on an Olympic bar, the whip means a lot more stabilization is needed than with a solid bar. (Even though people will accuse you of taking advantage of the whip in the bar when back squatting, since most people’s sticking point is above the hole, the upward movement is too long for the whip to be an advantage.

          • ” Emma is okay but mostly marvels about how much i train rather than the results.”


            So basically the bars at my gym don’t bend or whip ’cause they’re cheap. Makes sense.

            We do have some bars that are permanently bent, tho. I used one of them for squats once and some kid was very impressed. “Man, you got so much weight there, the bar’s bending.” It was 315 pounds. Didn’t have the heart to burst his bubble.

  1. I used to front squat 115. Now I front squat 235. Am I OK? However when I did front squat 115 or whatever, I’d usually do them paused for like 10 seconds so I could get comfortable in the hole.

    • nothing i write is ever intended as a jab at you celica.

      2nd, pretension makes mediocrity so much worse

      like you front squat and try hard (in a good way, not a mope way, which is one word anyhow) and you’d like to get stronger and better at figure skating. it’s fine

      This guy owns OL shoes (so do you, i know, but hear me out), is Wo sized, and has other trappings of “this is important to me” but front squats 115x5x5 with delicate precious form. I don’t know why.

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