Got a free 100g sample of d-Aspartic acid, it will be just the placebo I need to put me over the top.

Last week George showed a cop how to sumo deadlift incorrectly.  After George left I showed him the right way.  That was his first time ever trying it.  Today was his second time, he pulled 405 for 2 singles with a double overhand grip and no belt.  He’s 6’3 and 218 lbs.  That’s pretty good.

Weight: 191-something everything is out of control, been eating so clean for like 2 days I deserve better.

MRS: 45×5, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 325, 350, 370, 380, 385

LBS: 225×2, 315, 405, 435, 455, 465, 470; 375×2, 380×1, 385×2

Andy and Emma both said that I buried the 470

Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 245×3, 295×2, 325, 350, 365, 370

Slingshot Bench: 385, 405, 415

Bench: 345×2

If you are a gay pedophile, go to the gym at 4:00 PM and do the above bench sets.  I guarantee you will get laid.  Another guy was like “dude, all these boys are staring at you.”  FML.  Fatman admitted to being wrong today (about Chuck Taylors/skateboarders) which was a first.  In the interest of fairness I will admit that I was wrong about lifting=not gay.

Sumo+Light bands: haha ran out of time and wife was gonna be mad. so only did 4 sets, topping out at 255 off a 3.5″ deficit.  Tomorrow will be a big deadlift day.

Time: 2:20


15 thoughts on “Aspartic!

  1. Storytime:
    At my gym there are hooks as you walk in the door where people hang their keys. The other week I got done with my workout only to notice my keys were missing while a similar pair of keys remained (same Budweiser bottle opener key chain). I waited for about 10 or 15 minutes assuming whoever took my keys would realize they took the wrong ones and would soon return. After this didn’t happen I told the dude working the front desk what had happened and had him look up the owner of the similar pair of keys by scanning the key fab used to get into the gym. Turns out it was some little feller that comes in and works out with his wife. I’m assuming they both brought their keys and the wife drove therefore the little feller didn’t realize he had the wrong keys. The dude working the front desk looked up the little feller’s phone number and called and left him several messages informing him he had the wrong keys…no response.

    So, I was locked out of my car/apartment with no phone/wallet. Luckily my workout partner was still there and drove me to my mom’s place where I left a spare car key…my mom wasn’t home. So, I told my lifting partner to just leave me on the porch in the snow wearing my gym clothes and I’d just wait for her. Called her from my lifting partner’s phone multiple times but she didn’t pick up because it was a strange number (despite it being a local number calling her 5 or 6 times in a row). She pulled up right as my lifting partner was leaving and I was able to get my spare key and thankfully I had an apartment key in my car.

    The little feller returned my keys to the gym the NEXT FUCKING AFTERNOON meaning I could have been carless, homeless, and phoneless for about 18 hours, no note, no apologies, nothing. I was ready to beat the shit out of this guy the next time I saw him or at least angrily confront him but weeks passed without our paths crossing. Briefly saw him for the first time since the incident yesterday. Now that I’ve had time to cool off I still want to murder him but feel its too late, like punishing a dog a day after it shits on your carpet. WWJD?

  2. strong story.

    i would talk to him about it and tell him the story and in the telling, express frustration that he did not return the keys, be clear but not aggressive. See if he is a friendly guy and/or has a good excuse. Then you’ll probably like him, and it’s 3 weeks later, so yeah, have a good laugh it’s fine and not something to stress about. But if he’s like HAWHAW or “oh yeah, i had a test to study for that night” then escalate to shouting and swearing. He’ll back down. And/or shoot you. Either way it will feel good.

    • My issue is that I’m terrible at confrontation. During confrontations I get so angry that my face turns red, I start to tear up, and I can’t think straight which doesn’t really help if you’re trying to make a coherent argument. The only thing I can think to do is double leg the person and bash their head into the ground so I just walk away seeing as how I don’t want an assault charge. If only I didn’t work in an industry were an assault charge would keep you from getting a job…unfortunately I’m not genetically gifted enough to be a professional athlete so maybe I should just let it be. After just recounting the story last night I so riled up it took me forever to fall asleep. Congrats Fatty, you’re no longer the angriest person that posts on these blogs. Small victories! How’d the aspartic acid work out? Did it at least give you the tingles in your dingles?

      • it tasted good the 1st time but this morning taken first thing it had a revolting limey taste. oh you mean its effect? see the first sentence.

        haha you just need more practice. i practice polite confrontation with parents at my kid’s school who park in the drop-off lane.

  3. 1. Never lose sight of your keys at the gym.

    2. “Budweiser bottle opener key chain”. Seriously. I’d have taken your keys and thrown ’em away.

    • 3. See number 1.
      Sometimes I think I get overly paranoid about things like this, but these stories allow me to rationalize my seemingly irrational behavior.

      Even with the constant keysphonewallet keysphonewallet keysphonewallet check that goes through my thoughts every minute of everyday, I still managed to almost lose my phone by the C2 rower. Dat cardio mixes with my brain sounds man.

      • Quisp, I thought it might happen eventually but seeing as how I assumed the person wouldn’t be able to get into the car and would probably quickly return the keys I wasn’t too worried about it. Luckily the perfect storm occurred and ended up getting tag teamed by a couple that night, and not like in one of those weird cuckholding porn videos, didn’t even get to bang the wife.

    • The Zima bottle openers were all sold out. Whats wrong with one of those Budweiser wrench bottle opener key chain things? Sure, I would prefer it be a Bud Light Lime one but that’s not what the girls were giving out at the bar. 4 maybe even 5 realz, I do love Bud Light Lime.

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