DYEL broad clicked “like” 15 seconds after I’d posted.

img_022012014-02-05 21_19_56-Photo by giorgethomas2014-02-05 21_26_12-Photo by giorgethomas

here’s my wit in case it gets taken down:

2014-02-05 21_18_01-giorge thomas _ About

Don’t read the poetry, it’s Nero-esque. Although, “Literary magazines where Giorge Thomas has been published include: The Cannon’s Mouth, The Mozzie, Nineteen-O-Splash, Polestar Writers Journal, Studio and All Write.”

Literary magazines where I’ve been published include Shernorkins, The Eye of the Bullfrog, Artist Monthly, 57-Wazzoo, NobodyCares, and IMadeThisOneUp.

The last 4 people I planned on doing this to, I chickened out because their blogs were about cancer or abandoned animals or something.

This next lady had a blog that was page after page of crazy stuff about overthrowing the government.  Sure that she’s in the nuthatch by now.  Blog is down and I wish I could have shown you the original post.  I encouraged her with my remark:

2014-02-05 21_28_32-[New comment] The Holy Grail. Magic Dishes And The Womb. -

Love her response.


12 thoughts on “troll

  1. Goddammit she likes other peoples’ blogs, they go say “thanks, also here’s this” WHICH IS A LINK TO THEIR BLOG THIS IS LITERALLY A CIRCLEJERK

    • Oh she has a husband. Nevermind.

      I’d have still done absolutely nothing and would have been happy for a single other reader besides mopeilitywod people or the NSA.

    • i would have hit on her when I was your age, except
      1. she’s married
      2. she has 21240901574 followers, she probably gets an email every six seconds. she wouldn’t even notice

      the best way to get girls to be your friends is to get married. sorry if that circle logic is unhelpful. actually pretty fucking unhelpful to me.

      • my two cents: I’ve been blessed with many lady friends, but when I’m in a healthy relationship they seem to increase in number. confidence attracts and so on, but I only see this as yet another benefit of the aforementioned healthy relationship.

        the bottom line is, I secretly glad that I am happy and that the ladies surrounding me seems not to be.

  2. “Here is my lemon tree.
    Strong and laden with

    Good God, the poetry is so deep I think I might drown in it.

    In re getting married to get female friends, I think the simple solution is to invent a wife who is always working when you’re out at the bar. I don’t see anything that can go wrong with that.

  3. I was sitting alone in class yesterday and all the seats except the one next to me were taken. Girl comes in and sits next to me, 5 seconds later she scans the room and find another empty seat and moves.
    I guess the 40 year old Persian doctor look is too good for 102 pound 5′ 9 girl covering herself in makeup and wearing a mini skirt.

      • 35 year old egyptian doctor.
        cumcumber, not sure if srs, but funny
        also auspicious:
        1.promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion.
        2. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate.

        actually it does seem rather promising.

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