Double Bodyweight Raw Bench

and my son got a WiiU from my inlaws.

Weight: 188.8 (+0.8)

Low Bar Squat: 45×5, 135×4, 205×3, 275, 315, 355, 385, 405, 415, 425

Never have I been so happy with squatting 425.  Leg soreness mostly gone and took 600 mg ibuprofen before workout.

Manta Ray Squat: 225, 315, 350×1,1, 355,360,365,370×1, 350×2,2

also pleased with this & did all squats facing a mirror today.  I do that once in a while.  I liked my form on manta ray squats aka “wos” even though he prob has never used one.  I was like touching my butt to my heels and keeping my torso upright and all that happy stuff.

Bench: 45×10, 95×5, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 295, 325, 345, 355, 365, 375

might have lifted my butt a teensy tiny bit.  with collars weighed 376, so that’s 2x bodyweight if I weighed 188.0.  OKAY close enough let me have some joy for once in my life.  smoked 365.

Slingshot Bench: 385, 405, 410

woot.  saying my max was 400 or 405 sounded like I was lying.

Bench: 340×2

Sumo+Light Bands: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 365 from the floor, for like a 30-40 lb PR

Time: 2:20

Boring Mystery Story:

The gym has some extra flooring mats which they leave in a pile on the side of the basketball court.  No use to anyone there, except that it’s where bball players set their cellphones, wallets and keys.  For a week or so I dragged the mats out every day to deadlift on, and then returned them when done (except once when I forgot).  They’re pretty heavy and unwieldy in large quantities.  Then I decided, what the fuck, and just started leaving them next to the platform (nothing else goes there).  I thought about printing up an official-looking sign and taping it to the mirror next to the mats: “PLEASE RETURN MATS TO THIS LOCATION OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE GYM.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION 🙂 ”

Twice in 3 weeks the mats were returned to the basketball court.  I couldn’t figure out who did this.  Members? Yeah right, me, Andy and Emma are the only ones who use them.  Custodian?  He is a pot-bellied custodial type.  He gives a fuck about keeping the paper towel dispensers full, not where the weights go.  Personal trainers?  They don’t even put away their own shit half the time.  Desk staff?  They clean up the weights at the end of the night, so maybe?  The mystery is made more difficult to solve because it requires at least two difficult trips to lug 20 floor mats, meaning it’s not something somebody does on a whim.

Today, the mats weren’t where I put them.  They weren’t on the basketball courts either.  Well, there were 8 mats left over there, so I used those.  I asked some bball players, and they had no idea.  But later one of them found the missing mats in the supply closet.  Which was pretty cool of him.

So I’m guessing the janitor did it?  I left the new mats over by the platform, so we’ll see if they’re there tomorrow, or also stashed in the closet.


17 thoughts on “Double Bodyweight Raw Bench

  1. Nice bench! Doesn’t look like I’m anywhere close to beating you now, huh? I’d need 170 at this point, a 14 kg PR…

    So why does your bench like this high frequency stuff so much more than your squat does?

  2. Sweet bench.

    For the floor mats. Cover them in Tide laundry detergent, then next time they’re moved bring a black light and go around shining it on everyone. When you find the person be sure to yell “CSI MOTHER FUCKERS!” As long as they don’t shower or wash their clothes you should find out who it is real quick and then you’ll probably be asked to leave the gym for making everyone insanely uncomfortable.

  3. “HSilman, the “What’s the point? I hate lifting weights” Eeyore of the gym”

    Direct fucking quote. It’s fine.

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