Merry Christmas

I ruined Christmas once again.  My wife is into board & card games, and our family loves to play Munchkin. (Rex plays, Quincy watches Teletubbies and eats cereal off the floor).  So my Christmas gift for her was four decks of Munchkin expansion packs (4,5,6 & 8) and an automatic card shuffler.  I gave it to her a week ago so we could immediately play.  She seemed to enjoy it.  We all did.

However, I forgot to get her gifts “from the kids”.  So she had nothing to open on Christmas.  And I was also chastised for not getting her an “individual present” only “something for the family.”

Which I think is unfair.  After all, she got me a dozen donuts and a large coffee for my birthday when I was on a diet.  Did I complain?  (Actually, yeah, like a little bitch, until I got in trouble for whining about it.  Truth be told, complaining and griping are two of my favorite hobbies.)

Earlier this month, we went to a town Christmas festival.  They had a room where the kids make a present for their parents and come out with it all wrapped and everything.  Rex was in there for at least twenty minutes.  When he emerged, Rex announced that the present was for Me – to Karena’s and my surprise.  Did I gloat at being the chosen one?  Maybe a little.

Turns out the present was a necklace that consists of a giant bell and four beads on an elastic cord.  So I’ve had to wear this thing around my neck all morning to show my gratitude.  I feel like a cat.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I almost ruined Christmas. I put a Dreamcast disc in my Panasonic stereo last night because it was supposed to have an audio track. My Panasonic stereo wouldn’t play it and wouldn’t spit out the CD. So at 1AM I started taking apart my stereo, and got finished at like 2:30 or 3. I was surprised I could pull off putting it back together, even though I’ve taken it apart before.

    Moral of the story is don’t use CD changers.

    I mean if I couldn’t get it back together things still would have been kinda sorta OK, as I have another Panasonic stereo that’s about equivalent to the one I currently have in my room, but yeah. I’d have had a broken stereo in many pieces for Christmas. So now I’ve unplugged a wire strip to the CD tray so it will no longer be possible to put CDs in and got all my CDs out.

    My mom also got me an external hard drive instead of an internal one. Which I was sad about at first cuz it changed my plans. But then I opened it up and it was the size of a 1st gen iPod and I was like “wtf this is a terabyte?!” and it plugged right in and worked with my stubborn lame copy of Debian Linux.

    Have fun with your necklace.

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