Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Lots of powerlifters at the gym today bc I had to go during prime time. 

Andy box squatting 275 for sets of 2.  Will open with 535.  Why do I waste my life?  I should just go back to Westside, but only do the speed and accessory work like he seems to do, workout 4x a week for an hour, get a lot more tattoos, fuck a hot chick who can kickbox, then open with 100 more pounds on the squat than I probably will at the meet.

FSC squatting 290×1 shaky but he got it.  Probably should open with 295.  Also would be nice if he stopped staring at me.  He’s with his even weaker buddy and both of them eyeball me the whole time.  Not mad-dogging, but in like a curious/admiring way. I mean maybe they want to fuck me, but I’ve never had anyone, male or female, look at me like they wanted to fuck me in my entire life so I wouldn’t know.

George squatting 265x12x2 in the power rack.  Were supposed to be speed sets but, even though I’m waiting, takes a ten minute break to show some cop how to sumo deadlift wrong. Not that I’m an expert, but the guy is 6’3, and George has him with a narrower stance than me, feet facing straight forward, arms right inside his legs.  George doesn’t sumo like that.  I don’t sumo like that.  Nobody does. 

I’m pretty sure this was just incompetence, but in the off-chance that he did it bc he hates cops, I wish he would have just spit in his food or left a grisly crime scene to be discovered during the guy’s shift, or anything that didn’t waste my fucking time too.

Lots of old men in the locker room feel the need to comment that me, Andy, and George are all alike.  It’s fine.  We all have beards, are 5’6-5’9, between 190-215 lbs and look remarkably similar.  George and I wearing beanies.  Andy with ball cap.  I love powerlifting.

MRS: 45×5, 135×4, 205×3, 265×2, 315, 345, 365

LBS: 225, 315, 365, 405, 425, 435, 445; 335,340,345×2, 350×3

DB Bench: 30×30, 40×40, 50×30,20, 60×25

BTN Press: 45×6, 89×3, 109×2, 119, 129, 134; 94x3x3

Sumo+Average Band: 10 sets, up to 285 from a 1″ deficit. A misload caused many of the sets to be big PRs.

Did some back raises.  Back was feeling sore after squatting 135.  Just kept going.  Feels better now, btw.


2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

  1. Felt some of these feels yesterday

    it was crowded as FUCK in the gym. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Literally had to wait 15-20 minutes to start deadlifting. It pissed me off. And then, the guy using the eleiko oly bar tells me my gym buddy shouldn’t have given me the combo to the decent power bar in the closet. A bunch of guys actually went in on those bars and bumpers together. So fuck me, I have to do a pr deadlift with a 32mm beat up shitty bar. I got it but goddamn do my hands hurt. Also, no way I can hook grip it. Not that I really like hooking for sets of 5 anyways.

    But the oly guy took down my name and number, and hopefully he talks to the guy who organized everything and I can just pay $50 and use the shit. I also talked about buying a couple of cap ob-86b bars(ie the gold standard of cheap bars) and another set of bumpers. If I can pay 70-100 bucks for some more bumpers and a 28.5mm bar my wife and I can use regularly I’ll learn to live with it. ofc I’m sure as soon as it happens, the trainers will get pissed and demand we don’t keep shit locked up at the gym and we lose it all.I guess one of them is being a real bitch about it to some of the guys anyways.

    So yeah, I got my deadlifts but I was pissed at how crowded the gym was, and that I couldn’t use any good bars, and it took forever. First world problems, I know.

    • My gym has some decent-looking bars that the Crossfitters use. I benched with them a few times, but they are usually locked up. The bars for the general gym population are these really awful Olympic bars, and we have one bar that’s thicker and heavier than the rest which might be a shitty squat bar.

      A few of the guys/gals who work at the gym have told me I can use the good bars, but I’d feel sort of stupid asking for the key to the Special Room, then dragging the bar across the gym to do a few sets like a colossal tryhard tool. So I use the least bent and battered shitty bar for my squats and presses, and deadlift with the only one that still has some knurling.

      It’s fine.

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