Imaginary Arguments

I was pretty fired up today, even though my results sucked.  I kept having imaginary arguments with people. 

Porter tried to give me some training advice, but I blew up at him and quit the “team”.  Some crossfit guy told me that squatting and deadlifting heavy was dangerous, so I told him he was a moron for having his clients balance on a bosu ball on top of a 36″ box.  I yelled at a woman for using the 1.25 lb dumbbell magnets to do lateral raises.  Then I told some guy in an Army shirt that his shitty form was making our branch of service look weak and stupid (as if it needed any help with the latter).

None of these conversations actually took place except in my head.  It’s fine.

Weight: 191.6 or something I forget.

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315, 335, 355, 365, 375, 385; 370x9x1, 370×2

Partial Squat #11: 405, 455, 495, 530, 555

fuck you, i will do this.

TSV: 370×15

not bad.  would be better if i could actually squat more for my 1RM

Dumbbell Bench: 30×30, 35×20,15, 40×25,15, 45×25,20, 50×15

BTN Press: 45×6,6, 55×6

Rope Pushdowns: 3 sets

Sumo Deadlift

3″: 135×3, 205, 275

2.5″: 295, 315

2″: 350

-0.5″: 395

-1″: 405

-1.5″: 425

-2″: 435

-2.5″: 445

-3″: 450

Above 2″, it’s hard to get the weights up onto the mats, so fuck it.  Also, left the mats on the floor.  Give me a break, they’re black rubber and blend in.  Will probably get yelled at or have to confront a passive-aggressive sign tomorrow.  Maybe mats will be removed from gym.

Machine Row: 1 set.

Gay guy made a big deal when I was doing these the other day:  “Coach, what are yoooo doing over here on the machine side of the gym.  Shouldn’t you be lifting monstrous weights over there?

I grunted something like “Need pulling balance pressing.  Rows good.”  He’s a very friendly and likeable guy who keeps trying to offer me fruit as a postworkout in the locker room.  At least he never asked me to wrestle on the mat in his basement like he did my buddy.

The guy advised me to try doing the rows with one arm.  I did today.  Felt good.


10 thoughts on “Imaginary Arguments

    • you mean on ur website? nah that was Science. Arguing on the internet helps me thrive. btw had a dream that the gym moved and split the squat rack into 2 different squat racks neither of which were any good….horrible nightmare. also a lot of zombie killing which i am good at in my sleep.

  1. I was walking up the stairs to class this morning and some girl decided it would be fun to race. She lost, I should have done on some epic round house kick and sent her flying down the stairs or asked for her number because she wasn’t too bad looking but I didn’t do either. It’s okay.

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