What Time Zone Are You In?

Went to the gym at about 2 PM today.  There are the following time periods in my gym on weekdays:

1. Really Really Early: I have no idea what happens at the gym between 5a-7a.  For all I know, Dan Green could work out then (probably not because if I leave at 10 pm and come back at 8 am, the squat rack is usually still set to midget height).  Or it could be full of hot chicks all working out naked. 

2. Really Early (7a-9a) –  A lot of milfs and people who work normal hours getting their workouts in before work.

3. Loser Time (9a-11a) – There’s a fair number of retirees and moms who have shipped the kids off to school on the cardio.  Also a decent number of guys in pretty good shape lifting weights.  Between 9 and 11 AM, it is considered a serious faux pas to ask anyone “so what do you do for a living?”

4. Dead Zone (11a-3p) – Tumbleweeds blow through the gym.  Only people working out are ancient men who park in the handicapped spots and/or workout in jeans, button-down shirts and special old person sneakers.  Good luck getting a spot on bench.

5. Cop/Teacher/Kid Time (3p-5p) – It’s pretty easy to figure out who is who.

6. After Work (5p-7p) – Mobs of annoying drones.

7. Late Night (7p-10p) – 90% are single guys between 18 and 30.  All are in good shape – but not great.  Due to the regular absence of Coach during this time period, all have grown accustomed to using the squat rack for some abomination.  Rack Decline Press with 165.  Front Squats with 95.  Box Squats on a Bench. 

Ate 6 slices of Dominos pizza (5 salami/green pepper/red pepper, 1 bacon/sausage/pepperoni), 7 wings dipped in blue cheese, 2 1/4 glasses of wine, 8 oz of Sprite (it’s so fucking good and sweet when it’s cold and I haven’t had sprite since I was like 12), 1 pc watermelon laffy taffy, 2 packs of sweet tarts.  It was cheat meal.  It was a bit much.

Weight: 189.6 (+0.8)

Low Bar Squat: 45×5, 135×4, 185×3, 235×2, 285, 335, 365, 395, 415, 430

I’ve been puzzling over the Wo-question all day.  How does daily squatting make my squat decrease, but daily pressing makes my bench increase?  I dunno, but if you look at world-class lifters in my weight, I’m squatting like 150 pounds less than them, but benching about the same amount (not counting bench specialists, obv)

Manta Ray Squat: 225, 315, 355, 360, 365

Could have done more volume-wise but George (198 lb powerlifter and my lookalike) came in and wanted to squat.  If I knew he was gonna do 225 speed squats I would have told him to squat on the fucking platform.

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×6, 135×4, 195×3, 245×2, 275×2, 300, 315, 325; 300×2,3,3

Tried suicide grip again on these for all sets except the triples.  Regular is better.

Sumo Deadlift: 10 sets from 5″ deficit to the floor, including these:

2″ 425

1.5″ 440

1″ 450

0.5″ 460

0″: 470

470 was a 5 lb all-time Sumo PR, fast and easy considering the amount of sets I did before it.  Also, it is 25 lbs more than I have pulled sumo since I started back up about a month ago.

Two of my competitors, George (Sumo 455 @ 198) and Future State Champ (conventional 365 @ 165) were looking on with dismay.  George was a good sport about it and told me it looked good.

FSC was also squatting 225 (not speed, readers – not that this is bad – but you probably shouldn’t enter a powerlifting competition with a 275 max squat unless you are a woman).  After I did the 450, he stopped squatting and just sat on a box and watched me.

NB: I know I suck at everything but benching, and a 470 deadlift is not bragable, but I will pull much more soon.  boom

Time: 2:25 (immune to nagging wife bc of inlaws)

Came home various times in last 2 days to mother-in-law combing/braiding/perming baby’s 3 hair follicles and dressing/redressing her in ridiculously elegant and feminine costumes (idk like ball gowns and a german peasant costume and something that made her look like a ballet dancer).  I mean I guess she looked nice, but what’s the point, she still poops her pants and eats things off the floor.


16 thoughts on “What Time Zone Are You In?

  1. I’m After Work, bleeding into Late Night…

    Is there any way to quantify the differences you have between how you train bench and how you train squats? If I had to spitball, it seems like you have an overloading movement (slingshot), the actual movement, two lighter movements (medium-grip and floor press), and really light movements (Press, DB stuff.) Whereas, with squat, you overload with partials, occasionally do the movement, usually do your lighter movement (Mantas), and don’t really have any lighter movements? Wait, you do have really low box squats…

    And, you do a lot more squat volume than bench volume. Which makes sense. I wouldn’t think they should be the same, or even close.

    I would suggest doing like you do in your bench, and throw the competition version in more often than just before a competition, but I don’t really recall even your Manta squats getting that much stronger, so I’m kind of thinking there’s something else going on that isn’t specific to your low-bar. I don’t know, have any ideas?

  2. the thing is I trained bench differently before and it also went up when i did push press EOD. No slingshot or floor press, db bench, mil press or btn.

    Tentatively, after my meet, i plan to workout 6-7 days a week & on trying Low Bar+low bar volume+low bar partials on one day. And manta-ray+manta ray volume on another. I agree that not doing regular low bar squats for 4 months was a mistake.

    I wonder if I just loathe heavy low bar squatting and am somewhat of a pussy about it. Like when i get 425+ on my back I start to chicken out. But then again i actually enjoy even near-PR manta-ray/high bar squats and you’re right, they didn’t go up much either. I mean i guess you could say i increased my max from like 355 to 410 but that 355 was not a true max bc i had never done it before, and the 410, like the 500 low bar squat, happened not long after I started.

    kind of puzzling but i’ll/we’ll figure something out.

    • “the thing is I trained bench differently before and it also went up”

      Same with me. Bench has always gone up regardless of what I’ve done for it. But volume has worked really well. Squat was pathetic for a long time, then heavy sets of five fixed that. I still don’t know how to train the deadlift, sometimes it goes up, mostly it stalls.

  3. So is your training set up as some kind of bulgarian/westside hybrid? I just notice alot of frequency and variation in your training. Maybe you’ve done it before but you should lay it out.

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