Me Squatting

This old fatso who always wants to use the rack to do his 145 lb squats and 80 lb military presses came up to me and asked how many sets I had left.  Since I was only doing light manta ray squats, I figured I could use the platform, so I said that he could have the rack.

Him: Do you have a cot upstairs or something?

Me (giving thousand-yard stare): What.

Him: Do you have a cot upstairs?

Me: I don’t understand.

Him: I just meant, cause you always seem to be here when I’m here.

Me: That. Is. Interesting.

He’s not a dick, like the little gray man trying to be passive-aggressive.  He’s an admitted New Years Resolutioner, and I just wish he could do his pussy, shameful squats in the Smith machine, or at another gym or something.  Hopefully he quits soon.  Thought I handled it pretty well.

Hey, I found a way to tape my own squats.  Take a look at my form and see what you think.  Note: 405 was easy, I just turn red in the face very easily.  Also, I think I may need to consciously break at the knees right after I break at the hips to keep from doing a good morning. 

365 double

400 single

405 single

260×3 w/Manta Ray

Weight: 191.8 (-0.2)

Low Bar Squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×3, 315×2, 365×2, 385, 395, 400, 405

Manta Ray Squat: 260,265,270,275,280,285×3, 290,295,300,305,310,315×3

TSV: 260/30

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×6, 135×4, 175×3, 215×2, 255, 295, 315, 335, 345, 350; 325x5x2

Trying to break my slingshot addiction.  I thought this went pretty well considering I did floor press yesterday.  Had to bench today bc tomorrow I’ll be at the gym during a busier time.


4: 139nbx3, 139×2, 149

3.5: 219

3: 249

2.5: 284

2: 309

1: 334

0.5: 344

0: 354

-0.5: 364

-1.5: 379

Chinups: 2×7

Time: 2:25


31 thoughts on “Me Squatting

  1. Those looked solid. How heavy do you plan to go on low bar squats before the meet?

    Also I still don’t get TSV 100%. I understand it stands for total squat volume, but not the 260/30 number that comes after that.

    • thanks. as heavy as possible. but will only go up 5-10 lbs a day. will tape for your enjoyment/my motivation.

      today TSV is easy to explain. it’s my manta ray squat volume. lowest weight used = 260. 30 total reps. i keep track for other exercises too, just don’t post it. like bench today = 325/10

  2. Crushed it. Also, I bet if you got some neck tats people would stop talking to you. The beard makes you look wise and approachable.

      • You got a kindle novel out right now? During the winter when I don’t have to work as much I think about writing books. It’s fucking hard though. Never get past putting ideas on a page that on a second reading are fucking stupid.

          • That looks like a remarkable novel. Even the 3-sentence blurb suffers from plot holes and ghastly sentence structure.

            If you wrote a novel about Moon People I’d buy it 9/10. But please don’t price it the same as an actual book, like that guy did.

          • Did you guys read the comments on “moon people”.
            “I have to say that I’m disappointed. Thought this was an instructional manual. Now I’m $15.99 lighter and I still don’t know how to moon people. ”
            “I red this book’s front cover, and then I red this book’s back cover. So I red this book cover to cover. And I have tos ay: whata good reed! Maybe the book costed too much, but I would red it again. Thank you!
            May God Bless You!”

          • They get better

            Moon People has reshaped my literary perceptions. After reading the heroic story of Captain David Braymer, 1st Science Officer of the space ship USS Lunar Base One, I feel as if I have been unbound from the restraints put in place by a dozen English teachers. “Amazing”, I said to myself, when I realized the linguistic flexibility that comes from releasing character speech from its quotation marks. There is a certain joy that comes with exercising the freedom to end a sentence on any punctuation, even a comma. Question marks needn’t be for interrogative statements! Must we bind every interjection to an exclamation point? Henceforth we shall be free to transpose homophones with the confidence that the reader will still get the point. Even chapters needn’t be logical containers for portions of the story; why can’t we start a new chapter in the middle of a conversation with two characters? Even the rules of spelling and capitalization serve only to bestow an unnecessary magniloquence when plain conversational writing will do. After reading this book, I scoff even at the concept of ‘correct’ word order.”

  3. looked fine, but I think you can get tighter during your set up. maybe take a second after taking in a breathe and starting your descent?

    for a second I thought you were going to troll us with the 405 cause that woman came into the shot right away lol

    • i’ll give it a try, thx.

      i forgot to shorten them before i uploaded. next time you wont have to watch me walking back and forth, etc.

      that chick is a (former?) college athlete. She squats and power cleans like 85 lbs and benches 55. I like her bc she does her shit on that platform and doesn’t ask how many sets I have left.

      • Your Low-bar looked fine, but I thought Manta-Squats are supposed to be, like, ultra high-bar squats? I mean, your knees travel a little bit further forwards than when you Low-bar, but you still sit back so much I’m not sure how much it’s hitting your quads… I guess we make a pair, you and I. I’m majorly quad-dominant, and you’re quite posterior-chain dominant. I’d probably prefer to be in your shoes, though.

        • yeah. there is a huge dissonance between what i think i’m doing – epic torso upright, quad-dominant squats, and what I’m really doing – what you said. the video is shocking. glad someone else picked up on it. i mean what do i do about it?

          • Let the knees travel forward and think of your torso falling between your legs, not the usual ass back – hips forward thing.

          • That’s also an option… Seriously though the 400 video is especially interesting, almost looks like your upper-mid back is relaxing/bending into the bottom of the hole and then contracts on the way up.

  4. Second on beard ‘n beanie.

    Old dude was probably feeling awkward as fuck and thought a normal person would try to start a conversation with fellow rack user. Big mistake. I think 5 years ago, before I’d confined myself to the squat rack and embraced the Mope, I might have said something like what old dude said. Not out of passive aggressiveness, but because of the reason above and a lack of anything real to say and wanting to be mildly humorous. If I were older and grittier I’d give your reply, but at this point I’d probably give em the old “huhuhuh yeah” and look away AVOID EYE CONTACT.

  5. You look nothing like i would imagine you would. You actually look like a manly, well put together dude. If i was to go by what you type here, i would not have thought so. Anyways very nice squats.

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