Andy the Anomaly

Andy was back at the gym today.  I like him and his gf now that he’s proven himself.  Still am puzzled by how I’ve seen him lift 6 times and he is always going light (i.e i’ve never seen him lift more than 265 on any exercise).  But am going to pick his brain for sumo advice since he pulls 575.

He was eating gummi bears in the locker room and told me that they were a perfect source of post-workout glycogen.  I’m not sold because he has my body plus 20 lbs of gut.  But I ate 4 of them.  Red ones seemed especially potent.


New crossfitter at the gym this past week.  Reasons to like: never tries to take the rack from me, has good form, trains daily, presses BW, seems to have some sort of purpose, hasn’t tried to talk to me.  Reasons to dislike: wears Reebok gear and necklace, weighs 140? @ 5’8?, loves the bumper plates.  Verdict: cautious optimism.


Weight: 193.0 (-1.4)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315, 355, 370, 380; 355,360,365,370,375,380,385×1, 355×2,1,1,1,1,1,1p

Bottom Pos Squat #9: 405, 495, 555, 560, 565

Bench: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215, 255, 295, 315, 335, 340

Slingshot Bench: 365, 385, 400; 365×2

Bench: 325×2,2

Sumo Deadlift: 135×3, 225, 315, 405, 425

Sumo DL with light bands: 135, 205, 275, 285

Pullthroughs: 2 sets

love this exercise

Time: 2:30

could stay at the gym forever.  stay longer bc i know when i get home, my wife will nag.  come home bc I don’t want the nagging to be too harsh.  Fine line.  Like going to the bar after work.


Last night was taking a shower and decided I needed Average bands bc my strongest pair is Light.  Ordered them while naked.  Hi Dave Tate.  At least dried off first (and didn’t sit in chair.)


26 thoughts on “Andy the Anomaly

  1. What’s the etiquette here? Do I respond on the latest post, or on the buried one and then have to check on it again?

    Anyways this is the program I’m finishing up

    I think it’s going to work, and I like the flexibility for whatever accessory lifts I feel like doing, or not, as the case may be that particular day. I’m doing OHP instead of bench cause of my shoulder.

    Wrt the Velcro belt, I don’t use one anymore and haven’t for a long time, but I thought it was fine. Maybe my poor memory is failing me in comparing it to my current belt(bestbelt 3″ single prong)

    • you can comment on any shit here. i have no life and will respond to you. what a treat.

      if it works, it’s fine. i don’t like it. but i spend 2 hours + in the gym 7 days a week and my lifts are not quite as good as bakers (maybe wilks score is better). some people though, celica, jackman & others have other goals other than to lift as much weight as possible in 3 lifts.

    • I assumed you were aware of Paulie since you’ve been on mopewod for a bit now.

      I want to believe that foam rolling does something, but I haven’t seen any benefit really other than by the third day it doesn’t hurt to roll my it band. I still hurt myself squatting.

      Have you been doing partial squats long enough to see if they’ve actually helped you or not?

      • yeah, no, it’s all right. usually pretty boring so don’t read regularly. i was kind of kidding and sort of got some of the jokes. there was a big paul carter incident here and at mopewod a few weeks ago. not gonna rehash that, we’re trying to move past it.

        i feel for partials he is correct – they are overrated. but he sort of set up a straw man argument. Like 900 pound 3 inch rack pulls will not help. Well no shit.

        i feel that my 3 inch partial squats help my 6 inch partial squats, which help my 9 inch partial squats, down the chain to my partial squats that are just a little above parallel, which have to help my regular squats. And also, one of the reasons I do them is that regular low bar squats daily seemed to be too much on my low back. But I still wanted to squat daily. So high bar/manta ray. But I still need to be good at low bar bc I can squat more that way. So i compromised by doing partials, squats off the pins at diff. heights and box squats as supplements to my normal training.

        • I must have missed the incident.

          That makes sense though, working lower and lower on the partials. I’m not even close to being strong enough to do them so i dont particularly have an opinion. I guess you’ll find out at the meet if they work. When is that btw?

      • “but he sort of set up a straw man argument.”

        This is basically the biggest issue people have with that blog. Setting up strawmen, demolishing them, then furiously backtracking while firing insults and namedropping when people call him out.

        Or making statements like:

        “I’ve gotten significantly stronger in the last 18-24 months without ever worrying about a single weak point.”

        while in reality he totaled 100+ lbs. more 18-24 months ago than he did in his last meet.

        Without even getting into the pussification and pussywhipped-ification posts, which will make your testosterone drop by like 100 points if you read them.

        • i like the musings on training, like, for example, that post.

          my beefs include that he’s a 270 pound steroid user who’s really not that strong when compared to other people like that. But he acts like he is. I mean, hey I’m really good at wrestling compared to the average high schooler. BUT I’M NOT A HIGH SCHOOLER. Go compare yourself to Dan Green.

          also i don’t know if those essays drop testosterone. They just put me right the fuck to sleep. i can’t even finish them.

          say what you will about C&P, at least that guy can write a motivational essay. I mean sure, it’s like “Was is it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!!” but if you want to get fired up, you will. (don’t get me started about his fiction, he makes Dean Koontz look like Hemingway)

  2. So question. Why am I naturally all right for lower body strength, but have relatively terrible upper body strength? I mean my best military press ever was 135, best bench 170, but I’m deadlifting 405 @ 180. My first time ever deadlifting I pulled 265 @ 185 I think, and this is after doing only squats for maybe 2 weeks to a month (wide stance half squats with a manta ray, I got to like 365 with those in like a month.)

    I mean, to be dark, I think it’s because after my parent’s divorce I had to move all the heavy boxes and furniture as a kid because my father wasn’t there. Is this a probable cause for being able to deadlift a lot? I also rode my bike around in high school for a year. Skated for only…6 months? before starting lifting. Skating made my back sore, maybe strengthened my spinal muscles?


    • you might have something with the skating. and deadlifting is more will than technique. saying this to illustrate – Not making fun – but special olympics powerlifters always do much better deadlifting.

      i haven’t seen you lift, so I’m not sure about the bench. But have you considered trying some of Dave Tate’s tips? Have you watched so you think you can bench? I know this is anathema to your mindset (russian athlete not bearded fat american), but his teachings have helped me tremendously.

      i see tons of guys making mistakes at my gym that are addressed in that series. touching the bar too high on the chest and not being tensed everwhere are the two biggest.

      also, and this is something jaimie lewis said, but years of bodybuilding/powerbuilding background help. I mean I did 10-8-6 for years and years and 8-6-4, and 5×5.

      just brainstorming for ya.

      • another suggestion: You see this sydrome more with guys avoiding squats and deadlifts, but you may have to love bench more. i know it’s hard to love something that you suck at, but if you dread going in there and working out with 130 or whatever for reps, then it’s going to become a vicious cycle. a corny first step might be deluding yourself that bench is your favorite and best lift and that all the ladies are impressed with you – so you should do it more often.

      • Easy answer. The deadlift has the shortest learning curve of the three powerlifts and is the most leverage-dependent. It’s not uncommon for people with long arms to pull 300+ the first time they try. But no one benches relatively big weights the first time they try, even if they have great pressing leverages; there is a (short) learning curve that must be mastered first. The squat is probably the most difficult lift of the three to get comfortable with.

        Also long arms = weak bench forever, unless you’re a unique individual like Lamar Gant.

        Many years ago one of my training buddies brought his cousin to the gym where we trained. This guy was at least 6’3″, probably 260+ pounds, never lifted before. His hands hung past his knees when he stood up straight. On the bench he was weak (maybe hit a shaky 165 for a single), and he didn’t even try to squat “because it would hurt his spine”. When it came to the deadlift, tho, he slapped on 20-30 pounds on a barbell that we were struggling to pull for singles (bringing it up to something like 375) and pounded out 8 reps like it was nothing. I’m pretty sure he could’ve pulled 600+ after a year of training, but (like the rest of us back then) he never cared much for the DL… all he wanted to do is bench.

        Because, as Bront and Coach both correctly noted, ONLY BENCHING MATTERS.

    • I also suck balls at bench while deadlifting and squatting slightly more than you @ 180, supra. I mean my best is 225 tng but I hurt my shoulder starting in November and haven’t benched since, so yeah.

      Prior starting lifting a few years ago, the heaviest thing I ever picked up was a 2 liter of mountain dew while marathoning FFXI for 12 hours straight. So there’s that anecdote for ya. I think the tons of bodybuilding and time benching makes a difference for most people. If I can ever bench again without pain I think I’ll stick with OHP as my main movement and just bench mostly for higher reps. I’m most likely never going to compete anyways, and it seems volume builds a decent bench.

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