Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

PJ was at the gym today.  We didn’t speak, but I nodded to him.  He was doing camber bar shrugs (w/straps) with 405 and 495.  Up to 315 on “seated” “military” press.  It goes without saying that both of these exercises are done with terrible, practically White Lightning, form.  Also tremendous NNNNNARRRRGH sounds.  Also 4 sets of each every hour.  Fortunately he was using the half-rack.

When I joined the gym several years ago, I asked the broad at the front desk.  “So, um, are there any special rules?”  She got my drift, and said, “No, this isn’t Planet Fitness.  Just clean up after yourself and be courteous.  We even have one guy who is a real grunter.  It’s fine.”  That’s PJ.

I spotted some cop on decline and incline.  PJ asked other people for spots on his ridiculous military press exercise.  I seriously would have said no if he asked me.  I was in a hurry and also don’t want to look like I condone that bullshit.  I guess I’m that guy from the Fatman story.  Fucking Lego beard.

PJ: 50% Alpha, 50% Gamma

White Lightning: 100% Gamma

Weight: 196.4 (unchanged) sigh

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315, 345, 355, 365, 375, 385, 390; 320,325,330,335,340×2, 320×3,3,3,2,2,2 (last rep paused on final set)

Take that, Wo!

Partial Squat #11: 405, 460, 505, 525, 545

Got a nosebleed from that last set.  Blood all in my mustache & beard.  Wiped it on the back of my hand.  Got it on my shirt sleeve.  Gamma.

Floor Press: 45×8, 95×6, 135×4, 175×2, 215×2, 255, 280, 305, 320, 330; 255,260,265×5, 270×4

Sumo Deadlift: 135×3, 205×2, 275, 325, 345, 365, 385

Most I’ve ever pulled Sumo is 465 after doing it 1x a week for about 8 weeks.  Just felt like trying it bc I ripped a callus off and am sick of conventional deadlifts for today.  It would behoove me to watch some videos on youtube and learn what the fuck I am doing wrong.

RDL: 355x3x3

Time: 2 hours

Out of breath.


12 thoughts on “Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.

  1. Yeah, your squats are definitely going better than mine. I am optimistic from how quickly I regained my strength, however. Maybe I can keep it going and finally get a 200kg squat? Hard to say if there’s any similarity between regaining lost strength and increasing it past that point.

    Hehe. Lego beard.

    • no worries. i want to compete with everyone at everything. i mentally compete with you and fatman every time i lift. I am an asshole. I toyed with the idea of seeing how much I could clean and/or learning how to snatch then rethought about how stupid that would be and what a waste of time (for me, i mean – it’s your job)
      whee look at me mommy

      i’ll challenge celica to ice skate next.

      • It’s not my job – yet. But I know how you feel. Every time I do RDL’s, I have your numbers in the back of my head. Most any time I do pulls, actually. They’ve always been my strong suit (aside from benching, sorta. I needed a lot more work to reach a 305 bench than a 450 DL, but it was still a strong lift for me. A lot better than my squat) and the thought of a short guy with short arms pulling more than me is just a tad galling…
        Normally I’m all for another person learning the lifts, but as you are a full-time powerlifter, I agree that it would only detract from your training.

  2. People in the gym probably giving you nick names like Blood Beard or HBM (heavenly blessed monkey).
    My gym had the infamous quarter squatter who loaded up the bar with 300# and never did till parallel, fuck he didn’t even do half of a parallel. He took about a hour and half on the squat rack and when he finished with his 3 sets she smiled in the mirror and flexed. Srs. He flexed after he was done.
    One day I asked if he was done and he said sure bro I got one more set, 3 sets and hour later I hear him shout “TO THE BRAH WHO WANTED THE SQUAT RACK IM ALL DONE”.
    Fuck him.
    Sorry 4 the late repwanse half way through typing this up, crushes cousin said she was free and wanted to hangout. So I went to drop off her christmas present and ended up catching with, her little brother and also played with her dogs.

    • I loled pretty hard at the dude’s comment. When I’m in the squat rack and someone comes up to ask how many more I have left, I usually just say “I’ve got X more, but please work in with me.”

      Usually they’ll say, “Ah no man, that’s cool. I’m trying to deadlift.”

      Bro. There’s like seven unused barbells at the moment just chillin’. Use one of those. You don’t need a rack to deadlift or press, or lunge.

  3. Once I spotted a dude in the power rack who loaded up 275, pulled up a bench, sat down, and did half-presses. He wanted me to throw the bar away in front of him onto the safety bars if I felt like it was coming back down on him. If I thought he could do it, I was supposed to just BARELY help him lift it.

    First rep, I pushed the fuck out of that bar. Made a huge crash and he looked at me in the mirror like I was a moron. I was like, “Sorry man, didn’t know if that’s what you wanted.”

    He sighed, re-instructed me on what to do, so the next set I basically quarter-Zercher-squatted the bar up while he “pressed” it thrice (loudly). Then he racked it, didn’t unrack the weights, and went along with his workout. I was like “….K.”

    Dude’s obviously stronger than me though, so can I really judge?

    I’m enjoying reading through the archives of this blog, btw. “Guys I Hate at the Gym” tagged posts are my favorite thus far.

    • one of the biggest problems at the gym is actually “half-friends”. Like your real buddies won’t do such stupid shit. And your enemies won’t ask you for a spot. It’s that gray area where you end up enabling these idiots.

      an example is the same fat cop that I was spotting. Like him bc we were in Iraq at the same time and he’s a friendly guy. Dislike bc he gives a terrible spot, can’t even use him. The other day though he told me that he was doing some program where you do 10 sets of bench. And then asked me for a spot. The gym was closing in 90 minutes, so I said, “listen mane, I can give you a spot on 2 or 3 sets, but I’m not spotting you for no 10 sets.”

      Then I suddenly had a bad feeling that he meant 10 *reps* so I went back to him and asked if that’s what he meant. It wasn’t. My answer was still no.

      • I don’t get you guys. I actively encourage all the people who do things wrong at the gym to keep doing ’em wrong. Like, if I saw PJ doing the military press thing I’d roll my eyes in mock awe and be like “man, leave some weights for the rest of us”. Then I’d comment on how his shoulders are getting huge.

        Sometimes guys who squat 2 inches down ask me to comment on their squat form. When this happens, I feign deep concentration as they’re performing their set, then put on an encouraging expression and say “really good, just make sure you keep your back straight.”

        It’s a win-win situation. The guy gets a nice ego boost and feels good about the weight he’s lifting. I get to secretly laugh at him and watch him go through the same antics next time. So we’re making the world a better place, the gymbro and I; one small turn of the wheel of karmic happiness.

        True story: many winters ago I was in a small globo gym, watching a guy do bench presses by lowering the bar 3 inches from lockout and pressing it back up. He was using about 200 pounds, or some 50 pounds over his bodyweight. When he was done with his set, I walked over and asked him why he never touched the bar to his chest. He gave me the kind of gentle, patient look usually reserved for the mentally handicapped and said “because I wouldn’t be able to use this much weight if I did.” Then he went back to his set.

        That was the last time I offered gym advice to anyone.

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