Rhodiola Rage

Came in the mail today.  Got the NOW brand.  Celica, did i waste my money?  Do I need a satchel of the freshly harvested powder.  Should I be snorting it or making tea?  Popped a pill prior to workout.  Had a pretty good workout.  Clearly the two are connected.  Then when I got home, I suddenly realized how to turn the “Check Engine” light off in my car.  Also, haven’t been able to stop listening to anime music since I got home.  Weird…

Cherb’d Andy’s gf again today.  She was doing rack pulls again.  This time I suggested to do them off a bunch of mats (it’s better – also – I was using the rack).  It’s hard to roll the bar up on more than 4 mats per side (2″).  She was using 12 (6″).  OTOH she was pulling 195, so I just picked it up and set it on top of the mats.  Semi-related: Andy pulled 475×3 for speed deadlifts yesterday.  When she was done, I started deadlifting and using the mats.  She began to bring the extra mats back to the room where they came from.  She had to make two trips.  I hurriedly finished using 2 of the mats while she was walking away and threw them on top of her pile, so that she’d have to put them away and not me.  Guess it makes up for cherbing a little.

Had to go to the gym during prime time today.  As meet approaches, I give less of a fuck about who else wants to use the rack, and keep my headphones on and try to avoid eye contact.  After some nerds finished rack benching 205, I swooped in.

Madcow is making decent progress.  He has the misfortune to weigh 177, but today he did front squats 225×5?, military press 135×5?, deadlifts 380×5.  I mean, he’s gonna total 1050?  1100? at 181, but he hasn’t even been lifting that long.

Future State Champ and his gf were giving me the eye while I was squatting but then the half rack opened up and they didn’t take it so whatever.  He did cable rows and chinups with her.  Every time I see this nerd he’s doing cable rows and giving me the eye.  I need to stare at his girlfriend more.  Maybe that’s why he’s giving me the eye.  Today he came up to me and said, “Andy says that I should squat with the bar lower on my back.  Do you have any tips for me about that?”

I showed him where the bar should go on a low bar squat, then said, “your rear delts, not your traps”  and told him “google low-bar squat and watch videos”  Wasted 30 seconds.  Have no time for this shit.  What I was thinking was:

1. Just move the bar lower on your back and try it, you fucking nerd.

2. Why don’t you ask Andy instead of bothering me about it?

3. I hope you go 181 instead of cutting 5 lbs.  I’m going to rip your torso from your lower half then ravish your woman.

I blame the Rhodiola for my aggression.

Weight: 189.2 I’m slender.

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×4, 225×2, 275, 315, 335, 350, 365, 380, 390; 380x7x1

Partial Squat #11: 405, 445, 485, 510, 535, 555

Will try again tomorrow.

TSV: 380×12 (will explain to fatman later)

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215×2, 255, 295, 315, 325, 335, 340; 285×3,3,4


3.5″: 135nbx3, 135

3″: 205

2.5″: 275

2″: 305

1.5″: 325

0″: 345

-0.5″: 355

-1″: 365

Time: 2:20


7 thoughts on “Rhodiola Rage

    • phineas and ferb – busted.
      no i was being facetious
      squirrlez in my pants
      both good songs but i was joking that i was turning into u
      srs tho,what’s ur #2 supplement recommendation for me.
      you’re my eastern medicine guru.
      (don’t say jam/carbz/antz/love/etc or i’m gonna fire you on the spot)

  1. http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/gundam0083/menofdestiny.htm
    Should get you fairly amped for some anime music.

    If you just want more energy in a semi-similar way to Rhodiola (with less euphoria…) Probably Siberian Ginseng/eleuthero. It’s pretty cheap, too. I believe from personal experience it’s a good deal stronger than Korean ginseng (the normal ginseng in most energy drinks, available in ginseng pills at Walmart/etc.)

    I dunno, there’s schizandra, too. Schizandra extract is used in White Flood pre-workout.

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