I’m interviewed.

Had to go to the gym during prime time today.  Still got the rack, after warming up in the half-rack while some high school kid did box squats onto the little metal step-up box with a 45 lb plate on top.  I’m trying to think of a joke about him damaging his tender young rectum, but they all sound really gay.  So, just don’t do box squats and descend forcefully onto small metal objects with sharp corners.  Even if you put a 45 lb plate on top.

Lifting 410 out of the rack and some other kid stands right in front of me and starts saying something.

“Not right now, dude” I gasp.

But afterwards, I took my headphones off. He had so many questions.  Here’s the interview transcript:

Q: First of all, I’m sorry for before.

A: It’s okay.

Q: And I gotta say, you’re a tank!!

A: Thanks.

Q: Hey, what’s a good tricep exercise besides pushdowns?

A: Closegrip bench. [briefly demonstrates where to grasp the bar]

Q: Thanks. So how often do you work out?

A: Every day.

Q: So you work out every day for three hours?!

A: Closer to two. [thinking: wtf, kid?! – and yeah, i’m a loser]

[At this point I put my headphones on and do a set of floor press.  But the interview is not over.  The questioning resumes when I finish my set.]

Q: I see your bag [indicates assault pack] – are you in the Marine Corps?

A: I was in the Army.  I just have a lot of leftover gear.

Q: Cool.  So like, does your job require you to be massive?

A: No. I compete in powerlifting.  Actually I don’t want to gain more muscle because I have to stay in my weight class.

(listen, i know this is a fib – I mean I wouldn’t mind replacing some of my chub with lean muscle – but I’ve found it’s the best way to avoid the “how can I get bigger” line of questioning)

[Because Emma is deadlifting and lugged out the mats to do “rack pulls” and she’ll leave them out for me, I walk over to lift her 205 lb bar onto the mats.  This isn’t cherbing, it takes 5 seconds, and she did me a favor by making 2 trips to haul them out.]

Q: Is she a powerlifter?

A: Yes

Q: Are you guys like, uh…on a team?  Do you train together?

A: No.

Q: So you’re… just friends?

A: I’m friends with her boyfriend.

This concluded the interview.

I found it very funny – and pointed out to Emma – that she was wearing the exact same outfit as this hot teacher chick: neon blue boyshorts/booty pants, and a black tank top.  Have to say the teacher wore it better (though did not say this out loud): Emma has kind of a big booty, esp since she gave up trying to make the 132 lb weight class, and decided to go 148.  OTOH, she can squat 185? 225? and the teacher chick uses 95×6 and doesn’t go quite to parallel.  Guess it depends what you’re into.  Also, Emma has tattooes over 90% of her body, including the fronts of her thighs and on her knuckles.

Weight: 190.4 (-2.2) back on track

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 315×3, 355×3, 380×2, 400×2, 410, 420, 430, 440, 450

Frustrating since 440 was so easy and fast.  Been pointing my toes out more and it is really helping.  Except not on 450.

Manta Ray Squat: 315x6x2

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×6, 145×4, 195×3, 235×3, 275×2, 295×2, 310×2, 320, 330, 340; 295x3x3

Wanted to bench today, but there was no fucking way in that zoo.

Sumo Deadlift: 6 sets, up to 425 off 1.5″ deficit.  was pretty pleased with these

Time: 2:00


12 thoughts on “I’m interviewed.

  1. A while ago a kid turned up to one of my classes for the first time (after missing a semester). Later that day I was in the gym doing squats (think it was front, just to make the following even more annoying) and a guy ducks under the end of the bar to get a belt on the ground. Then he comes and stands in front of me on the attached platform and asks me if its mine and can he use it, all while I’m squatting. When my answer was not sufficiently clear and obvious he asked again, I finished my last rep and told him no and probably (definitely) mad dogged him. I can’t be sure if he was the same guy from the class earlier that day but the latter hasn’t turned up again since.

  2. I’m not strong, but as I get leaner I find people wanting to talk to me more. It’s annoying, as I just want to spend the time getting my sets done and coaching/encouraging my wife.

    Speaking of, she’s maybe gained a pound over the past few months but getting her squat from the bar for sets of 5 to 135 for sets of 3 has had a very noticeable positive impact on dat ass. She has always been a skinny white girl, so it’s not like it’s some crazy ass, but it is VERY obvious.

    The squats are high bar to PL depth. I’d have her low bar squat but I’m not a coach or anything so I just have her high bar. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  3. My general interview.
    “So you’re a figure skater.”
    “Yeah/Yeah, I guess.”
    “Can you do like a triple axel/hold girls in the air/spin?”

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