Internet Arguing

Honestly, I spent most of my free time arguing about manhood and lifting here:

So in lieu of a quality post, you can just read my witty, insightful comments.  (Also, the original post and the other arguments are pretty solid but you can skip them if you’re short on time)

Today I learned more about the mysterious 181 lb Russian powerlifter.  According to Porter, he totaled 1831, it was 2 weeks ago, in a non-drugtested division, wearing knee wraps.  This news allegedly appeared “in a powerlifting magazine”.

Only had 90 minutes to work out today.  Made them count.  Except on squat.

HB Squat: 45×5, 135×3, 205×2, 275, 315, 355, 375, 385, 395, 405; 355,360,360,365×1

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×3, 145×3, 185×2, 225, 245, 265, 275, 285, 295; 220×5, 225×4

RDL: 165×2, 235×1, 305 (grip), 335×1, 365×3; 270×3

Front Squat: 135, 225, 250, 275, 300, 310; 235×3 paused

up to 250 with the Wo grip.


6 thoughts on “Internet Arguing

  1. How busy was your gym? I had a pleasant workout by going later at night. My swolemate who I usually lift with went at a peak hour and kicked a curler out of the squat rack. so proud.

  2. unbusy because I went at 8am. I try to avoid going late because then I can’t get to sleep after. Tomorrow I have to work and so it will be an afternoon/prime-time adventure. Looking forward. BTW good for you and your pal. I go with the passive-aggressive route of asking them how many sets they have left in the SQUAT rack. And then hovering nearby, taking my shoes on and off, clearing my throat, etc.

    was it an eventful confrontation? post about it on ur blog

  3. Well, I did Coach squats this evening, so there.

    Also, I appreciated the eloquence you displayed over there. The Rotund One can get a tad… Contrary, sometimes. (Yes, Fatty, I’m not an alpha male for lifting weights. No, Fatso, I would be more of a beta if I didn’t.)

    • “(Yes, Fatty, I’m not an alpha male for lifting weights. No, Fatso, I would be more of a beta if I didn’t.)”

      You’ll always be an alpha male to me. ❤ ❤

  4. I was surprised when I read the discussion about manhood, masculinity and lifting. and surprised in a good way. always nice to read a somewhat intelligent discussion, especially on the internet. props!

  5. I was reading the manliness discourse, hit the back button, and was like ‘oh I’m still on bogdon’s blog’, realizing you and Person Of Size highjacked the comments.

    In other news, Celica -> Celiac is 10/10, would shit on.

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