I should just start walking on my hands.

Not much exciting happened at the gym today.  The gym was not full of “resolutioners” -because that’s 80s and clichéd. We don’t live in Adam or Ziggy.  Pretty much the same losers who were there yesterday evening were there this morning.

Some guy was doing crazy uppercuts with dumbbells but he was also pretty jacked – so who cares?  Some hot girl who is like 5’10 and 120 lbs was wearing black spandex pants and doing good mornings.  For those keeping score at home she was wearing a thong.  But really?  I hear she’s a whore and bulimic and one time she sat like 6 inches in front of me while I deadlifted and I’m a misogynist, so I wouldn’t talk to her to ask if she could maybe move.

High Bar Squat: 45×4, 110×3, 170×2, 225, 275, 315, 355, 385, 395, 405

Seriously, this is some bullsh*t.  Tomorrow, if I don’t hit 425 I’m gonna take drastic measures.

Front Squat: 135×3, 185×2, 225, 265, 295, 315

Continuing the trend of miserable failure, but I’ll excuse this a little because I never did front squats after back squats before.

High Bar Squat: 330, 335, 340, 345, 330×2

Bench Press: 45×8, 95×3, 145×3, 185×2, 225, 265, 295, 315, 335, 350, 360, 370; 280, 285, 290, 295, 280×5

I’m becoming a guy who can bench more than he squats.  I hate people like that, unless they have some disability.  You know what kind of people can bench more than they squat?  Inbred farm boys who lift in work boots and like to arm wrestle.  “Bench Specialists,” aka 275 lb masters lifters who ride Harleys to the meet, eat salami as a pre-workout and die at age 48 of a massive heart attack.  Gym bro bodybuilders.  Me when I was 15 years old.  IOW, not a good group to be in.

Snatch Grip Deadlift: 135×3, 205, 275, 345, 370, 390

RDL: 260×3

Cable Crossover: 4 sets

DB Row: 2 sets

L-Pullups : 1 set

One Arm DB Press: 1 set

Hammer DB Curl: 2 sets


14 thoughts on “I should just start walking on my hands.

  1. Oooooh, the two series of back squats is so that you can get volume in just from doing singles… What determines max weight on the second series? Feel? It doesn’t look like it’s based on the weight you reach on the first series….

    Also. farm boys are good at deadlifts. A good bencher would be a rarity… (Source: grew up in the country.)

    • okay, I do my 1st set of squats, then my 1st set of presses and continue “supersetting” throughout the workout. Max weight on the second series is determined by when it gets hard. Then if I have time I drop the weight and start doing doubles. til they get hard, then triples. Sometimes not bc I have to leave. The minimum weight is what I focus on, like today I dropped down to 330. Tomorrow will try to not do any volume with below 335. I count all my volume (the special squat exercises count as squat volume) and try to break that record too, but don’t usually go over 30 reps. Which is a lot. Not to do, but to finish in time. I generally have about 2 hrs to workout and bench press takes more time than floor press & having to set up the rack for special exercises takes time.

      farm boys are strong at deadlifts yes. Bob Peoples. But not if they workout in jeans and never deadlift. Listen, maybe I’m thinking of greasers, or truckers. Source: they all listen to country music and watch NASCAR, so I’m naturally confused. (but I’ve learned we can bond over guns)

      • Interesting. What’s the influence for this style of workout, or did you come up with it yourself?

        Hmmm. The only thing a true farm boy has done all his life is pick things up and carried them. Hard to say what demographic you’re dealing with… Maybe if they played football in high-school…

      • Well, I’m an Olympic lifter, so I’ll give ya everything in pounds…
        Back squat: 407
        Front squat: 374
        Clean and Jerk: 341
        Snatch: 275
        Clean Deadlift: 500
        Bench Press: dunno current. Best is 305, three years ago…
        Press: 200

        I’ve been lifting in the 207 weightclass, but since I’m 6’1″ I’m going to move up this year. I’ve only actually been doing Oly lifting for a year and a half, now. Did a whole lot of messing around before that.

  2. Are farmboys really good at picking shit up and carrying it, or is that a stereotype left over from the ’30s? Don’t they, iunno, have equipment to lift shit with now? I don’t know anything about farms, but from the little I’ve seen farm people seem to have an awful lot of gear and tractors and stuff.

    But seriously, Broz sounds like a killer program.

    • Eh, of course it depends on the environment. I was an acreage kid, so similar choring demands, but without the equipment of a large operation. I started DL’ing at 15, and the first time I tried to max, which was like two weeks after starting, I pulled 300 for reps (that’s all the weight we had.) Admittedly I’m kinda built for pulling, but I only weighed 170 lbs, or so…

  3. @sweden – thanks man. I’m not actually discouraged at this time bc of the bench PR. still your encouraging words are always welcome.

    @wo – how old are you? (In years, not whatever olympic lifters use)

    @fat – what do you mean by killer? hard? or awesome? I modified it a little, because really, he doesn’t train powerlifters and the program comes from people pestering him about it on a bb.com forum.

    • I meant hard and grinding.

      Lots of singles, but I don’t know how close they are to your actual maxes, so maybe it looks worse than it actually is. Like, you call 370 a max bench, but is that a max on this program, or your best bench ever? Do you do the full 6 days a week?

      • 370 is my best bench ever. I train 7 days a week. I do usually drop the weight for my volume more than 20kg for doubles like he recommends. Up to about 40kg below my CM. And do more singles as volume.

  4. All that comes into my mind when Broz is mentioned is Ivan Abadjiev saying “when the rabbit is running from the lion…” and Jon North yelling “EVERYDAY MAX OUT!!”

    Anyway I have no opinion that would actually matter as I’m token clowny weak person on mopewod.

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