NCAA tragedy

Duke lost.  It’s fine.  That’s why I fill out two brackets.  My “daughter” is in first place.  My wife is already crying foul.  Pretty sure she had NC and Duke in the championship game.  People from the South don’t know anything. 

Hopefully Jabari Parker will feel that he has “unfinished business” with Duke and forgo entering the NBA draft, potentially costing him millions in lifetime earnings.

I’m a giant troll on the yahoo message boards.  There are rival trolls, though and it will be almost unbearable hearing them crow about this for another 363 days.

Training went well.  We here at imaginary Broz gym don’t go to max the day after we ride the couch.  At the real Broz gym, teenagers who are lighter than me high-bar squat 400 lbs.  It’s fine.

Weight: 189.8 (+0.4)

Low Bar Squat: 45, 135, 225 x several sets of 3-5 with different bands around my calves looking silly, though at least nobody pestered me to ask about it.  315×3, 355×3 (which was scarily kinda hard)

Manta Ray Squat: 325,330,335,340,345,350,355,360×1, 325×2,2,3

Not too bad.

Bench Press: 45×10, 95×6, 135×4, 175×3, 215×3, 255×2, 295×2, 315×2, 335×2,2,2

If I bench more than Wo cleans, I win.

Sumo Deadlift: 8 sets, up to 430 off a 1.5″ deficit.  then 415 and 420 off a very small box (0.5 and 1″) respectively.  Yeah, I can pull more from a deficit, at least for now.  Like they say, it will get better.

Chinups: 1×10

I could make the SWAT team twice.

Time: 2 hrs.


11 thoughts on “NCAA tragedy

  1. Dat real Broz gym…

    You talkin’ at the competition? I may have a 352 clean by May… You beat me today, though. Heck, I only broke 300 back squatting, and that was for one set of three…

    • i definitely don’t want to compare squats because that leads to the depressing reality that it’s something I actually compete in.

      that’s why i thought bench vs clean is more fun/ridiculous. I won’t even penalize you for weighing more than 86 kg.

      challenge accepted.

      and don’t try anything funny like suggesting that we take a total of our bench and cleans.

        • a lot closer? you’d slaughter me. you probably bench what? 300? unscientific estimate – with a couple of practice sessions i could probably power and/or hang clean 245 and jerk it.

          and what’s the most you’ve ever cleaned but missed the jerk?

          • No clue what I bench. I have benched 300, but I haven’t done anything with it in the past two years… The closest I’ve come in that time is weighted pushups with 220 lbs on my back, but that ain’t really comparable…

            It’s actually pretty close. My best C&J is 334, and my best clean is 344. (Both those PR’s were set last September. I think I’m about due to trample them in the dust, here.)

          • i’ll allow it. until you start to trample me, then we will relook the arrangement.

            Just for the record, you are admitting that the upper body of a powerlifter is stronger than the lower body of a comparably skilled olympic lifter who weighs 8 kg more.

            i’m kidding about that last bit… but i had a big shit-eating grin on my face as i typed it.

          • Hey, the raw world record for the bench press is 700+, and the clean and jerk is still only 585… (I’m talking all-time heaviest weights lifted in competition, no matter the weightclass.)

            (Having admitted that much, now I’m going to quibble and say that I’m not sure that the Bench Press and the Clean and Jerk are quite drawing upon the same physical attributes… Not to mention the work (force x distance) discrepancy… *cough* )

  2. I tried the miniband around the llegs thing during my squat warmups yesterday and it definitely helped me with getting my knees out. Now I just need to remember to do it when I’m buckling under the weight in a work set.

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