Polite Conversation

Betsy, the new powerlifter via bodypump pulled an easy 245 today.  She does the thing that Emilio does sometimes where they squat down like they are gonna lift with their legs.  Then, of course, the first thing that happens before the bar moves is that their ass shoots up and they get in proper position.  Emilio can pull 550 but he don’t pull no 550 when he does that shit i can tell you this.


Porter spotted Emilio on 315 which is near his max bench.  I wandered over to watch.  I guess Porter was giving the press command but Emilio jumped the gun and then Porter helped him lift it.  Porter looked at me expectantly and I gave a big thumbs-down like an asshole so that all the cardio bunnies could see.

Porter: He didn’t wait for the command, huh?

Me: Also the spotter touched the bar.

He tried again and missed it the second time.


But then in the most shocking incident of the day, Porter came over to talk to me before he left.  It was the only time he interrupted me and I don’t mind 1x per person.  (Also I interrupted John 3x to talk about rap music, it’s fine, rules don’t apply to me bc I’m so damn interesting)  Anyway the shocking thing was that this convo was relatively normal.  No boasting or passive-aggressiveness.  Porter said how strong the new chick was, and I agreed.  (I know 245 @ 150? bw is not impressive even for a girl but it’s her third time deadlifting and it FLEW up.) Then we talked reasonably about his wife’s squats and deadlifts, and deadlifting in general, before he ended the discussion and left. Just it’s nice to not be fuming with secret rage after an encounter with him.


Wt: 190.6 (-2.0)

LBS: 45b, 135b, 225b, 275b, 315, 355, 395, 415, 430

The camera apparently has gone haywire, no idea if they were parallel.  Probably.  Everything is going to be okay

Manta Ray Squat: 335,340,345,350,355,360,365,370×1, 335×3

Dumbbell Bench: 30×30, 40×40, 50×30,20, 55×20

BTN Press: 45×6, 65×5, 85×4, 95×3, 105×3

actually starting to get a little hard

Mil Press: 135×3, 155, 175, 180, 185

fuck the volume, fuck hang cleaning, which I do beautifully up to about 160 lbs and then my knees shoot forward like someone surprised me by grabbing my ass.

Sumo Deadlift: 10 sets, up to 445 from a 0.5″ deficit, and 450 off 1.5″ blocks.  A high schooler and his dad were impressed with me.  The petite beautiful woman who wore a black spandex outfit that would fit my daughter did not seem to notice, even when i banged down the bar extra hard (not srs) to show her that I was a strong strong man.

Chinups: 6,5

Time: 2:10





5 thoughts on “Polite Conversation

  1. I’d bet your rack position is spotty on the power cleans. If you’re catching the bar in your hands, rather than your shoulders, you won’t be comfortable leaning forwards/shooting your hips back, and so any attempt to drop lower will have you trying to keep your torso as upright as possible. Also, the leverages involved in hips back puts a heck of a load on the quads, so you might not be comfortable with that, either.

    • I don’t do power cleans anymore, but you seem to be describing my form exactly (from when I was doing them). Reverse power curl, knees forward, catch the bar in the hands. No wonder they gave me wrist pain.

  2. I don’t catch power cleans in my hands anymore but I still can’t power clean over 165. I just can’t drop down. I just rip it off the floor and hope and pray. brb deadlift like twice as much as power clean.

    • Also muscle snatch more than my power or full snatch. I just decided to make my only Olympic lift I do on a regular basis the muscle snatch as it’s really hard to fuck up and seems to give appreciable athletic gains since it’s, well, using muscles. Only way to fuck it up that was solved in like a day is using lumbar extension instead of thoracic extension.

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