Poopington the Bear

Been reading my son the Paddington the Bear books.  He likes them okay. 

After we tuck him into bed – if he’s been good – and if he’s gotten ready for bed on time (instead of playing with Legos naked, talking to himself in the mirror for 30 minutes, or hiding in his closet reading a book in the dark) – I’ll tell him an “under-bed” story.  (I just lie on the rug, I don’t actually go under his bed). 

I make these stories up, and it would be a multi-part post to explain them thoroughly, so I’ll summarize by saying that 90% of them (if he had his way 100%, but sometimes I get bored) consist of Wario (with Waluigi, and a gang of rude, non-canonical farm animals), attacking the Princess (and Mario, Luigi, and the Toads.)  Poop is almost always involved in these stories.  A robot that shoots poop.  A pit filled with poop.  Etc.  I’ve been telling these stories for 4 years now, and he’s shown no sign of becoming bored of them.

Tonight was one of the 10%.  We’ve had Wario vs. Princess for 3 nights in a row (Attack of the Babies, Attack of the Giant Baby, and Attack of a Thousand Tiny Babies, if you must know).

So… Poopington the Bear.  Mr. Brown (didn’t even have to change that name) was taking a dump in the subway station, (I can do a variety of great English accents.  At least I think they’re good.  Rex doesn’t know the difference), when a little paw reached under the stall and a voice said “GIVE ME TOILET PAPER”… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but Rex was thrilled with the first installment.

Came out of his room feeling pretty triumphant.  Karena did not want to hear about Poopington the Bear because she was watching Dr. Who.  So, much like the day-to-day intrigues of the gym, I’ll subject you folks instead.

Weight: 189.6 (-1.0)

Low Bar Squat: 45b, 135b, 225b, 280b, 320, 360, 395, 415, 425, 435

Manta Ray Squat: 340,345,350,355,360×1, 340×2

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×7, 145×4, 195×3, 245×2, 285×2, 315, 335, 355; 330×2,2

Pretty pleased with this; could have made a run at a PR, but Emilio had to do cardio (Cardio?  Cardio?!) and there were no other trustworthy spotters.  Did all sets with suicide grip.

Let’s see you medium-suicide-grip clean 355, Wo. 😉

Sumo+monster band: 10 sets, lots of PRs, 365 off the floor, 380 off 1″ of mats.

Cable Row: 1 set

Time: 2:10


7 thoughts on “Poopington the Bear

    • why not.
      like 10 days out I’ll hit a heavy max with over/under grip and if it’s not 550 or more, i’ll gnash my teeth and bitch and moan on the blog and stay awake at night worrying and get in an argument with my wife and then pull heavy conventional three days in a row in an attempt to regain my lost form and then hurt my back and withdraw from the meet so everyone can laugh at me and say “i told you so”
      but yeah, I plan on sumo

  1. 2nd the poopington story

    so, I almost got stapled by my very last rep of 83% 5×5. definitely looking forward to missing my 85% 5×5 squats next week. I think I’ll wait until midnight to go and take out the safety pins. that whole fight or flight instinct will help, right?

    • percentages are a lie – broz
      see how that’s working out for me, lol
      but srs, to get 24 of the 25 reps is fine, and i mean good fine, not mope fine
      eat until you are 5 lbs heavier next week, get more sleep than you did, take double the caffeine and listen to more manly music.
      think about girls. and i don’t mean your wife. i mean the nasty slut on the other side of the gym. (don’t tell ur wife this)
      it’s 2 percent, what is that like 7 more pounds. you’ll get it.

    • This Russian-Scottish dude (Russian immigrants who have been in Scotland a while have amazing accents) at my gym does all his jerks suicide grip. It always scares the shit out of me because there’s a fucking weight over someone’s head and it’s not like you have a spotter.

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