Double Ruiner

Managed to ruin two holidays in one.  I mean Valentine’s Day is a given, but today is my wedding anniversary.  Bought something on Amazon that is pretty sweet and expensive as a combo gift for the wife.  Made sure to order it in enough time for delivery by the 14th.  Still hasn’t come.  So of course wife calls best friend and they do this:  about their shitty husbands.

Weight: 192.8 (-0.2)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315, 355, 365, 375, 385; 355x2x1, 360,365,370×1, 355×2,3,2,1p

Ridiculously Low Box Squat: 140, 185, 225

So low that it attracted Chad and other gawkers who could’t believe I was going to try and squat on that.  Similar to watching a maniac dive from a height into a bucket of water, or try to jump a moving car on a skateboard.

Low Box Squat: 275, 315, 345, 375, 395

Dumbbell Bench: 30×30, 35×35, 40×30, 45×20

Felt weak off the bottom yesterday bc of shoulders so took a day off the heavy pressing, even mil press.

DB Mil Press: 3 sets

Rope Pushdown: 5 sets

Pushdown: 2 sets

Sumo: 135×3, 225, 315, 405, 430

Sumo w/monster underfoot: 225, 275, 295, 305, 315

Pullthroughs: 2 sets

Cable Row: 1 set

Chinup: 1 set

Time: 2:35.  Thought this was gonna be quicker than it was.  Need to try to get my workout times closer to 2 hrs.


Was gonna post about my diet and supplement “regimen”, but I don’t have time today at all.  Tomorrow, k?  cya


41 thoughts on “Double Ruiner

  1. Do you mean like 2 aerobic stepper plates? Back when I was learning to be a l337 Olympic champion Oly style squatter, I once did a 235 box squat off 2 aerobic stepper plates plus green thing. Or maybe it was 3.

        • you saying you are as strong as me makes me hulk rage immaturely. 405 lb 6″ box squat coming soon even if i bomb at my meet, just must crush calico. it’s like when my wife opens a jar and then says “oh, you must have loosened it up for me – bwahaha.”

          re box jump: funny story for ya. when i used to work in a gym as towel boy/desk clerk, I had to pick up all the weights the assholes left all over the place. fortunately it was a pretty upscale, female-oriented gym (oh no, someone left the 25s on the leg press again). They had 2 aerobic rooms, one was a big one with huge windows and mirrors, hardwood floors. The other one was a bit dimmer, there were no windows, and they even had candles and crap in there for yoga classes, meditation etc. (Also, incongruously, a heavy bag). When there weren’t classes, people would go into that more secluded studio and stretch, do pushups, hit the bag, whatever.

          Anyway, I used to find that setup you described: aerobic step on top of 18 of the little plates. That’s like as tall as I am. It puzzled me, especially when it happened again and again. Was a giant doing step aerobics? Was it an elaborate prank? Was a figure skater box jumping? (well that last one never occurred to me)

          Finally one day I found the culprit. The gym was down the street from a strip club. One of the strippers (also a gym member) was in there, with her leg up on the top of the stack, doing the splits – this was late at night, i guess she warmed up at the gym before her shift – she also worked out 4 real at other times too. (face 2/10, body 9/10, frequent cold sore outbreaks, license plate on red corvette said MADONNA, would not bang even with your dick).
          “Do you mind?” she asked me. The fucking nerve.
          “Sorry,” I said, and turned to leave, “But do you mind putting those back when you’re done?”
          “Sure,” she said, “whatever.”
          “Also, if you could wipe them down when you’re done. I’d appreciate it. Other people have to use them. Thanks.”
          Then i beat a hasty retreat. She never came back on one of my shifts again.

          • I also used to do splits on stacks of aerobic plates. However now I use the Smith machine or do them on the ground, or use the railing on the stairs to the locker room.

      • Originally, to the thought of box squatting onto basically a ream of paper…couldnotdo/10. But wordpress seems to think it’s to the thought of celiac pushing his balls through the railing as people emerge from the locker room. I also like to imagine him doing this whilst wearing his skates in a gym with no rink or anything of that sort.

      • “405 lb 6″ box squat coming soon even if i bomb at my meet, just must crush calico.”

        Take it down to one step man. You’ll be fine. And video it please.

      • Yeah, one-step it you pussy.

        TBH I don’t even understand how someone can squat to 6 inches above the ground. Perhaps my human anatomy knowledge is weaker than I thought.

      • You mean like this, Fats? (Perspective is tricky, but the bottom of my butt is just above the tops of my shoes, and those are 4.5″ tall.)

        It probably won’t embed, will it…

      • Btw, I know a former dancer who back squats like that. Probably down to 4″ above the ground. (She’s shorter, too, though.) Mainly because her ankle flexibility sucks. But then she doesn’t understand why her squats don’t carry over to her Olympic lifting very well…

      • Mmm that video still looked higher than 6″. And I meant a 6″ box squat with an arched back and sitback all that.

        I squatted like that I’m pretty sure my spine would shoot out my butt. I’ll never know how you Oly guys can actually do that under load and survive.

    • fine she’s not gonna read this. she likes geocaching with the boy. we use our tom-tom, which is a piece of shit. got her a gps specifically for geocaching. Think i done good. Took her out to dinner tonight, she mentioned wishing she had one and wanting to buy one. with my luck she’ll order one tonight.

      • Got my gf a couple of small V day presents, was somewhat anxious as like most people who are hard to buy for she doesn’t think she’s hard to buy for, plus she has enough money to take care of any random things she might want/need before a birthday or present giving event. Luckily I got it right this time although possibly because she was not expecting much/anything.

      • That’s thoughtful as all hell AND shows you listen/care about her as a mother.

        Home run. With all your practical relationship advice, you should start a brother blog to this one, where you help lonely losers (like me/most of the mopewod fam) spit hot game fire.

        Most likely nothing positive would come from it, but maybe enough college-aged men would subscribe you could quit your real job and live off of advertising income.

    • @sumyungguy – that’s flattering but i don’t have much to offer. My frat took in several real severe betas and transformed them into socially acceptable humans by like a boot camp process. But that’s like Biggest Loser type weight-loss: not applicable for the average person. Especially since when I was dating, I basically got lots of fat/ugly/crazy chicks. (choose 1 or 2)

      The one thing that confounds me is that a number of mopers (i can’t remember if you are one) have too many reasons for not banging girls. Like, she’s too good of a friend. Or, it would make things awkward at work. Who cares? If she wants the D, sacrifice your fucking pawn, and give the bishop to the queen. Or some such aggressive chess metaphor.

      I’m faithful to my wife, but I’d like to live vicariously through you single guys. But y’all aren’t being very vicarious.

      • I don’t have any prospects right now, so I get to feel all superior for not using an excuse for not pursuing a girl. I’m sure that, if there was a girl, I’d have one, though. Or are you gonna bag me on having an excuse for not even looking for a lay?
        (Thinking about it, and with my crush, I didn’t care that she worked and lifted at the same club. Or about “friendship”. For the longest time I just wasn’t sure it was what I wanted. Of course, when I finally decided I wanted to go for it, I found out I’d waited too long, lolol.)

      • @andrew, nah. that guy hates me for some reason but i would like to be his friend like all mopers. but wasn’t referring to him.

        the guy i think i was thinking of most was the fellow (was it sumguy? 7 year?) who didn’t want to bang the snowboarding desk girl at his gym. also maybe sid a little for having one-itis. And wo for being a tall good-looking guy and apparently being asexual. fine, all of you mopes.

        nah, honestly i mean it in a general “c’mon boys, lets get fired up and bang some hoez” way not as a particular rebuke to anyone. except maybe the guy with the gym desk girl.

        @andrew, also, I think – and I’m not sure, that if you used the same fake email address every time i wouldn’t have to approve your comments.

      • It was 7years who had the snowboarding chick.

        I think I just have feminine relationship instincts. As in, I want to be romantically involved with a girl before I wanna do her. I mean, I like looking as much as the next guy, but actually laying her? Or maybe it’s just me being beta, not me being girly, and when I finally have sex, assuming I don’t marry my first (lol), I’ll pursue it voraciously. Whooooooo knoooowsssss.

      • no i hear you. i was in a relationship with most of them chicks. so i guess go out there and have more meaningful relationships, dude. ha

        another free & unsolicited piece of advice is don’t get caught by the girl who was a giant whore in college and then wants a “good guy” to settle down with. at worst she’ll go back to her old tricks. at best – it’s gross.

  2. Weird that Rad would hate you. I give that guy (who could certainly crush me like an empty soda can) shit all the time, and he doesn’t seem to hate me.

    Oh well. Know that he hates himself most of all. We all do. Except for me. Mostly I hate Creed and Fall Out Boy.

    I will use my real email address from now on (

    Story time: A woman in my physics lab, who is a rather nice person, fulfills most of the stereotypes found on /r/fatpeoplestories. She’s really giggly, often cracking corny jokes that only she laughs at, and she truly does talk about all the male attention a “curvy” (7realz, guys, she used that word) girl like her gets.

    I wouldn’t mind any of that at all, except for ONE thing: she’s had a cold or something for the last month. Every week, she’s giggling in class, and you can hear the phlegm rattling in her throat/chest/whatever. After this happens about 3-5 times, she’ll clear her throat with some Pepsi from a 20 oz bottle.

    Given that I’m a fat piece of shit without any redeeming qualities, I’m totally willing to cut others lots of slack. But this shit is groce!

      • He’s had some surgeries and accidents, but, while unable to squat or deadlift for some ridiculously long period of time, he got up to a 270-ish Overhead Press, at 235, or 240 bw. (Pounds, he’s not an Oly lifter.) his first time back deadlifting and he pulled close to 400. I can only guess what he’s putting up, now that he’s been back at it for a few months… He’s a strong dude. Physically, anyways. He always makes like he’s not got much spirit.

    • I’m mostly impressed by the Viper and the fact that he works for Google. He has a slide and all-you-can-eat ice cream in his office 24/7. And still finds the time to mope.

  3. no it’s just a poor substitute until he comes back.

    He has web designing skillz, his page has coherent organization, and most of his posts have some form of content beyond 135×3, 225×2, …. etc.

    Brett is a genuine moper. The original. The real deal. The king. I’m a loudmouth phony who discovered his blog 3 months ago and can barely keep the memes straight. Think of me as the weak Paul Carter who’s jealous of Jamie Lewis.

    Mopewod is Studio 54. My blog is a VH1 special about how cool Studio 54 used to be.

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