Either this is the equivalent of bending your knees and sinking low before you make a high jump.  Or it’s the penultitimate chapter of a training program that left me weaker than when I started.  You be the judge.  Or really, you just have to wait until April to find out.

Strangely, when I got to the gym, Porter and his wife were leaving.  I didn’t realize it was Daylight Savings Time so I got there an hour later than usual.

Madcow was there today.  He asked about floor presses.  I kind of hate this because I really want people I hate to ask about my training.  Like “Why do you do those?” and then I can say, “for bench press” and put my headphones back in.  But I like him, so I felt compelled to give him a short justification (which really is – they take less time than regular bench and don’t need a spotter).

Also, he was wearing blue rehband knee sleeves.  For this meet, I don’t really see the point of those, since you’ll be competing against guys using 3m wraps that add 50 lbs to their squats.  Like the guy who squatted 585 @ 181.

Weight: 192.0 (+1.4) getting a little carried away

Low Bar Squat: 45×8, 95×5, 135×3, 175×3, 215×2, 255, 295, 315, 335, 355, 375, 385, 395

Not a real max, don’t worry.

Bottom Position Squat #12: 225, 295, 335, 365

I think this is my last day of special assistance before the meet.  Now it’s squat time.

Manta Ray Squat: 250,255,260,265,270×3 all real fast like speed squats

TSV: 250/19

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215×2, 255, 285, 300, 310, 320; 285x5x3


4: 135×3, 210

3.5: 250

3: 285

2: 325, 355

1.5: 375

1: 385

Cable Row: 1 set

Band pulling between sets

Time: 2:10

Pretty happy with this.  Enthused for tomorrow and what is to come.


7 thoughts on “Reset

  1. To Harry and whoever else thinks the Archer S4 (maybe 3 but I thought it was 4) opener is a play on Bobs Burgers: that was actually more of a joke about a movie called A History of Violence. The episode is basically a mirror image of the movie. It’s more film-y/cinema-y, so if you don’t like that stuff you might just think its a strange movie, but I think it has some cool stuff going on. It got aragorn from lotr and ed harris so its clearly a hit.

    • I was trying to remember the name of that movie the other day, so thanks. Good flick. I didn’t even think about that, but it is pretty much the same story. It’s just funny they decided to use the family from Bob’s Burgers since the guy does both voices. So it’s a two-fer, really. And it is S4. S3 was the pirate island thing.

  2. So Clarence Kennedy closed his website, but he’s one of the “successful” Bulgarian people (and he tore his patellar tendon and has knee cancer currently.) On his website, he said for “Bulgarian” training, one should go to 5 days first after 3, which I don’t know if you’ve done. Also he obviously does singles but does sets of 8 and 10 even.

    Also he’s like 21 years old, has no job and only lifts, eats, and sleeps.

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