Chad and the Liquid Chalk

First a little about my pal, “Chad.”  He is 22 or so, about 6’0 and 220, and definitely an alpha male.  I can lift more than him, but only because I know more about it, and have been training longer.  Some facts about Chad that may make you hate him:

  • He decided to enter last year’s powerlifting meet and asked me to show him how to deadlift.  He said the most he had ever done was 315.  This was with a double overhand grip, no chalk or belt.  I fixed his foot and hand positioning, and showed him how to use a mixed grip.  He worked up to an easy 405 before I left, then hit 455 afterwards.  This was beltless.  And he only had whatever chalk was on his hands when I left.  He hit 500 at the meet three weeks later.  (It was called for hitching, but IMO, that was BS)
  • He got a job in high school and so did not play football.  Now he plays in a semi-pro league and was MVP of his team.
  • He has a good blue-collar job at his dad’s factory.  He also goes to college and has a girlfriend, who is probably super hot.  He knows every hot girl and every cool guy at the gym.

His bench is about 315, and his squat is about 365.  He doesn’t train squat very often. (Last year he entered push-pull only).

My favorite thing about Chad is that he has this stare of mocking horror.  It doesn’t seem to be intentional.  Picture watching someone on closed-circuit television.  They take a bite of  what they think is a brownie.  But it is actually poop.  Make the appropriate face in reaction to what you’ve witnessed.  Now imagine some nimrod is doing broomstick squats to a stability ball, and Chad is sitting next to them.  He will give them the exact same look without realizing it. Good old Chad.

My least favorite thing about Chad is that he is a really funny guy, and when he comes in, he always adds about 15 minutes to my workouts.

Today I was pleased with the military precision of my scheduling.  I had to wake up early, and I managed to get to the gym in time.  I had an hour to workout, then I drank my shake, took a shower, and left for work with plenty of time allowed for holiday traffic.

I had to work diligently but Chad and Madcow were both there.  I really like Madcow because he does his exercises with good form and follows an actual program.  He’s also a friendly guy.  I feel bad about a prior post where I contemplated discouraging him from entering the powerlifting meet.

Still had a good workout.  The last 15 minutes I just told them, “Okay, time to focus,” turned up my headphones and ignored them.

High Bar Squat: 45×4, 115×3, 185×2, 255, 315, 345, 365, 380, 395, 405; 290,295×2, 300×4

Floor Press: 45×10, 95×3, 145×3, 195×2, 245, 260, 270; 190,195×3, 200×5

RDL: 195×3, 235×2, 305, 340×3

When I took my headphones off, I had this exchange:

Madcow: Thanks for letting me borrow your chalk.

Me: No problem. Tell your girlfriend to get you some for Christmas.

Chad: You can also use that liquid chalk.

Me: Liquid chalk is like banging a tranny.  It’s almost as good and only a little bit gay.


3 thoughts on “Chad and the Liquid Chalk

  1. I’ve never used chalk ever. How much will it add to my deadlift, especially because my grip is crap?

    Is it worth lifting no chalk so I can lift more in a PL comp I’ll probably never go to? Or should I bring chalk to the gym for my deadlift max attempts? Maybe before thinking about chalk I should eat more than a candy bar all morning and sleep more than 5 hours before trying for maxes.

    • It’s hard to say how much it would help – depends on how humid your gym is, the bar knurling, and, like you mentioned, your grip strength. I would bring chalk whether or not you ever lift in a PL comp. Imagine you can DL 315, but one day you can only get 285 bc it’s a hot sticky summer day. That’s not really good training for anything. Why not just wear two different height shoes? TLDR: Use Chalk.

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