Just Training

Weight: 189.4 (-1.6)

MRS: 45×4, 135×3, 205×2, 255, 295, 325, 345, 355

LBS: 225, 315, 365, 385, 405; 315×1, 325×2

I dunno what’s wrong with me.  I’ll try low bar volume now.  And start with a feeble little attempt at it.  Tomorrow will be better.

Bench: 45×10, 95×5, 145×3, 195×3, 245×2, 285×2, 315, 340, 350, 355

Slingshot: 375, 400; 380×2,2,2

Bench: 340×2

Sumo+Light Band: 7 sets, all PRs, up to 315 from 2 inch deficit

Time: 2 hours


8 thoughts on “Just Training

    • that guy is a whiner who’s trying to speak the language of the TIME demographic, aka liberal 50 year olds who never served and think Europe/Canada is better at everything.

      When my time was almost up, I tried to reenlist and go EOD, tried to re-enlist and become an linguist, both of which are jobs in ultra-high demand. I didn’t want a bonus or any choice of station and said I’d go to a deploying unit & sign a six-year extension. The only thing i asked was that I get the training for my MOS *before* i deployed. I didn’t care if I went to EOD school, then a week later was in the desert. Just get me out of this fucked up infantry unit where I’ve been for 4 years. They were like, you will deploy once or twice before you get your job training. So I’d do what, exactly over there? Sit in an office? Drive the actual EOD guys around & pull security?

      Meanwhile, they’d give some unproven 18 year old kid an EOD/linguist contract and $30-50K bonus. All because of some memo and some computer that wouldn’t be overridden.

      That’s beef. Not “they yelled at me in basic”

      Everyone I knew in the Army expected to be treated harshly and yelled at in basic. Even turds have seen full metal jacket and comprehend this concept. At first I thought allowing guys a free out after 2 weeks was a good idea. But I think you’d lose some good guys who were just homesick or had a bad day. Fuck ’em.

      Furthermore, you will have some drill sergeants who are hungover, say dumb stuff, & are shitheads or martinets. Sometimes you get a bad boss, or a bad teacher. Even the bad drill sergeants have their redeeming qualities, or at least can provide a lesson in dealing with unpleasant people. Or just remind you that you’re not in a movie and not everything is gonna be perfect. I was pretty impressed by 90% of my drill sergeants.

      Oh, and the training is BASIC. Get it? Sorry if it seemed like they were “checking the boxes”

      Not saying the Army does not have MANY things wrong with it. Just…this guy is a pussy.

      • My impression is that his beef was more with the inability of people who are in the army to get out of the army. The basic training gripes were just an aside.

        • Reread. It’s all about basic training and letting people out early (2 weeks) in their initial contract.

          Which, even that he is blowing out of proportion. If you quit anytime before you take the 2nd oath at the MEPS right before you ship, you get off scot-free (except for about getting stalked by your recruiter).

          But they have something called an Entry-Level Separation within 180 days. They don’t have to give you this, but most times they will. If right away in basic you just quit everything and fail on purpose IOW become a giant sack of shit, they’ll give you a hard time, but eventually usually just cut their losses.

          Admittedly it is a fine line between being shitty and unsuitable and malingering/refusing to train. So I kind of see his point about just letting these people out without all the grief. The problem is it certainly would become an epidemic. Already 18% of male military recruits and 24% of females already don’t last a single year (don’t quote me on the exact stat but I’m close)

          Nervous Ned sees Turdy Ted getting yelled at, wearing an orange vest, in a special loser unit, etc. And it makes him think: that sure looks worse than just doing pushups and shining my boots. Maybe I can make it another day here.

          But if Ted just gets a bus ticket home, Ned will be on the bus with him.

          It’s not Ted that they’re worried about losing. They’ve already cut their losses with him. They just give him a hard time to scare Ned (and Pothead Pete, Dear John, and all the others)

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