Soy el empleado del gran jefe.

Forgot to tell you about one of the cougar’s other best moves.  This one is an unweighted single-leg stiff-leg deadlift, followed by a very deliberate and awkward-looking hop.  She looks so unathletic, like a (hot) flightless bird or a (hot) girl who was always chosen last at hopscotch.  (10/10 would pleasure self to her exercise video)

One of PJ’s trainees was there today.  Skinny, under 21, wears supplement T-shirts, DYEL.  This guy was moderately friendly to me when PJ and I got along.  Ever since the big argument, though, he mad dogs me.  I wonder what PJ told him about me.  Don’t care.  Today’s workout was above parallel box squats to a tiny metal box, working up to 185.  He supersetted with 20 minutes of sitting on the military press bench and talking to another guy.

Towards the end of my workout, this 18 yr old kid came in.  I asked him if he wanted to squat and he said yea, but he could wait.  But first I checked if DYEL was done with his shitty box squats.  He was sitting on the bench, talking for the last 30 minutes.

Me: Hey man, are you done with the rack?

Him: (gives dirty look): No.

Look, man, maybe you’re sore that I took up the good squat rack for over 2 hours. But at least I’m doing something in it.  At least I’m not wasting time and being a pussy.  At least when I want to use something I have the sense/balls to ask.

I offered to use the platform for my remaining sets.  But the new kid said he would use it.  I gave him some unsolicited advice – turn your feet out slightly on your high-bar squats.  He was appreciative.  I don’t care what K-Star says about this.  Don’t care what Fatman says either (about advices).  I actually know the kid slightly and he’s always real courteous to me.

PJ Jr. did one more set and left.   

Louie Simmons appeared to me in a vision and promised me that I would pull 600 at my meet if I read a bunch of his articles, started pulling sumo, and stopped being a pussy.

Weight: 193.6 (-1.4)

Been eating this for the last several meals: 2 cheeseburgers (homemade, no bun), 1 big dollop of greek yogurt, 2 fried eggs, onions, tomatoes (til i ran out), hot sauce.  Put all in bowl and smash up.

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 295, 320, 345, 360, 370, 380, 385; 330,335,340,345,350,355,360,365,370,375×1, 330×3,2,3,2,2,2

Low Box Squat: 135×2, 225, 315, 365, 385

Thought about making the Swede proud and led with my traps/head.  Much better.

Medium Grip Bench: 45×8, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215, 255, 295, 325, 345

Slingshot Bench (normal grip): 365, 385, 400, 405

Touched too high on 405. Next time.  Cougar came over and fellated me after 400.  Not really, but Emilio gave me a high-five.  Almost as good.

Sumo Deadlift: 135×3, 225×2, 275, 315, 355, 390, 395

Still figuring this out, but watching a Dan Green vid gave me a good clue about keeping my knees out. 

RDL: 360×3

IDK, i think I’m going to still do this, but lighter & for more volume.  (yesterday when I said I quit i meant just that I’d quit that particular day)  Still like it a lot, just get more out of lighter weights i.e 315-345 or so

Machine Row: 3 sets

Time: 2:35


2 thoughts on “Soy el empleado del gran jefe.

  1. RDL’s are one of those exercises most everyone says are better when done lighter.

    Interesting meal. The only thing I ate yesterday was a one-scoop protein shake and peanut butter in the morning, and a four-patty cheeseburger, with grilled salami and other delicious things in between each patty, and fries. I also failed to weigh myself this morning, due to being awakened by someone needing emergency repairs to their A/C in the middle of winter. I probably lost two kilos.

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