EBOOK – 3 Tips to Power Bulk Shred!!!1

Nonsense.  Anyway, today I had the choice of going to the gym before work or taking a nap.  Chose nap, as I have been sleeping only 5-6 hrs a night for the last week or so.  Napped for 4 hours.  Worked out after the kids were in bed, so only had 90 minutes.  Figured I’d be on fire since I was well rested.  Not so much.

High Bar Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 215×2, 290, 335, 370, 385, 395, 405; 365,370,375×1

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×4, 135×3, 175×2, 215, 255, 275, 285, 295, 300; 225,230×5

Not bad.

RDL: 135×3, 205×2, 275, 345, 370×2; 275,280×3

Honestly ripping off my thumbnail because I was bored the other day has not helped my hook grip.

Front Squat: 135, 225; 260,265,270,275,280,285,290×1

All sets with the Wolympic grip.  That’s something.

Absolutely nothing happened at the gym of note in terms of sexy girls or douchebags.  Place was pretty empty.

So maybe I’ll write up a Gym Hero post for you guys.


5 thoughts on “EBOOK – 3 Tips to Power Bulk Shred!!!1

  1. Nice front squats.

    Also, more sleep only works for me two days later. Like, the day of extra sleep, I’m still too low/sleepy to get a good workout, but after a short night the next night, the next day is usually pretty good. Dunno. I seem to “store” sleep, which can be kind of a pain sometimes.

  2. See. The Olympic grip isn’t that hard. You only need like 2 fingers on the bar. Hell, you don’t even have to actually grip it. at all. Ever see the video of Pyros Dimas where he does a power clean and has his arms straight out in front of him with the bar on his shoulders?

    Anyway, congrats on front squats.

  3. listen, you. it’s hard for me. I’m not pyros mutherfucking dimas. This is not my full-time job. it hurts my wrists – or it used to. I like it though because I can get under the bar better, making the actual squat easier than holding the straps.

  4. I found that the best way to get around the issue of cleans and front squats hurting my wrists was to not do them ever. I haven’t had a single issue with them since. Hope this helps.

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