Pie is up, perfect!

A long time ago, there was a McDonald’s commercial featuring this kid with Down’s Syndrome who worked at one of their restaurants. 

My friend’s older brother memorized the entire commercial and would pester us with quotations when we went over there, e.g. chasing us around and yelling “Come on, let’s take a ride to McDonalds” in the same voice as the kid.

It was funny (I was maybe 11?), but even at the time I recognized it as being a little insensitive.  For you bleeding-hearts, listen, he wasn’t re-enacting it to special ed students.  He was hitting us with a whiffle ball bat in the back yard while bellowing “Welcome to McDonalds”.  It’s fine.

(btw today my friend’s brother is 40, still works at the same grocery store he did when he was a teenager, and still lives at home with his mom)

Anyway, for the past 25 years, I’ve had “Pie is up, perfect!” stuck in my head.  It’s a one-man meme.  Something I say for minor victories, like cooking eggs while making toast and feeding the baby.

Today wasn’t really any kind of victory at the gym besides that I went, but whatever.  Pie is up.  Perfect.

Weight: 188.0 (-1.4).  Courtesy of my wife who made 27 chicken wings for the family.  We split them 10-10-7-0 (baby had PB&J).  I was drooling over the chicken bones on my plate and watching my son like a hawk.  If he only ate 5, we could each have 11.  And…if he only ate 3, we could have 12.  Two more wings for me!  Alas, it was not to be.

Low Bar Squat: 45×5, 135×4, 185×3, 235×2, 285, 335, 365, 385

Legs still really sore, even though I took 400 mg of ibuprofen beforehand (even though T-mag says not to).  And didn’t do any more of those foolish banded squats. Tomorrow I’ll use 800 mg if necessary.

Manta Ray Squat: 225, 275, 325, 345x4x1, 350, 355, 360, 345×2

This got better as I got more and more warmed up.  Pleased.

DB Bench: 35×35, 45×25,20, 55×25

BTN Press: 45×6, 65×4, 85×2, 105×2, 115×2

Mil Press: 135×2, 155×2, 165×1, 175; 175×2,2

Almost quit after maxing but glad I didn’t.  Tried doing hang cleans the way Wo said, with letting the bar rack on my shoulders instead of my hands.  Ended up with the weight like how it is in a front squat, at the ends of my fingers.  Had no idea how to press it from there.  Maybe should watch a video.  Any suggested ones?

Sumo Deadlifts: 6 sets.  Only PRs were on really high boxes with light weights because the leg soreness made 400+ lbs unthinkable today.  Some kind of band deadlift tomorrow, which will be good.

One Arm Machine Row

Time: 2 hrs.


17 thoughts on “Pie is up, perfect!

  1. Today I saw a 6’1″, 235 (?) nerdy dude occupying the power rack. He had a pedo ‘stache and was lecturing his two proteges very seriously about something in between overhead press doubles with 125 pounds. Couldn’t hear what he was saying exactly, but it had to do with military and von Clausewicz.

    For a moment I knew how it feels to be Coach.

  2. aren’t you not supposed to be sore since you train every day?

    Anyways, you have to reset your grip in order to press. Use your shoulders to bounce the bar up with a shrug, then move your hands into pressing position.

    Watch some videos of olympic lifters clean and jerking. It’s the same method they use to reposition their hands for the jerk.

    • You’re right. I don’t typically get sore. I think it is from the banded squats. I just started doing them a few days ago to warmup, but didn’t realize how much they were working the outside of my legs. I’d blame sumos or the reintroduction of lowbar squats, but I’ve been doing them for 1 month/2 weeks respectively.

      i found this. he just presses it from the rack position

        • haha the first clip i watched was serge reding with 502 lbs. he just did it like the skinny asian guy. i’d actually like to see a vid that shows the action you are talking about w/the shrug bounce.
          idk no worries. i could be more cooperative and try it out for myself with sub max weights.
          thanks to you guys for trying to help me tho
          big news tonight, had a sweet day at the gym btw, anxious to boast.

  3. Yeah, I don’t like Clean and Press as much as I do pressing from the rack, just because of that issue right there… You have to have good wrist, elbow, and shoulder flexibility in order to catch the bar in the front rack position (which is how you should catch it for power cleans) with your hands still fully gripping the bar. Otherwise you’re left trying to pop the bar up high enough to get your hands back under and around the bar, and, hopefully, where you want your grip to be for the press.

    Here’s a vid of Klokov doing a Power Clean into Press. I’m not sure how applicable to your situation it is, just because he doesn’t get low enough in his clean to have to have his elbows high, but you can see how the bar is resting roughly on his chest/shoulders, with his hands still gripping the bar.

    This might be more trouble than it’s worth, for you…

    • yes since the whole point of why I do them is not to take up 2 racks at once while the gym is busy.

      “Yeah, I don’t like Clean and Press as much as I do pressing from the rack,”

      you SOB

      • I have my own squat rack at my platform, and I don’t superset my presses with anything, so I’m not getting in anyone’s way but my own.

        I will say that the few times I’ve Clean and Pressed, the press always feels much easier than doing it from the rack. Though it can be very difficult not to jerk it instead of pressing it… It’s just that possible grip and elbow inconsistency that I don’t like.

  4. do any of you guys pushpress/jerk from behind the neck because of wrist issues in the front rack.? I guess you still need a rack/stand for them. And have to dropt the weight on your neck.

    • It’s a common accessory lift for jerks, among weightlifters, anyways. You get used to dropping it on your back, too. You just gotta make sure the bar lands where your have it for a high bar squat, and not way up on your actual neck…

      • or your head like i did once, but that was supposed to be a straight btn press, not a jerk/press

        i mean you can clean it to your shoulders and then mil press halfway (or shit, all the way) and lower on your traps. bc i use a baby weight for btn press it’s fine.

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