Starting Strength

Today on the way to work, the car started making growling noises while accelerating.  Then when I pulled into the parking lot, it made clanging noises that anyone with a piece of shit car recognizes as “Your muffler is bouncing off the pavement”  The muffler was hanging 2 inches off the ground and most of the rest of the exhaust system was also hanging.  Could have been worse, and not in an ironic mope way:

  • Exhaust system was known to be rotted and held on with tape + bad welding job, so this was not a surprise.
  • Made it to work on time
  • After class was able to drive 1.5 miles with my blinkers on to a repair shop so as not to waste AAA call/hours of waiting for a tow.
  • Had to spend 5 hrs there – but wrote a lot (longhand in a notebook) and took a 1 hr nap in the chair
  • Had to pay a lot of money – but less than I anticipated and (considering I was basically at their mercy) it seemed like a pretty fair deal.  Unless it falls off tomorrow.

So ended up working out late tonight for only 95 min.

Enemy was there with his gf.  Her ass is getting fat.  She squatted 105×3.  Not to parallel.

There was some guy there I’d seen before.  Call me the amazing Kreskin, but I could look at him and say “You do starting strength” (takes forever to set up to lift & squats looking at the floor 5 feet in front of him) and “You used to play rugby” (big white guy 6’3, 240+, not strong/knowledgeable enough to have been on a college football strength program).  Actually I’ve seen him several times before and desperately wanted to tell him that his squats (340×3, but he is high with 135) were all 3 inches high, but I do not give unsolicited advice.

Today, however, at the end of my workout, I took off my headphones, and started packing my bag.  He was doing – or trying to do – an overhead squat with 135 lbs.  This literally almost made me yell “STOP! YOU ARE GONNA KILL YOURSELF”  But he wised up on his own and tried with the bar.  Another fail. 

Finally he turned to me and said, “You know anything about overhead squats?”

Well, really I don’t.  I’ve quit them twice.  I can maybe do 95 lbs.  Maybe.  He told me a crossfit guy bet him that he could not do one with any weight.  I told him to bet the crossfit guy he couldn’t squat 315 and he’d at least break even. 

But this opened the floodgate and I told him about his squat form (stance too close) and his rounded back while deadlifting (not a problem on a max set, but he is unable to assume the arched back position – at all, ever).  Not like I’m a creepy know-it-all who’s been watching you with a critical eye for several weeks.

High Bar Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 210×2, 280, 345, 370, 385, 395, 405; 360,365,370,375,380×1, 360×2, 360x1p

Excuse of the day: had to squat in half rack because of Rip Jr. 

Bench: 45×10, 95×4, 145×3, 195×2, 245, 295; 285×1, 290x2x1, 295,300×1

Excuse of the day: no time to get spotter

Snatch Grip DL: 135×2, 205, 275, 345, 385, 405

RDL: 275×4

Front Squat: 135, 225, 255, 285, 305, 315; 240x1p, 245,250,255×1, 260×2

up to 255 with the fancy grip.

DB Bench: 1 set

Cable Row: 2 sets

Lat Pulldown: 1 set

Shoulder Band Pulling

I think this is a lot for 90 minutes.  I was winded.


6 thoughts on “Starting Strength

  1. So I’m gonna rub some car stuff in your face about how much money you wasted.

    Here’s what I’d do.
    Go to a cleaner, say “Hi, I need a metal hanger because my exhaust is hanging.” They’ll probably give you one. You’ll never see them again anyway unless you’re a classy person who wears suits.

    Get metal hanger, hang exhaust with it. Drive home.

    Go home, inspect damage.

    Then go to Autozone/Advance/NAPA/whatever.

    The only time you need an actual shop to do any exhaust work is if stuff is broken off at the catalytic converter or off a bolted on area, or if it’s got a crazy exhaust bend you can’t replicate from pieces from said auto parts stores. If there’s a clean break in the pipe or it’s just rusted off in an area, generally you can just clamp the pipes back together. You buy a dual female connection that slips over the pipe, and then clamp. So simple muffler break in one spot=$10 and maybe 10-20 minutes under your car. The other thing they sell, too, and this sounds more like in your case, is if a hanger broke off somewhere. You can buy replacement hangers to be attached with a U-Bolt exhaust clamp. They’re about $3. So a bolt on home exhaust job usually ends up being under $20. I’ve done them a lot of times.
    I found that article in google images, looking for pictures to demonstrate what I’m saying, maybe it’s a good article, I don’t know. You don’t need all the tools listed there, though. Generally just jack (or jacks, as having a little included for the spare tire jack can be handy for jacking up your exhaust pipes to the right angle.)

    I mean what’s done is done and all that. But lots of people get totally burned on exhaust work when it’s honestly (sometimes) easier and less messy than even an oil change, to do a relatively good patchup like that. As far as exhaust repair scams, a lady I talked to at my apartment complex got a new muffler for her Nissan Versa. $1000. And the shop didn’t even do it right, they left the exhaust tip touching the bumper cover. So the car rattled and it was melting the bumper away. By comparison a few weeks earlier I put a Thrush turbo muffler on my Supra (I could have been less ricey for more money) and with clamps it barely ran over $30.

    So for next time, do try the DIY route. I mean shit, you spent 5 hours in the shop, right, so it’s not like it saved you any time.

    All the best and stuff, and sorry for being all like “hey old man, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, back when I was a kid…” when I’m not even 23 yet. But hey.

    • I don’t know what kind of scum-bucket, soot-pouring, carnie-ass state you live in, but in the Great State of Vermont we require annual inspections of our motor vehicles; an exhaust such as that described above would receive no better rating than that of a Class-F-For-Failure-Environment-Destroying-Machine.

      No but seriously New Hampshire might have similar regulations on cars. I know Michigan (and I think Ohio) have no such inspections so you can basically jimmy-rig it as long as it stays on the car. When I lived in VT I had a tiny hole in my muffler, and they had to replace the whole thing (because toyota welded the entire assembly together???). Living in Michigan (and now Ohio) I don’t have to deal with such things.

      • Honestly it’s not hard to get around the inspection thing. My cousin wanted a loud exhaust, so he straight piped his turbo’d eclipse. Then he merely found some guy who does state inspections but has usually been doin a bit ‘o drinkin by 4pm. We showed up at 4:05 and were out of there by 4:15. He literally had no catalytic converter.

  2. thank you for the advice. I do not know much about cars, like you do, that is true. But some things I was not clear about: the car is a 2000 subaru with 180,000 miles on it and had the original muffler, cat converter etc. And everything in the exhaust system was rotting to the touch. It wasn’t just a single hangar. A sharp poke with my finger would have driven a hole through any of it. This is not something the mechanic told me today. This is something I knew last year.

    So yeah I probably should just get a new car. or I could maybe have made it last a little longer with more makeshift fixes which you suggest. 700 bucks for the muffler, cat converter, the rest of the stupid pipes and shit. live and learn i guess.

    • I actually did a ghetto fab exhaust job on a neighbor’s Subaru around the same year. He actually bought a midepipe piece online and with the bolts being so hard, he ended up wanting to do the ghetto way I suggested and I helped him. If I were you and the exhaust was toast, I’d have bought a ricer toonersport muffler system off ebay for it for like $130-200. BROOOM. I”M PRETENDING TO BE A WRX. Then I’d buy rally mudflaps for it, too, red ones. And paint my wheels neon green. And put a Monster energy drink sticker on the back window.

      It’s a good skill. It cost my parents a few cars they bought me to learn it, but yeah, saves money. Like $700, that’s almost the price of another crappy 90s car, you know? I’d like to think I’m thrifty, but I’m not. I just don’t like spending large amounts of money at once. But I’ll buy a million cups of coffee at the convenience store and wonder where my money went, that type of thing.

      To me like, working on cars/being able to repair stuff, is like, sorta like lifting. As far as it being a “manly” trait, or a trait people should have to be well rounded not weak little worker drones. Also deadlifting helps me lift car transmissions and scooters up off the ground. But working on cars is tough as fuck, really. It sucks balls. It’s like lifting. It sucks and it’s pointless and generally hurts but it’s fun to see shit work the way you want it.

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