Ask Beavis, I get nothing Butthead.

Woke up sore and decided to go to the gym in the evening instead.  Made time to tell my son stories and put the baby to bed so I wouldn’t be the worst father ever again.

The Enemy was at the gym again.  (new readers: not the gray guy, nor the prohormone maniac I haven’t told you about yet, yeah I have a lot of enemies) The other day when I went to squat, he was just getting done doing some abomination in the power rack, and he said “hey man, it’s all warmed up for you.”  I mean, this is just idle banter, but I decided maybe he doesn’t hate me as much as I hate him.  So today, I made an effort to at least be trivially polite, instead of glaring at him and thinking aggressive thoughts, I waved, nodded and gave a small grin.  He seemed somewhat surprised, but nodded back.

As a reward for my civility I got a splitting headache that lasted the remainder of my workout.  It didn’t affect my lifting, just served as a reminder that I’d made the wrong choice.  You should never be friendly to a male who is bench pressing 125 lbs at 175 BW after multiple years of training. I’m kind of joking. But just seeing him there with that bag of chalk and 35s and 5s on the bar made my brain hurt, I guess.

Weight: 196.4 (-1.0)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×6, 315, 335, 355, 375, 390, 400, 410; 325,330x1p, 335×1, 340×2

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215, 255, 285; 305×2,3,6

No spotter. Why 6?  because I didn’t feel like doing 3 or 4 more sets to get the volume I wanted.  This should give me a max bench of 455×1.

Snatch Grip Deadlift: 135×3, 205, 275, 345, 415, 445

RDL: 310×3

Front Squat: 135×2, 225, 275, 305, 325; 295×1

Yes one rep of volume.  And you know what?  I quit front squats.  At least until my comp in April.  Now that I have the manta ray, I feel that my special exercise time is better served doing partials, bottom position squats and box squats. Sorry Wo & Celiacxxx.

Time: 1:45


10 thoughts on “Ask Beavis, I get nothing Butthead.

  1. Lol you could have said ‘(insert X) told me I was good for 495×1 based on these reps’ to really send it home.

    I’m not sure if I can follow a log that doesn’t include front squats. srs.

    not srs.

    semi srs.

  2. Front squats are okay sometimes I feel like I want to staple myself with them, maybe one day they will come in handy when I finally decide I have enough but for the meantime they are alright.

    • Also making friends in the gym was a huge disaster for me although I got stared at for failing my squats it was still better than taking to someone. I guess I’m just not cut out for social stuff, only person I could make a convo was with the BB chick because she was genuinely interested and put forth good view points on the things we talked about (usually my love life and how I fail at it, apparently according to her it was just a matter of holding back my opinions on people and their actions). We kept it short and sweet most of the times and she knew when to avoid me when I was having a bad day.

  3. That manta ray thing is pretty good. MR squats kinda feel like safety bar squats (from the couple times I’ve tried the latter) – lots of quad and ab involvement, narrow stance, upright torso.

    Obvious advantages of MR over SSB: no need to wrestle a huge, heavy contraption into the rack or onto squat stands, sits better on the back because you’re not holding it by a pair of weird ass handles, makes you look like less of a tryhard douchehat.

    I have zero need for front squats at this point in my life.

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