Day of Rest

Weight: 189.4 (-0.2)

I have high hopes of getting a lot of stuff done that I need to take care of.  Also, like I said in the comments, this isn’t really a full day of rest.  It’s just an extra 12 hrs, since I’ll be working out Friday morning.  Brutally.

the other day I squatted 135 with mini-bands doubled around my lower legs.  This seemed like a great warmup procedure.

Is anyone following the NCAA tournament?  Last year I picked Florida Gulf Coast to make the Sweet 16.  That’s right.  Me and 47 other people from around the country were that brilliant.  And the other 46 were alumni.  Every year I run a family pool.  We used CBS Sports, after using yahoo for 10 years bc they wanted to text message people ads.  I pick Duke on my own bracket.  I make another bracket for one of my non-sentient children, and pick kenpom’s favorites.  My wife complains bc I have 2 brackets.  I tell her if she doesn’t like it, she should make her own pool.  Or fill out a bracket for the cat.  She talks big because she won one year.  This year she picked North Carolina, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it.  I hope.

She picked Arizona to win.


18 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. I cannot wait until I can have a pan party.

    My warmup is Lazerman’s foam rolling routine followed by just some empty bar sets and going up a plate or so at a time with descending reps, doing some quick mobility work in between. I assume the miniband helps you cue to keep your knees out or something?

    • i don’t foam roll. but yeah, that’s why i tried the miniband. gonna do some tonight @ home with no weight too. & some shoulder band pulling. i usually do that daily but often forget to write it in the log

  2. Playing against people at work. I don’t know the first thing about college basketball (picked teams based on their names), so of course I’m expected to win.

    • I’ve only done one bracket and it was because the owner of the place where I worked at the time just came up to me and asked me to fill out a bracket and how to do it. There was a cash prize and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, standing with me as I filled it out. It was whatever year that Butler did well because that got me to win the thing.

  3. Got scolded at my awesome Anytime Fatness yesterday for dropping my deadlifts too hard. Either the guy leading the aerobics class or the phaggut trainer that’s
    always mean mugging me and doing some sort of tarded workout got the guy working the desk to come over and tell me I needed to put the weight down slowly because they weren’t meant to be treated like that. He informed me I’d get a better workout if I lowered it
    slowly (he’s a skinny college kid working on an IT Degree and
    always talking on his Iphone). I told him it was a deadLIFT and I only cared about lifting
    it, not lowering it but said I’d work on it…I then continued to drop
    them. I’m thinking they might kick me out if I continue to do
    this…which I will. Luckily I found what I’ve heard is an old school
    gym near my jorb and apartment, super cheap, family owned, has a handful of
    dudes that compete in powerlifting . I also I hear they didn’t get rid of
    the dank. “You ain’t thinking about gettin’ rid of the dank are you Moe”. “Ehh, maybe I am”. “Oh but Moe, the dank…the dank!”

    Oh yeah, I’ve seen the trainer I referred to as a phaggut have some guy do a leg raise in between reps of benching 135 while holding the bar. He would have gotten that dude in killer shape if only he could have thrown a bosu ball into the mix. I’ve also seen him wear a shirt that reads “Eat Clean Train Dirty”. I hate him so much

    • lol that’s a good story. i’m going to assume you were using a manly weight and setting them down hard and fast. Not like the college kid I yelled at last year who was doing 225×8 and dropping each rep from top position.

  4. Meh, 325 and I’m about 5’11 165 so no, not manly. But if it was a 95 lb girl middle school girl it would be bordering on passingly noteworthy. To be clear, I was dropping em, I’d call it setting them down hard.

  5. Deadlift Stories Round 2:
    Was doing Romanian Deadlifts the other week with my workout partner. I didn’t notice it but apparently some guy was watching us and would let out a loud sigh and shake his head while watching us do them. After I left the gym apparently he accosted my workout partner and told him we were deadlifting incorrectly and that he had watched us squat as well and we were going to deep…gonna hurt our knees. Later that week I was deadlifting when I noticed the same crossfitter guy that accosted my lifting partner looking at me. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as he slowly approached me stopping every couple of feet hoping I would acknowledge him. I refused until he got right in front of me and motioned for me to take out my headphones.
    “Does that hurt your back?”
    “Well, I used to do crossfit and I just wondered if your back hurt”
    “Nope…okay, thanks” as I put my headphones back on
    …he then proceeded to squat much more than I can to parallel while I considered killing myself. Then he went over and benched literally 95 lbs and I reconsidered.

        • Despite the fact I bench more than I squat it caught me by surprise as well. This is only due to the fact that I’ve rarely seen someone squat outside of the smith machine at my gym and if they do the majority of the time its 225 quarter reps. I believe it was Ruin with a post on the correlation between the the affluence of the area and the gym members. My gym is right on the border of being in a rich part of town and a very poor part of town. From what I’ve noticed rich white people don’t squat and neither do less fortunate black folk (but at least the black folks appear to be doing a good job with their bodybuliding style workouts).

    • haha i wasn’t trying to story top you. at my gym now i put the plates on as hard as i like but nobody ever says anything. Because it’s a gym.
      i mean what should i put them on soft so that there’s space between them all and they rattle and clatter when i lift them up and down. is that what you want, you fucking bitch? is it? huh?
      sorry carried away

  6. I’ve still never had the pleasure of having someone tell me that squatting will hurt my knees.

    Maybe that’s why I actually hurt my knee squatting.

    • And as implied by the fact that I bench more than I squat, I just started squatting a couple months ago. You must go to a real gym. At least you hurt yours in a legitimate way. I had to get knee reconstruction after injuring mine playing disc golf, NOT ultimate frisbee, DISC GOLF.

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