Cell Blocks 1,2,8, and 4

+1000 pts for anyone who can decipher the title of this post.

Busy with some RL work, so for the next few days, you’ll have to put up with my blog basically looking like Fatman’s.  AKA how my blog looked 2 months ago.  I’ll still be making comments on everyone’s blogs including my own, because my self-control is limited.

BW: 195.2 (-1.0)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315, 345, 365, 375, 380; 365x7x1

Partial Squat #11: 315, 405, 495

Partial Squat #9: 545, 585, 620

I have a complicated system that tells me what partial squat height to use.  This time it was #9, but I balked at doing that again.  But when I tried #11, it felt heavy.  No use fighting the system.

Bench Press: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215, 255, 295, 320, 340, 350

Slingshot Bench: 355, 375, 385, 390

Bench: 310 x 2,3,3

Slingshot makes you use great form on your non-Slingshot sets that follow, I’ve noticed.

RDL: 135×3, 205×2, 275, 325; 350×3,3

Time: 2:20


22 thoughts on “Cell Blocks 1,2,8, and 4

  1. Hey man fuck you for putting some kind of code in your title that I am going to try and figure out but ultimately fail at then forget about. #worstcrypto

    Also is the slangshot worth it and do you think it will let me do volume again with my shitty elbow?

    • hint: it’s from a 1992 rap album.

      i really enjoy benching big ego weights easily with the slingshot. but worth it for me is if it leads to an increase in my raw bench. time will tell. Fatman would be a better guy to ask.

      as for your elbow I have no idea. it does take stress off my shoulders and chesticles.

    • What’s the problem with your elbows? Experiences vary, but I’m a bit skeptical about pressing volume messing people’s elbows up. More likely it’s some tricep extension variant that’s the culprit. Or not enough curls. Have you tried working on your trigger points?

      If you’re already strong off the chest, the Slingshot will give you a very moderate boost in poundage lifted and overloads the triceps/lockout portion. In this case it would help your raw bench, because it’s bringing up a weak point (arms). So weak triceps / strong chesticles (me) = Slingshot helps a lot.

      If you’re weak off the chest and have strong triceps, you’ll get a massive poundage boost when you put the Slingshot on. But it won’t be very effective. You’re working your way round a weak muscle group (so it never gets stronger) and putting extra work on the group that’s already strong (and doesn’t need it). In this case the carryover will be less IMO.

      Also for me 10-15 pounds on my (raw) max is a worthwhile increase. Not sure what everyone else’s views are.

      • I don’t think it was caused by pressing and I pretty much never do any kind of tricep extension bullshit. It is sore right at the humurus side of the elbow joint and hurts most when i straighten my arm all the way. It was kinda wonky for a while then I fell on it in the shower and its been worse since then. I just now started doing curls because big arms didn’t mean much to me until recently when i noticed i kinda look weird without them. Could bicep weakness be part of it for realz?

      • Dunno, but the worst elbow pain I ever got happened when I wasn’t doing much direct arm work at all. Took me 5 months to get rid of. These days I do a bunch of different kurlz to keep the arms swole and healthy. It takes up almost zero time – you can hit 5-10 sets of kurlz in under 15 mins.

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